Is Branded Clothing Important For An Online Business?

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I was recently sitting in an airport departure lounge waiting to catch my flight back to London and noticed the man sitting across from me was wearing a well fitting black polo shirt with a small logo and company name on the left side of the chest. In an area full of people in business dress, this stood out to me, and while I was waiting to be called for boarding, I searched for the company online and had a browse of their website.

Logos on clothing help put a face to a company, it makes the company seem real and you already feel a connection with the people running it, even if you’ve never actually spoken to them. Also, with the increasing popularity of online search and the easy access to internet enabled devices, all it takes is a few clicks to go from seeing a logo to being on a website.

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Logos Are Everywhere, Make Sure Yours Gets Noticed

The merger of online and offline

A decade ago, online marketing wasn’t a consideration for most companies. Then, we moved to a stage where companies had their marketing budget split clearly into online and offline and the two sections never met. Now, online is increasingly becoming part of our offline world, the divide has blurred, and offline branding is becoming increasingly important for online business. Far from being a dying art, the power of offline branding is taking a huge upturn and this trend is set to continue.

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Having Your Logos Embroidered Is Best For Long Term Use

If your online business is focused just on online marketing then you’re going to begin losing out to your competitors. It is important to step away from the computer screen and embrace offline branding as a crucial part of moving forward. Look at companies who go out and about, visit clients and suppliers and mingle in the real world, all these companies wear branded clothing. The team behind an online business also goes out and about, albeit not as much but this can still drive great brand awareness, particularly if you’re operating within a relatively local service area.

What are the options for branded company clothing?

Printing directly onto clothing is a popular option due to it being cheap and relatively easy. However, the downside is that printed logos and text aren’t the best solution for long term wear, so if you just need clothes for a conference then great, if it’s regular work wear then it may be better to consider embroidery. For an online business it’s unlikely that you’ll always be wearing your branded clothing so printing may be perfect for you.

Also, don’t forget to consider the colour of the clothing, there are thousands of dyes to choose from, so make sure you don’t just print your logo on a white t-shirt, choose a base colour that reflects your business. If you only have one colour then it’s best to print or embroider your logo in white onto coloured clothing rather than the other way around.

Should I have branded clothing for my online business?

Think about it like this; what are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing company branded clothing? The disadvantages are a small set up cost and wearing clothes that perhaps aren’t the height of fashion. Then the advantages – a potentially fantastic branding opportunity, local recognition and being able to proudly wear your favourite logo wherever you go! On a serious note, additional exposure is good however you go about it, and passively telling people about your company by wearing the logo could just lead to your next big break.

So, what about the man at the airport? Well it turned out that their business was video production and that’s not something we’re looking to do right now, but I did spend a decent amount of time on their site, and it made me think about just how effective a logo is when it’s being worn. It came across as subtle, I’d walked past countless billboards and signs, and heard dozens of advert announcements on my way to the departure lounge, but nothing intrigued me as much as the “I wonder what this man’s company does” moment that I had while waiting for my flight.

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