Is GoDaddy Still the Fastest Web Host for Your Business Website in 2020

None of the top-ranked web hosting solutions seemingly commands greater respect amongst small and mid-level businesses than GoDaddy. In fact, this hosting titan is the engine behind – a fantastic 1 in every 20 websites today – commanding a staggering 19 million customers.

GoDaddy is supreme and raises high among its peers, thanks to the solid reputation it enjoys in the market. Furthermore, it is the largest domain provider on the planet and one of the few fastest web hosts that clients bestow lots of confidence in.

GoDaddy Overview

GoDaddy, in a nutshell, is the 24/7/365 expert hosting provider it is known for. It offers excellent performance which delivers impressive load times and amazing scores in any website speed tester. They provide professional customer support that’s readily available all the time and offer a very intuitive user dashboard. All of that is backed up by a 99.9% uptime guarantee that all GoDaddy clients get to enjoy.

Of all the reasons why individuals, startups, and small and mid-level businesses opt for GoDaddy – many admittedly do so because of the sheer speed they deliver. Compared with other fast web hosting services in 2020, this web host packs a hell lot of speed, stability, and reliability.

GoDaddy is an absolute speed monster, and possibly among the “Lewis Hamilton’s” of web hosts. Its super-fast page loading speed, even in the Economy plan, gives it a competitive edge when listed against its competitors.

It isn’t another rumor; several GoDaddy web hosting reviewers can’t help falling in love with the supersonic speeds delivered by this hosting provider.

But, is it the fastest in the market right now?

GoDaddy Speed and Performance Test

Testing a website hosting provider’s speed is always a tricky ordeal. And when it comes to GoDaddy, the experience isn’t any different. Tests are best done using an array of tools, key among them being StatusCake, WebPageTest, Pingdom, and GTmetrix.

The essence of using these largely undisputed speed test tools is to get a much clearer picture. And so, after several rounds of testing GoDaddy-hosted web pages, the outcome couldn’t have been any better.

Test DoneAverage RankingAverage Speed
5 WebPage Test1st in 8 providers0.58 second
5 PageSpeed Online2nd in 8 providers1.35 second
5 Pingdom Tools1st in 8 providers0.59 second

Aside from the above tests, GoDaddy universally enjoys impressive loading speeds of 2.0 seconds on average after 24 months. Such figures are no mean feat, especially considering how cheaper GoDaddy’s hosting plans are.

See for Yourself

Pingdom is one of the most trusted uptime test tools, ideally because it is engineered to submit an HTTP request to the web hosting provider every minute. It reports quickly, too, including when the connection is lost, and the host is unreachable.

On speed test, WebPageTest arguably has no equal. And so, the analysis done involves submitting a webpage powered by GoDaddy to the test tool. In this scenario, the test web page was 56 KB of HTML, 51 KB of CSS, 250 KB of JavaScript, and images weighing 1,120 KB.

This 3rd-party, vendor-neutral organization then uses its servers to run and record page load speed on a super-fast internet connection. We run the tests five times, and the average result out of the five recorded. ‘Load Time’ measurement is the most credible in this case, besides TTFB (Time to First Byte) and speed index.

What Makes GoDaddy a Good Web Host?

GoDaddy always has fame and notoriety in equal measure, thanks to its eye-opening and somewhat controversial marketing gimmicks. But aside from the rather outlandish Super Bowl ads featuring bikini-clad beauties, this brand invests heavily in top performance.

The market never stops changing, and for this domain names behemoth, this means it has not only to adapt, but also keep setting the standards. Still, GoDaddy fares quite well when compared with Bluehost, another top host.

Since 2005 when it went global, this domain names giant has never bulked on its quest to be the web hosting services provider of choice among small businesses. It always upgrades its services and never shies away from introducing newer, better technologies meant to upscale its services.

A breakneck speed with unmetered bandwidth on all plans is the cornerstone of GoDaddy’s services today. And this fast loading speed is largely motivated by the ever-dynamic needs of its vast customer base.

Furthermore, it is Their Stellar Hosting Optimization Team

That’s right; GoDaddy, under Dave Koopman who heads the Hosting Optimization crew, has been consistently striving to maintain peak page load speeds. The team is pretty passionate about it and always encourages clients to do the tests on their own. And that’s something beautiful about this web hosting provider.

It’s important to mention that the load times aren’t vanity metrics. When choosing a hosting provider, most savvy clients use speed and average loading times as key deal-breakers. And most of them trust GoDaddy reviews that include mediocre speed performances over anything else.

But still, speed and how fast a web host also has an even bigger significance. First, load speed is one aspect that nobody can do anything to control it. In simpler terms, this means that with an image-heavy website, higher loading speeds inherently reduce bounce rates.

See, no single website owner would fancy subscribing to a slow hosting provider. Visitors loathe staring at blank web pages that take forever to load. That’s why this web host invests heavily in speed, more than anything else.

How fast is It Compared to its Competitors?

Its review vs. Bluehost aside, there’s no doubt GoDaddy packs a punch and delivers the speed many clients pay for. Load times are generally decent and perfect enough for absolute value for money.

When it comes to business hosting, this US-based web hosting company is ahead of the pack, not only because of speed, but also due to the guarantee of extra hosting capacity on demand. It is a pretty nifty feature that is exclusive to GoDaddy alone.

GoDaddy isn’t alone in the game of high-speed web hosting services.

Based on speed, support, and reliability, several hosts present worthy challenges to this domain names giant. InMotion Hosting has been tremendously growing, and it’s now one of the fastest web hosting services providers.

A genuinely excellent shared hosting alternative, possibly challenging GoDaddy’s dominance, is A2 Hosting. It’s hardware and infrastructure are arguably the best – and for its subscribers – mechanical failures that result in lags and downtimes are mostly unheard of.

On the fastest cloud hosting provider, it faces a massive competition from InterServer. Cloud hosting is a relatively new field, and with many businesses already switching, the prominence of this host could be rivaled by GoDaddy and other providers soon.


GoDaddy is clearly one of the best web hosting providers today. Its faster average load time is among the industry yardsticks. It is among the fastest web hosting providers with a solid reputation for keeping impressive uptimes.

If you aren’t convinced that GoDaddy is the best for your website, you might have to consider some of the benefits this web hosting giant has. One, it delivers strong uptimes that average 99.99% at all times, throughout the year.

Additionally, this one-stop-shop for web developers is quite user-friendly. Simply put, even a non-techie can comfortably create a website, thanks to an intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. Just a few clicks and the site is up and running.

Price-wise, GoDaddy is famous for its entry-level plans on various hosting packages. Sometimes, Economy is the cheapest in the whole industry, beating all the hundreds of other hosts. Deluxe, Ultimate, and Maximum plans are equally competitively priced as well. If you’d like to learn more about them and what they offer then you can check out this GoDaddy review.

For a brand known across the world as a domain registration giant, it does pretty well when it comes to web hosting. In case you don’t find a better hosting services provider elsewhere, take the plunge and give GoDaddy a shot!

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