Landing Page Design Tips for Your Product Branding

Landing pages are the key web pages which receive the campaign traffic. The main objective of a landing page is to convert the visitor immediately. Landing page inform the visitors about your company and its products and services in just one single page. Lot of care should be taken when designing a landing page as the success of every online campaign depends on it. Below are the steps to design a good landing page for product branding:

Landing Page Design Tips

#1. Get Rid of Navigation on the Landing Page

Unlike the regular website, the landing page is supposed to do only one thing: convert. In case of PPC campaigns, you will pay lot of money to get clicks and put great effort to convert your visitors. One way of achieving this is to keep your visitors focused on the landing page by not allowing them to get lost in other parts of your site. Never include navigation on the landing page which will increase the chances for leakiness. Leakiness happens when visitors start drifting to other pages on your site and lose focus on converting.

#2. Use Directional Cues

Directional cues refer to things like arrows, body language, and eye direction of the person in your images. They help in attracting the attention of your landing page visitor. Directional cues on your landing page should guide the eyes of visitors to the most important parts of the page. A good example of a directional cue is the eye direction and body language of a person in the picture posted on your landing page. If the person is staring or pointing at a product available for purchase you are more likely to get conversion.

#3. Write a Short and Scannable Copy

Visitors of your landing page generally don’t want to read big paragraphs which are longer than five lines. As soon as they see the landing page, they will start to scan copy looking for the most important aspects of the page. Put the content on you landing page in a brief and readable form. Use bullet points and short paragraphs while posting content on your landing page. Visitors generally focus on the first and last sentences of a paragraph, so include important information in those sentences.

#4. Incorporate Testimonials and Trust Badges

Testimonials and trust badges can act as social proofs and lead to conversion. Social proof is anything which says that “people like me are using their products and services and it is reliable”. Testimonials are the best form of social proof. The only problem with testimonials is that many people may not want to be featured on your landing page. A trust badge is simply an “TRUSTe” badge which shows that you take the privacy and data security of your visitors seriously.

#5. Keep Testing your Design

As the main goal of a good landing page is getting as many conversions as possible, you should have an effective testing strategy in place. The elements which can be tested on your landing page are: main headings, subheads, pictures, videos, body copy, etc. You can test one landing page against the other using testing softwares like Unbounce or Visual Website Optimizer. These software divide the traffic between two versions of the same page and see which one works better.

A precise set of design rules apply for a landing page. Following the above tips will give good results in your online campaigns.

Best Landing Page Templates

And as a bonus for you, here we have collected 7 Beautiful and Creative Landing Page Templates, to help you save your time in designing your Landing Page.

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