Landing Page for Business: The Structure, Tips, and Examples

Most of the landing pages look attractive and catchy, they use bright colors, beautiful fonts, GIFs, and videos. Landing pages are usually used for redirecting users to a certain resource for rising the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

What is the structure of a landing page? How to arrange user navigation? What kind of a landing page is suitable for your business? Read the article and the questions about will be answered!

Any landing page can be divided into two sections:

  • The “Home” screen, it opens without scrolling.
  • The other part of a landing, the user has to scroll the page down to see it.

The goal of the first part — is to interest the user. The first part should contain a clear idea, a call to action, a relevant picture. It has to evoke emotion.

The role of the second part is to logically convince the user to use your offer. This is where you can collect emails, draw up an order, let users download an app, etc.

It is essential to understand, that you have only 3-6 seconds to catch the user’s attention. If your message is unclear, the user will leave without hesitation. Thus, the first tip: spend 70% of your work on the first screen because it is the most important part of a website.

By the way, if you are seeking the ideas for your landing page, check the article about website ideas!

Landing page contents

1. Logo

Actually, this is an optional content. But it is always better to use a logo, than not to use. With a logo, you build your brand recognition and visual associations with your product.

2. Description

A description is a place to tell about your company. Include here a brief summary of your service or product. Brief means 2-6 words. “Wedding photographer”, “A web design company”, etc.

3. Contacts

You can leave your contacts in several ways, use one that suits you more, or combine some different ones. You can put a button for a call order, simply list your phone number, e-mail and add social media buttons. This can make sure that all your customers will find a convenient way to get in touch with you.

4. Menu (optional)

Add a menu button in case your landing is long, to simplify the navigation within your site. Some users are extremely resolute and would love to do an action immediately. Do not deprive them of such an opportunity.

5. Title

The title for the Landing Page is responsible for generating user interest. After reading it, the visitor decides whether to look at the site further.

6. Subtitle (optional)

Add a subtitle if you feel like telling a bit more about your product and objectives.

7. Image/ Video

This is another essential part. People love to see other people smiling with happiness, and while on your landing, they are likely to draw a line between the happy faces and your product/ service.

Do not forget to add the photos of your products, or results of your previous works – this is still the focus of your landing.

Use high-quality images and videos, try to use original content. Avoid free stock image galleries — your brand has to be 100% unique.

HealthyEating Website Template by Weblium

This is a website template from Notice how the elements are organized: it is easy to understand the idea of a landing, pleasant colors and photo support the title. Button text clearly engages a user.

8. Call to action: Button, Submission form

And now is the time to show a Call-To-Action. This may also be done in many ways, we suggest designing it in a button. (Buy, Order, Follow, etc.) A submission form is a perfect fit to build a client base and collect personal emails, phone numbers, social media links.

Landing Page Structure - Call To Action

9. Identification

Sometimes people need to see connections with others. We have an answer on how to do it – describe your audience so that potential clients will recognize themselves.

10. Benefits

The last but not least — describe the benefits of using your products and services, so that your user will not have any further hesitations!

How to Build a Landing Page?

Well, there are plenty of ways to build a website. It depends on your budget, your knowledge, the special needs of your service, visual appeals.

To guess which style of a website best fits your business, check some website templates on the web, look through landing pages of famous brands.

About the Author!

Veronika Kostenko, a member of the editing team of Weblium Blog, marketer.

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