6 Amazing Mailer Boxes Design Inspirations

The packaging with the interconnecting cover and flaps made it easier and more cost-effective to ship various products that did not require gluing or tape to maintain them intact inside the boxes.

Modern concepts in the shape and style of the packages provide more incredible advancement, and the quantity of features is increased to increase the brand’s market value. These boxes are composed of two facts: one that customers desire and the other required by the market.

Mailer boxes are an excellent packing choice for somewhat larger products or perhaps even a couple of dozen products, as many subscribing boxes offer.

The primary goal of mailer boxes is to safely and securely deliver things to customers. Still, they may also be an efficient promotional tool for the company before the viewer perceives the items inside.

What Are Mailer Boxes – How Do You Use Them?

Because they are specifically developed to store and transport things, subscription firms and online brands choose mailer boxes. Its interconnecting folds and flaps make construction a tad simpler and maintain the custom gift box secure without using sticky tape all the time.

Its dual walls make it more robust and challenging to ship than other types of cardboards packaging, which is another crucial reason why it is the preferred choice of many subscriptions box firms.

There are several types of mailer boxes currently on the market:

  • Adhesive and tear strip mailer boxes: Putting bonds to mailer boxes makes it easier to seal them, and the tear strip makes it easier to open them.
  • Standard mailer boxes: One of the most frequent mailer boxes is the standard mailer box with wings.
  • Mailer boxes without wings: They are similar to regular mailer boxes but lack the side wings.

The look and feel you want to accomplish, as well as the functionality, will determine the version you use.

Six Design Ideas of a Mailer Boxes

A very well mailer boxes can improve the customer’s purchasing experience and possibly draw attention to the contents. As a result, the box’s design is extremely crucial.

Mailer Box Design Inspiration
Design by Alex Spenser via Dribbble

Thankfully, when it comes to customizing your mailer boxes, you have a lot of possibilities to represent your brand’s individuality properly! Below is a collection of ideas for decorating the mailer boxes that you may use as inspiration.

#1. Mailer boxes made of Kraft

Kraft paper is a popular add-on because of the ease with which it can package various products. They’re also environmentally beneficial because they’re made from high timber and recyclable. They are sturdy and robust enough to properly keep and carry things inside them, in addition to being eco-friendly.

#2. Stickers with Your Design

Stickers – whether as a seal in the box or as an educational label on the surface of the box – are a terrific way to add a personalized touch. If utilized as a label, these stickers might have excellent aesthetic appeal while informing people about the brand, product, and usage.

Some companies may consider including a couple of die-cut stickers in there as a keepsake or a remarkable gift from the business for customers to paste on their possessions!

#3. Box Inserts Made to Order

Whenever an item needs to hold in position, customized inserts come in very handy and add a layer of protection to the complete package.

Because some goods, leading cosmetics, are likely to be fragile, such wrapping would be excellent. The dimension and design of the object, as well as the measurements of the box, must all be considered when creating custom inserts.

#4. A Blank Canvas

Mailer boxes are a clean slate on which brands may draw whatever they want. There’s a lot of real estates to convert their creative thoughts onto with the box’s six unique sides.

This might include writing a special greeting for each client, displaying their trademark and tagline, or printing some images. Is your company using environmentally friendly packaging? Why not inform your customers?

#5. On the Interior of the Box, There Is Printing

Using the inside of the box to present additional items offered by the company and provide necessary details about the purchasing and use of the items is a great approach to optimize the worth of your article and package delivery.

#6. White and Kraft Are the Different Colors You Can Use

Others may like a more simplistic design, such as basic Kraft or white, whereas others choose complex designs and beautiful designs that stick out.

This simple option is ideal for those who want to communicate their company values, which are associated with simplicity and elegance.

Benefits of Mailer Boxes

You want to uncover fresh and effective ways to optimize your shipping operation if your firm needs continuous shipment and distribution. Mailer boxes are necessary for businesses that convey a variety of products to their customers.

It would be best if you utilized current types of packaging such as cartons, mailer boxes, and custom gift boxes to preserve the product from harm and to ensure that clients receive the best outcome.

As a company owner, you must consider a number of factors and send your product in a variety of customized boxes in addition to the standard brown box. Whether you’re introducing a new company strategy or a new development, custom mailer boxes can help you align the materials you’re distributing.

 icon-angle-right Weight Is Lighter

Because they are lightweight, mailer boxes are being used to carry a variety of items. People who would like to give presents or essential items to their friends and family use mailer boxes, which are not just used in industries or warehouses.

The most significant advantage of lightweight is that the container’s weight is not included in the shipping cost.

 icon-angle-right Exterior Packaging Is Not Required

You don’t need any additional fancy packing on the outside if you’re sending gifts or anything unique to your family or friends.

You don’t need elaborate wrappings and packing because the cardboard design brief is customized to your preferred or suggested designs.

 icon-angle-right Safe Transport

Producers of packaging boxes customize boxes due to the shape and size of the object to be sent. Mailer boxes are being used to deliver your goods and products safely, so you don’t have to fear them becoming damaged in the middle of the voyage.

Custom gift boxes are created from a material that meets your specifications. Mailer boxes are designed to be solid and durable to protect things from damage.

 icon-angle-right All Shapes and Sizes are Available

The best thing about mailer boxes is that they are available in a range of sizes and colors. Inform your distributors of the cardboard packaging as well as the amount of the item to be shipped.

Your chosen design, together with the materials you specify, will be delivered to your door, complete with all of your specifications.

 icon-check Cost Effective: The most key benefit of these Custom Mailer Boxes is that they are affordable to everyone due to their reasonably low-price range. The cost of cardboard packaging boxes varies depending on the type of material utilized by the makers.

 icon-check Labeling is Simple: Customized Mailer boxes are altered in a way that they contain all of the necessary and required information. Mailer boxes are better for labeling and advertising on the box top.

 icon-check Sustainable and Environment: All Shapes and Sizes Are Available In this age of global warming, mailer boxes are both environmentally sustainable and safe for nature and its inhabitants. The mailer boxes are composed of non-toxic and environmentally acceptable materials.

 icon-check Make It Your Own: You have full control over the draft of your Custom Mailer boxes. I can get customized with your favorite color, design, and print, as well as the form you want. You can also tell the seller what kind of material you need for your mailer boxes.


With all of this new information, you’ll be able to determine whether a mailer box is appropriate for your products and, if so, however you want to create and customize it to fit your brand!

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Mailer boxes are ideal for online firms because they provide a pleasant unwrapping experience. Here are six mailer box design ideas that can leave a lasting impact. Mailer Boxes by OBT Packaging are a few of the best ways to inform customers about the value of your brand; these boxes are commonly used in the market for the mailing of various products to the customers; specially built mailer boxes, corrugated boxes, custom gift boxes, envelopes, and other types of these containers may be used depending on the company’s needs.

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