Marketing Automation Tools That Drive Business Growth

The marketing automation sector has witnessed dramatic growth. It has hiked from a mere 35.2% of companies using it back in 2017 (Source: Liana Technologies) to 51% of them currently, and 58% of B2Bs are planning to adopt it soon (Source: Email Monday).

This is because marketing automation facilitates automating manual and time-consuming tasks, which ushers in scalability, reduces staffing costs, enhances qualifying leads, improves staff accountability, refines marketing processes, aligns sales and marketing goals better. It even targets prospective customers across different marketing mediums and improves lead conversion and ROI.

Marketing automation is enabled by the use of software known as marketing automation tools. 75% of marketers say that they are presently using at least a single type of these tools (Social Media Today).

Here are 14 marketing automation tools that you can use to drive business growth.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing automation tool with some great features to market at an advanced level. You can send emails with its huge selection of editable templates. It has high-end features like email auto-responder, image management, reporting tools, event spot social media integration, and contact management.

The tool allows you to send coupons to your customers and track who is using those. Its event spot feature is a boon for those firms running events regularly. It’s landing page templates, and registration pages let you easily launch events. The tool manages registration tracking and payments. You can avail of the free trial of Constant Contact before purchasing it. We also suggest that you read this blog on the best email practices to boost your brand with email marketing to make the most of this tool.


Pardot is a remarkable marketing automation tool for B2B marketers and includes support for account-based marketing and B2B analytics. You can customize it to meet your business requirements and integrate it with import and export tools, API, and different partner applications.

Its features are lead scoring and grading, mobile optimization, forms, landing pages, automated email responses, marketing lead database, lead nurturing, automated alerts, and tasks.

Also, CRM leads to management, data quality management, market segmentation, and customer behavior tracking. It also empowers you for event/webinar marketing. You can simplify the complete event process with registration, reminders, invitation, and post-event follow up functionalities.


Exponea - Customer Data & Experience Platform

Exponea is very essence is an intelligent union of customer data management and analytics which cracked the unified Single Customer View. Through this, Exponea has enabled marketers to understand their customers and immediately turn such insights into actionable campaigns, all within a single integrated solution.

Did you know that Exponea has the no.1 “Best Relationship” with customers?!
(According to the G2Crowd Relationship Index for Marketing Automation 2018, users gave Exponea the highest ranking based on three main factors: Ease of Doing Business, Quality of Support, and Likelihood to Recommend).


Keap is a robust all-inclusive sales and marketing automation software. It simplifies the process of creating new marketing strategies and implementing those to quicken sales. With it, you can automate payments, contact management, follow-ups, and billing.

It has a graphical interface that visualizes each campaign’s structure, and statistical reporting tells you the degree of performance of each element. You can integrate Keap with other software used in your business. The disadvantage of this tool is that it is complicated to use and requires well-trained support staff.


ActiveCampaign Email Marketing

ActiveCampaign is a customer experience automation tool. It helps businesses to connect and engage with their customers meaningfully. Its Saas platform enables you to automate several backstage processes and multi-channel customer communication with intelligence-driven and personalized messages.

Its set of useful features include third party integration, A/B testing, social media integration, automatic notifications, activity dashboard, content management, campaign segmentation, customizable templates, multi-channel marketing, data import/export, engagement analytics, email marketing management, reporting, and statistics, etc.


AdRoll is an open-access worldwide retargeting automation software. It lets you reach your customers across any browser, device, or app with access to Twitter, Facebook, and the web. Its cross-platform and cross-device customer retargeting functionalities, coupled with its flexible customer segmentation capabilities, enables you to offer customized experiences to enhance marketing efficiency.

Its features like expert optimization, conversion reporting, transparent analytics, dynamic LiquidAds, customized budgeting, etc. let you measure your branding and remarketing campaigns. Thus, with it, you can increase your customer base, sales revenue, and ROI. If interested, you can try its 2-week free trial. Marketing Automation is an automation tool explicitly built for subscription-based businesses. It facilitates engaging your customers all through the customer lifecycle. You can segment your customers based on their real-time behavioral data across mobile and web channels; and run automated email, SMS, and push notification campaigns that resonate with their interests.

Creating segments and building a logical workflow is made easy with this tool. It has a user-friendly interface and navigation for building workflow, campaigns, and trigger criteria. It offers multiple customization options, tracks email opening rate, provides detailed reports and analytics, and visualizes trends in the strong and weak points in the campaigns run.

PeppyBiz Workflow Builder

PeppyBiz Workflow Builder is a drip marketing (involves sending a pre-written set of messages to prospects or customers over an extended period) workflow automation solution. You can create drip campaigns with the ready-made templates. Its prime-most function is to automatically move your leads into the sales funnel stages by triggering them with the right message at the right time. You have to establish rules. The tool will move a lead into the funnel when he or she performs an action mentioned in the rules.

This tool helps personalize your drip campaigns, map out trouble-free conversion paths for your prospects, send quick sales notifications, engage leads with alternate paths, increase campaign delivery rates, and obtain advanced drip analytics. It automatically updates the data in your other apps so that you are left with enough time to concentrate on your business’s core aspects.



Ontraport is a business automation software for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs. The tool has a suite of functionalities related to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and marketing automation, which are advanced enough for big businesses. Some of these are A/B testing, analytics/ROI tracking, dynamic content, lead scoring, search marketing, marketing segmentation, sales intelligence, drip campaigns, and web forms/landing pages.

Its other features include e-commerce, email marketing, reporting and analytics, landing pages, lead generation, and built-in landing pages. Ontraport is flexible, multi-faceted, easy to use, customizable, powerful, intuitive, and allows designing helpful systems for all aspects of your business with its do- it- yourself simplicity. It offers a free trial.


DialogTech is a voice-based marketing automation software. Its call automation and analytics can help increase your ROI. It allows optimizing voice interactions by evaluating your accomplishments and making modifications accordingly.

It includes useful features like voice broadcasts, SMS sending, phone surveys, call-tracking, geolocation routing, conversion analytics, in-call scoring, reverse lookup, and caller-profile data. Its keyword call-tracking is a high-end feature that lets you track customer reactions over the phone upon hearing certain keywords.



Marketo is one of the most widely used marketing automation tools. Modern marketers find it a precious tool. It is packed with features and functionalities and can deal with any channel and every engagement ranging from account-based marketing to social media to digital advertising. It enables micro-targeting website visitors and lets you personalize your web pages based on user location, experience, and special promotions.

Its robust mobile tools help you stay abreast of the current mobile trends. Its other celebrated features include A/B email testing, engagement engine, Marketing Nation (its user community and annual summit), Smart Lists, Smart List Subscriptions, Ad Bridge (integration with social media platforms), and many more.


GetResponse is an all-inclusive email marketing automation solution, which allows third-party integration. You get many customizable templates, and its drag and drop interface allows easy customization. Its newsletters are responsive, and hence look great on all devices. This is important as studies say that responsive email designs increase your marketing outcomes by 42%.

The tool’s real-time analytics and engagement analytics give you a clear picture of your campaigns’ impact. You can get its basic plan at an affordable price. Its more expensive plans come with many advanced features like CRM email marketing, landing pages, video email marketing, list building tools, ecommerce tools, auto-responders, etc. Its simpler features are user-friendly, whereas the complex conditional logic and marketing automation are trickier to work with.



AeroLeads is an email finder tool that allows you to find emails online from various professional websites. This includes both professional and personal email addresses. Being a bulk email finder, this tool is a great way of helping businesses build and curate their mailing lists.

As a Chrome extension plugin, the tool integrates as a widget to platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub, AngelList, CrunchBox,, Xing etc., helps you extract email addresses and automatically save them to a CSV or xlsx file, from where the data is shown on the prospects page of one’s AeroLeads account.

The tool also has an email verifier which can be used to verify the legitimacy of the found emails or other emails in your mailing list, to make sure your bounce rate is at its lowest and you maintain a high IP score, maximising your email deliverability.

Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua is a B2B cross-channel marketing automation solution. You can effectively create, personalize, and implement automated campaigns across different marketing channels like mobile, video, and email. It provides you with customer segmentation features to segment your prospects and customers in specific ways so that you can engage with them meaningfully.

The software also includes features for lead-management, adaptive campaign orchestration, report and insight tracking, platform, sales and marketing alignment, asset management, etc. Adaptive campaign orchestration lets you create dynamic campaigns that will attract buyers and brilliantly adapt it based on the buyer’s real-time activities at each phase of the customer journey.


Drip Marketing Engine

Drip is an open-source e-commerce marketing automation solution. It facilitates the growth of your email list with its Facebook lead ads, automated lead management delivery, and custom opt-in pop-ups. You can use its big-time personalization, automated workflows, and attractive visual emails to deliver meaningful messages to your customers.

Its emails are mobile optimized. You can send event-triggered emails, where an event like the clicking of a certain webpage by a subscriber can trigger the sending of an email. Its other features include A/B testing, CAN-SPAM compliance, drip campaigns, landing pages/web forms, list management, template management, reporting/analytics, etc. Do try its 14-day free trial to know how it helps you manage your business effectively and avoid e-commerce marketing mistakes.


Autopilot is a visually appealing and user-friendly marketing automation solution. It lets you automate business procedures and repetitive tasks. It has ready to use and quick to customize ready-made flows, forms, and schedules. You can customize forms based on your audience’s behavior. Its forms of automation feature allow access controls, collaboration, workflow automation, version control, and archiving and retention.

Autopilot facilitates multi-channel marketing. You can communicate through apps, emails, snail mails, online, and SMS. It has mobile access, comes with a free trial, and best suits small businesses looking for ways to have better control over their day to day business management schedules.

How To Choose A Marketing Automation Tool

Drive your business growth by choosing one of the best marketing automation platforms suitable for your brand. When selecting the right marketing automation, you should ask yourself this question, ‘What are your priorities before availing of a marketing automation tool?’ You might want to get more leads, turn leads into paying customers or maximize revenue.

Once you have a shortlist of marketing automation tools, you need to prioritize your marketing automation activities in alignment with your company’s goals. If you’re a novice in marketing automation, it’s best to take time to learn its features, benefits, and how to use it, concentrating on key areas first to narrow down your options.

What are the best features of reliable marketing automation tools? Choosing a marketing automation platform that allows you to create and customize landing pages to promote powerful marketing campaigns is crucial.

A visitor tracking feature allows you to identify who’s viewing your website and the length of time they spend on your web pages. A good marketing automation tool makes you host content on your website.

Lead scoring and grading feature is also essential. Marketers can program this feature, adding a score to a lead per criteria. This feature coincides with automatic lead assignments and lead nurturing to optimize your lead management.


Now that we have come to the end of our list let me conclude it all.

Smart marketing can give you an edge over your competitors. Automation frees you up from a lot of recurrent manual tasking and gives you the time to focus on your business’s core activities. With more and more marketers realizing this potential of marketing automation, it is widely being adopted now.

We have presented 14 top tier marketing automation tools that can take your marketing to new heights. You need to identify your business’ unique needs before choosing the right automation tool for you. We suggest that you read this article to get valuable help in this regard.

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