Marketing Trends in 2022 That Will Bring Results in No Time

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Even though last year was horrible for many reasons, it has actually brought us something good: more attention to digital marketing.

Since businesses shifted to remote and online work, more and more companies started indulging in digital marketing and implementing various strategies. However, not all of them were successful.

As online marketing is at its all-time high, being one step ahead of the others is always a good idea, especially if you have a lot of competition!

So, beat them before the race even starts by learning about marketing trends that will be a true hit in 2022. It may seem far away, but now is the right moment to start planning your strategy!

Marketing Trends in 2022 That Will Bring Results in No Time
Source: Freepik

#1. Invest in online events

Online events are a fantastic way of drawing attention and attracting new customers or clients. However, since the internet is filled with various content, you’ll need to offer something special and useful to your clients so they join your event. Keep in mind it’s a two-way street! So, what can you do?

Instead of a plain online gathering, organize a webinar, lecture, training or course to promote your business. While your viewers are learning a new skill or listening to an interesting and inspiring story, you’re gathering important information on their preferences you can use later on in your strategy.

Even though this type of marketing trick won’t help you gain massive revenue at once, it will build your loyal customer base and help you grow your business.

#2. Brand your business

Branding isn’t a new thing. It’s been around even before the internet! However, the key is finding a new way to brand your business that will create a strong image. Since many businesses’ reputation depends on the image, discovering how to create a strong one will be one of the best marketing strategies you can implement!

Forget about generic ads. People are tired of that. You need to create a BOOM and a wow effect that people will talk about! That’s why word of mouth marketing can really help your business stay at the top of the game. Host a huge giveaway, or create something unexpected. By doing so, you’ll make people talk about your business positively, which will increase website visits and sales.

#3. Create your niche

Sometimes choosing a specific niche can result in more sales than advertising to a wider group of people. It all depends on who your product or services are for. Keep in mind that you should make a distinction between target buyers and the target user. How can you do so?

For instance, your targeted user can be babies who need a visual aid. However, you won’t advertise your products directly to babies, naturally. You’ll need to discover that special group of parents who have babies with sight problems. On top of that, for any other product or service you can create a narrow niche you’ll advertise to.

#4. Use micro-influencers

Social media platforms are at their all-time high. Teaming up with celebrities to promote your brand is old news. Even though they have a high following rate, they tend to be quite expensive so smaller businesses aren’t able to reach out to them. But that doesn’t mean that you should give up this strategy altogether. What can you do?

Teaming up with micro-influencers may be the best thing that has happened to your brand. If you’ve decided to develop in a certain niche, micro-influencers may be the best tool to reach new customers.

Smaller, less famous influencers have a group of loyal followers that can be an ideal target audience for your business. Quality is usually more important than quantity.

#5. Storytelling is back in business

Storytelling in business
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Storytelling used to be popular over a decade ago when it was replaced by “molded” content everyone with superficial knowledge could create.

However, people are tired of reading uniform content that provides them with no new information or insight. Instead, they need to hear and read about experiences, true stories and interesting twists that will help them truly improve their lives.

So, how can you integrate storytelling into your online marketing strategy? It’s quite simple: provide solid proof! If you’re achieving more than other businesses, show it! If your product or services will truly improve their lives, demonstrate it. Add a personal twist to the story to make it more relatable to your audience.

#6. Focus on user-generated content

Besides storytelling, influencers and word of mouth marketing, something that can seriously boost your brand on the market is user-generated content.

What is that? Just like its name says, UGC is any form of content customers create without brand or company interference. As it comes in various forms, it can be found anywhere on the internet, starting from social media platforms over different kinds of blogs to review sites.

How can you invite customers and clients to generate content without directly interfering with them? You can start a campaign that will inspire some of your creative and loyal customers to create content, such as Instagram and Snapchat stories, videos or new hashtags.

However, do not forget to share that content with your audience as well. If you show them that you truly care about their edits, videos and text, followers will start generating more and more. What an authentic and smart way to promote!

#7. Create a trend

Create Trends
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Is there a better way of promoting your business than creating a trend that will go viral? Just like an ice bucket challenge or cinnamon challenge, people will try to do their best to succeed. However, you should make it something relatable to your business or create a trend that can be linked with it.

If trendsetting isn’t your thing you can start a competition. Singing, dancing or logo redesigning are some of the examples that can really boost your business. Make the prize something alluring to your followers. For instance, make the winner of the competition the face of your brand or use their work in your ads, credited.

#8. Find ways to avoid privacy violations

Did you know that Google announced the death of “cookies” in early 2022? Even though it might not become a real thing, you need to prepare for that possibility.

Cookies help your business obtain useful and necessary data of your users and potential customers. Don’t let the death of the cookie become the death of your business. So, what can you do to prevent that from happening?

Use first or zero party data. Zero-party data is gaining more and more popularity due to its honest and straightforward approach. It collects data directly from the customers! Whether you upload a survey, quiz, ask your customers directly or come up with another way to track your customers’ choices, zero party data will be a reliable and easy way to gather information.

#9. Be a business with a cause

Believe it or not, more and more people are becoming aware of certain social, environmental and other issues that surround us. That’s why businesses that find a way to give back to society are increasingly getting popular. It’s time to jump on that bandwagon and fulfil your philanthropic mission. How can you do that?

For instance, you can partner with nonprofit organizations or donate money to charity. However, simply expressing support isn’t nearly enough to boost your business on the market.

You should organize promotional events, donate a certain percentage of sales or indulge in product placement and affiliate marketing solely to connect with that nonprofit organization. This will help you attract new clients and broaden your audience.

#10. Work on UI/UX

A couple years ago, working on user experience was a one man’s job. However, now, you need an entire team to ensure everything functions properly. Your team needs to consist of a designer, developers, writers, marketing experts and many many more. So, to make your team function as smooth as butter, you need to work on your communication.

You need a safe place where you’ll be able to chat, delegate tasks as well as share confidential information and important tasks. Since apps like Staffbase are extremely expensive and have their flaws, consider implementing Staffbase alternatives you can use for proper communication and engagement with your team.

#11. Create video content

People say that the content is the king of your marketing strategy. However, every king needs a crown and that is video marketing. In the next couple of years, video content will be explored.

Whether you post it on platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok or find new ways of promoting your audio-visual content, you need to know exactly why your business needs video marketing.

Rarely anyone has time to read nowadays. So, you can replace long walls of text with interactive and intriguing videos that will attract your audience and keep them engaged.

Keep in mind that an average attention span is rather short, so try to keep videos short and simple, yet entertaining. Don’t forget to add subtitles to your video content as many people like to watch them without the sound!


The marketing keeps changing to accommodate people’s needs. So, you’ll need to learn how to adapt your strategy to keep up with the current trends. If you want to stay ahead of the game, implement some of these strategies that will help you boost your business on the market and make your brand known worldwide!

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