Personal Brand Identity Tips for Your Career

Many people assume that brands are only associated with big businesses and corporations, but in today’s ever changing society, the importance of a personal brand identity should not be underestimated. A personal brand helps to identify who you are, what you are about, and what you represent. Your personal brand is you, and how you would like the world to see you. Most people have unconsciously developed a personal brand identity, but those that take the conscious decision to further craft and refine it will find it rewarding, especially when it comes to career development.

Personal Brand Tips

Tip #1: Starting with making your personal brand mantra

When beginning to build a personal brand from the ground up, it’s important to work out exactly what it is you want to say, and why. This can be done by coming up with a personal brand mantra, which in effect could be described as a short sound bite which accurately summarises who you are. Examples of this are statements such as “Writer, Marketing Strategist and Photographer”, or “Fitness Instructor, Adventurer and Personal Development Coach”.

To see just how important a personal brand mantra is spend a little time on Twitter. In everyone’s profile is a place where people can describe themselves in this exact manner, and here more than anywhere the importance of getting it right is plainly illustrated. That short description will define who you are and what people may expect of you and this is particularly important when using a site such as Twitter for professional purposes.

Tip #2: Using Social Media Networks

Social media networks themselves, when utilised correctly, are an excellent place to help develop a personal brand identity in order to further career goals. The fact of the matter is that employers will often check the social network profiles of those candidates they may be interested in for future positions. The reason for this is that their social network profiles give quite a good indication as to the type of person they are. They are unlikely to be impressed by those people who consistently write how much they hate their job, or how they went out partying at the weekend. Instead, if your social network profiles and updates give out a consistent message, your personal brand will be regarded in a more positive light.

Tip #3: Also build your personal blog

This can also be taken a step further by keeping a website or blog related to those areas which you most wish to be associated. Although not for everyone, it is a great way to not only express yourself and establish your authority on a subject, but may also lead to you learn more about it. Encouraging people to engage with the site from your social networks will once more establish your personal brand and raise your profile as a knowledgeable authority in your field. This can then also be extended to leaving meaningful comments on other people’s blogs, and perhaps even writing short articles for other websites. All these are great ways in establishing yourself and your brand within a certain area or field.

Tip #4: But don’t ignore your real life situations

Whilst many people concentrate on how to develop their personal brand identity from an online perspective, it can and should also be taken over into every day, real life situations. How you respond to other people when they ask questions, how you react under pressure and your appearance are as equally important in building a brand identity as how many times your name can be found when searching Google. Your personal brand identity mantra should be just as much about who you aspire to be in everyday life, and it is important that the people you interact with on a daily basis should associate you with the same values as your online persona.


Finally, it is important to remember to live your personal brand. There is absolutely no point in attempting to create a brand that you can’t possibly live up to, as this sort of falseness will soon be discovered. When it is, any benefits will be reversed, and you may well end up with a reputation you did not really desire! Living your personal brand may make you aware of certain things about yourself you didn’t realise before, but it may also help you to become a better person, and in turn, lead to positive career development in the future.

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