8 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Explainer Videos?

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If you are running an established business or planning to go with a start-up business. There are a few questions you must ask yourself before stepping into this world.

The first and the most important question is how can you attract potential buyers to your brand? Where would you find customers? Different businesses still require customer acquisition to become a well-known and successful brand or company.

In the market, the competition is becoming fierce day by day. It has become too daunting to find the right target audience and, more importantly, attract them to your brand. So how can you bring the customers’ attention, particularly to your brand?

Well, there is no perfect answer for this! This query can be answered in multiple ways. But today, we will discuss the highly useful solutions to help your business grow and promote in a better way.

Have you ever heard of explainer videos? So, exactly what does the term “explainer videos” stand for? In short, a small comprehensive, engaging and catchy video promotes a company’s products or services to the audience is an explainer video.

Isn’t it exciting? Now I hope the meaning of the terminology is pretty clear! Now mark down the significance of the explainer video into eight big reasons. Also, understand why a company needs explainer video services for their business.

Let’s go!

What Are Explainer Videos In Detail?

An explainer video is a short video that can be either animated or have characters. Or it can simply contain different elements that convey the brand’s message or brand’s ideology to the target audience. It came into being in 2007.

The rise of explainer videos started with Twitter when it offered great help to explain how social media services work!

It has been proven that creating explainer videos impacts the audience more than ordinary written content. Explainer videos expand the scope and bring more power by achieving the standard goals of the company, both visually and auditory, through an explainer video.

When two perceptions combine to understand a message, it becomes clearer. And forms a lucid picture of the brand’s message, whether the subject is a certain product or a service.

However, not all explainer video companies can do the job perfectly. The professional, sophisticated, creative, fun, and smart team can help make explainer videos that mark your expectations. And fulfill the company’s goals in engaging, highly compelling, and innovative ways.

From crafting the proposal to producing the explainer videos, an expert and highly professional company can take you through each level with full customization and look keenly at the client’s feedback.

So now, an explainer video has been explained. Let’s move to the most real reasons why explainer videos are crucial for your business to stand out.

Why Does A Business Need Explainer Videos? 8 Reasons Why

Why Does A Business Need Explainer Videos? 8 Reasons Why

#1. Explainer Videos Make The Audience Understand The Message Faster, And In An Impressive, Engaging Way. How?

Does it happen to you that your company makes the customers understand what they are selling, or how can they benefit them with their services? But still, fail to convince them to buy your products? I know where the problem lies! It’s not about what you convey, but how you say it is more important.

Suppose your company sells explainer video services, and people are browsing through all the search engines to find the best explainer video companies. They might visit your website as well.

Now you have a very short time to engage with the audience through your website. How would you explain to them what makes you the best in the market?

At this point, many digital marketing strategists failed to convince the customers looking into their portfolios because they do not have the right knowledge on how to engage and convince the buyer in a limited time to make the best use of the time.

So, since your visitors come for a very short time, let them understand your preferences, professionalism and passion not just by creating a wall of text, but let them indulge in an engaging explainer video and make it easy for them to understand your services.

It is all about creating an outstanding and compelling narration, storyboard and video script, including stunning visuals and fun characters in an explainer video that makes the audience connected and enjoyable.

Lastly, as your explainer videos are the first piece of content that describes your brand’s ideology, make sure it has minimal high-end detailing, which gives off the right impression and perfect feel at first glance to the visitors.

#2. Explainer Videos Optimize the Company’s Sales Funnel. Explained?

So every company, whether a small-scale business or a large established firm, generates its sales funnel based on customer behavior.

For a successful marketing strategy, explainer videos have a vital role. So explainer videos have the following roles in optimizing the video sales funnel. These roles are discussed below:

 icon-angle-right Awareness Stage:

Explainer Videos are created to achieve louder and more engaging brand awareness. The brand explains the basic needs and benefits of using its products in this explainer video.

It also involves the first impressions of a brand, so your customers must know why they choose you and how you are reliable.

 icon-angle-right Consideration Stage:

In this stage, the buyer will compare you with other brands, so explore which of the available brands are best in most aspects. This is also called the “Deciding Stage” for the client.

So a pro tip is don’t forget to mention how your products can bring a positive change in their lives or make things better and more convenient.

 icon-angle-right Decision Stage:

This is the last stage and comes after deciding between the choices available to the audience. The goal of explainer videos is to attract buyers! If the explainer video is engaging, it will pass the test when the visitor clicks the link at the end of the video.

So what do you understand? It is your job to make things interesting and engaging so that the visitor becomes your client and accepts the offer without stepping into the consideration stage.

#3. Explainer Video Helps To Improve The Conversion Rate. How Is It Possible?

An explainer video conveys the message more effectively and spreads it further and wider to a large audience. Suppose a person visits your website and wants to take action, but there are different factors in between that can impact the decision.

These factors could be time, distraction, visuals, content, etc. So with the help of an explainer video, it is possible to control all these factors that might disrupt the focus of the customer and prevent call-to-action.

With the power of explainer videos, which offer high deliverance and process the information more quickly, it will help customers make an informed decision faster and sound.

This series will eventually boost the conversion leads. Moreover, an explainer video is the most useful and standalone marketing tool. So using an explainer video can expand the conversion rate of your company.

#4. Explainer Videos Conveys Brand Message More Effectively. Do You Know How?

In the fast-paced world, we all get a wide range of information every other day. All companies do their best to push and become number one in the market via news, advertisements, or articles.

But no one is looking from the viewer’s perspective! Naturally, we are all laymen and always prefer to understand things readily.

Things that are less complex, easy, and straightforward, like a short and precise explainer video, can be the best bet to make your audience cover a large piece of information naturally and easily using the audio and video perceptions.

A short, clear, and precise message can make your service stand out even if you are a start-up.

#5. Explainer Videos Boost The SEO Ranking. Let’s Understand How?

All search engines love videos! Google, among all, is the one that has the most affection for the website that creates explainer videos. So if you want to attract an audience from Google or any other search engine, your website must have explainer videos.

That’s why explainer videos are the must-have marketing tool essential for your business because videos are the first content that appears on search engines.

#6. Explainer Videos Represent the Brand’s Ideology and Culture. Do You Know That?

The most important part of brand promotion is the way you express the value of your products or services. Most companies don’t understand how to promote their brand identity and culture, while others allow explainer videos to interact with the customers in a playful attitude.

Companies that have been working on producing explainer videos for their products are making the most out of the time and resources.

#7. Explainer Videos Increase Social Engagement. How?

Another significant advantage of explainer videos is the increased chances of social engagement as they are easy to share on different social media platforms. It helps in brand awareness and spreading the word across the world.

#8. Explainer Videos Converts Visitors into Customers. Isn’t It Amazing?

Lastly, once your explainer video gets noticed by visitors in the target market, the video will increase your brand’s value proposition. It ultimately covers the by-walk visitors into regular customers!


Here comes the end of the article. I hope you get enough arguments to start searching for a good video production company to offer you the services that bring your business to the next level.

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