A Review Of Ecom Warrior Academy and Matthew Lepre

Illustration by Rahul Khobragade via Dribbble

Is it possible to grow a six-figure ecommerce business without having your own product?

Matthew Lepre, the founder of Ecom Warrior Academy, would say yes.

In this article, you will discover facts about Lepre and why he created the program in the first place. You will also learn what his course is about and how it can help you grow your store.

After reading a review of Ecom Warrior Academy, hopefully, you can make well-informed decisions on whether you need to invest in his dropshipping course.

Who is Matthew Lepre?

Matthew Lepre is the creator of the Ecom Warrior Academy course. He is an entrepreneur and dropshipper who has been selling successfully on Amazon for several years already.

At 23 years old, he dropped out of school and chose to take control of his future.

He stayed away from the notion of the society to get a job and decided to travel in a new direction instead. He found his way into ecommerce.

Recently, he added a better business model to help entrepreneurs and students who want to follow in his footsteps. He is also posting photos and videos on social media to promote his dropshipping lifestyle.

What is the Ecom Warrior Academy program?

Ecom Warrior Academy is an online dropshipping course created by Matthew Lepre. The program promises to give you lifetime access to drop shipping tools, resources, and information to improve your learning curve. It may also include daily mentoring on a sales call with Stallon Zayya.

To join Matthew Lepre’s mentoring program, you have to fill out an application form. Unlike many other courses, this is a straightforward mentorship program.

Once accepted, you will learn how to establish and run a Shopify Ecommerce store, which will become the middleman for your dropshipping business.

Moreover, you will be able to discuss your ambitions, goals, and strategy with Matthew and his team over the phone. But as you wait for the approval of your application, you should receive a free training video through email or get access to his training through his website.

But how exactly will you be able to make money from a dropshipping business model?

First, consumers want to purchase a certain product. With your advertising strategies and budget in place, you will lead them to your website.

They would then click on your product choice or recommendation and buy the goods from your Shopify account. Once the transaction is done, the warehouse supplier will ship the goods to the consumers, saving you from doing all the leg work.

Ecom Warrior Academy will train you to advertise your company through Instagram and Facebook Ads.

Take note that this may involve some costs, so you must prepare your advertising budget if you want to take this opportunity seriously.

A Review Of Ecom Warrior Academy and Matthew Lepre
Illustration by Rahul Khobragade via Dribbble

A Review Of Ecom Warrior Academy

Here is an overview of Lepre’s dropshipping courses.

 icon-angle-right Best for beginners in online business

Matthew Lepre’s course includes the basics that entrepreneurs and businesses should know about the dropshipping industry.

For example, the first module discusses the foundations of success.

The program also tackles product research, which is the trickiest part. You will learn tips on how to discover products and validate them. That way, you will avoid marketing unsellable items in your online store.

Moreover, you will learn how to create your own store. Matthew will walk you through the process so you can start your own shop and sell in no time. You will also discover that it is not just about creating an account but also being aware of the key information you’ll need to stand out from the competition.

The program’s helpful pointers include designing your logo, customizing the theme of your online business, creating enticing product descriptions, and learning how to use Google Analytics.

 icon-angle-right Earn passive income

Making money without spending too much of your time and effort is possible. Like Matthew, you can earn passive income by exploring his store automation module.

In this program, you will learn about order fulfilment, tracking orders, and customer service. You’ll also be taught how to hire virtual assistants and run your Shopify store.

 icon-angle-right Learn the potential of business or Facebook ads

Similar to running a physical store, you must create advertisements to entice a customer. However, a huge difference lies in the business platform.

In Ecom Warrior Academy, you will discover Matthew’s secrets in the Facebook ads theory module. It covers ads manager to optimization so you can create suitable advertisements that drive traffic and money for dropshipping stores.

Another module that can help you achieve success is the Facebook ads implementation. In this course module, you will learn several engagement and conversion strategies so you can scale your ad content properly.

 icon-angle-right Additional e-commerce perks

Matthew offers extra benefits that you won’t get from similar courses. For instance, you will be entitled to phone, live chat, and email support.

You will also get assistance in choosing profitable products from a reputable supplier through one-on-one Zoom sessions and group mentoring sessions.

If you want to enter the dropshipping world like most people today, reading an Ecom Warrior Academy review and success stories is an excellent place for you.

Matthew has enough knowledge and personal experience to help you succeed in building and running your ecommerce company! With his modules and 24/7 support, you can earn significant profits without investing a lot of your time and effort.

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