Run More Efficient Board Meetings with This Technology

There’s no shortage of new technology to hit the market recently, but much of it is either gimmicky or doesn’t truly deliver meaningful business results. In an era of global competition where extremely busy board directors face as much responsibility as ever, it’s important to identify which technology can really help them get their job done.

Board portal software has been the go-to technology for companies, non-profits, Crown agencies, and health organizations across North America. Read on to learn more about how it works.

#1. Streamlined Communications

Ironically, sometimes the number of different methods there are for communicating end up complicating it further. Using board portal software keeps everybody effortlessly connected. Board portals let directors communicate in one centralized location from whichever device they prefer using most.

This cloud-based software puts an end to jumping back and forth between email and text messages, and also offers full and constant access to past meeting minutes, schedules, and documents.

#2. Robust Security

The best portal technology keeps everything secure and protected, from your board communications to client data. Board portal technology is highly encrypted, and industry leaders adhere to independent third-party security certification requirements.

Each login is authenticated, so your organization can easily verify who has accessed the app and confirm that they were meant to have permission to do so.

If a company-issued device should go missing, the board portal app can be wiped remotely to avoid a security breach. If the director with the missing device needs access to important board documents, they can simply log in from any other tablet, laptop, or desktop. This way, even if there’s an emergency, there’ll be no operational interruptions.

#3. Remote Collaboration

Board directors may live in different cities, and they all have extremely busy schedules. They need powerful, time-saving tools to work together.

Board portal software lets them easily and instantly share and annotate important documents. They can leave comments and questions in the margins, and send them to fellow directors or keep them for their own purposes.

If a director changes a document, the edits are reflected on everybody’s copy and they’ll be notified by email that there was an update. This way, it’s easy for every director to be prepared before, during, and after a board meeting.

#4. Smoother Operations

Board portal software makes board management far easier. This software will let you digitally keep and distribute minutes, monitor attendance, track expenses, or call for votes and signatures in a way that’s paper-free and saves time.

Going paperless gives your organization the practical benefits of foregoing courier expenses and reducing your carbon footprint, but it also makes important documents constantly accessible and impossible to lose.


Competition isn’t going away any time soon, and board directors have schedules that are as busy as ever. It’s essential to identify what technological tools really will make a difference in helping your organization run smoothly and securely. For many different types of organizations across sectors, this means acquiring board portal software.

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