2019 SEO Tactics for Better Ranking

With technology development, search engines are getting smarter and competition for the top ranking is also going stiff. So, the artificial intelligence that affects issuance is no longer new. Moreover, the devices based on voice search are also regularly sold in millions. Remember, all these create new challenges that SEO specialists need to be well prepared to clearly follow them.

In this write-up, let’s discuss the most important trends in SEO, which can have a decisive influence on the search marketing market in 2019.

#1. User Intent Optimization

In the marketing world, it is highly essential for the web owners to optimise their site according to the user’s interest. So, before going to optimise, you should check what your customers want and what will be the scope of their query. The bottom line is that the real meaning of the request may differ from its form or change over time. For example, in different periods of time for the query “Skoda Scala”, the user can search for:

  • News about the new car model
  • Reviews of a new car on the market
  • A place where you can buy a car

Search algorithms need to understand what exactly from the listed things a particular person wants to see, and what to give it to him.

#2. Voice Search And Virtual Assistants

With the greater use of mobile internet services, people are going away from the typing text. In the next two years, it is assumed that one-third of online traffic will shift toward the voice search. Remember, for the massive tangible transition from the set of keywords in a search engine to voice communication with smart devices cannot happen overnight. But the process already began. So, in order to see your website on top, you should also follow the race.

In many countries, such multimedia platforms are just starting to appear on Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Homepod, and on Google Home page it is like hot cakes All these devices are controlled by voice and more and more of them appear in modern families.

#3. Local SEO in the Spotlight

According to Google statistics, 58% of people who used the voice search used it to find information about a local business or place of interest. Most of them include the phrase “next to me” or “nearby me”, and the results are derived from search engine by geolocation technology.

This is just one of the facts that confirm the importance of local SEO, which is waiting for everyone in the near future. For example, small business owners always try to get incredible opportunities to attract customers from the Internet, even if they opened their business just a week ago.

This is still a novelty for many countries whereas, in developed countries, internet marketing companies took a special place in local search. Google My Business and Yandex the Handbook makes it possible to clearly mark the position of your office on Maps and add a detailed description, high-quality photos and display extended information about the company in the search results.

#4. Artificial Intelligence in Search Algorithms

Machine learning algorithms began to be used by search engines a few years ago. But from that time, the specialist won’t call it an ideal. But now with more developments, it allows the users to get better and faster results. Only if you did everything as per search engine’s guidelines and your website is designed as per user experience.

At the same time, site owners who do not violate the rules of search engines and strive to provide their audience with quality answers, there will be nothing to fear for them. In addition, it is essential to focus on understanding the intentions of users, work on improving usability, create high-quality content written in the natural language to stay on top.

#5. Increasing Snippets CTR

In addition to the contextual advertising, Google or other major search engines show data from various proprietary services like YouTube videos, image searches, products from the Market, knowledge graph, etc. Moreover, Google also added snippets with extended answers. As this encourage the users to not to visit the site and receive information directly from the first screen.

For this, it is extremely important to work on the snippets Clickability, so as not only to get more transitions but also to generally stay in the Top. And for this you need:

  • Make the Title and Description attractive and interesting for users
  • Include calls to action
  • Use micro marking, special characters and emoji
  • Constantly analyze competitors snippets and strives to get better results.

#6. Mentions Brand as a Ranking Signal

Mentioning a brand on various sites confirms its credibility to the users. Moreover, distributing information about the company help the web owners for generating referral traffic and building brand image in the eyes of search algorithms.

There are different ways to increase the number of reference to the brand. Some of them are:

  • Product reviews on blogs
  • Content marketing on external sites
  • Attracting bloggers to the PR campaign
  • Distribution of fragmented content, such as photos, videos, PDF books, etc.

Most likely, search engines increase the weight of all these factors, since their correlation with the quality of possible answers is quite obvious.

#7. Invest in Technical SEO

Investing in technical SEO is the main focus in 2019. So, the SEO company in Australia need to identify and solve the issues in key areas. Some of them are:

  • Basically, Google considers the download speed when ranking and pessimizes very slow resources. So, in 2019, the main focus of every web owner must be on their website’s downloading speed. As no customer waits for more than 10 seconds to download the page.
  • JavaScript: Experts suggest that the sites which are more focused on javascript, will help you to familiarize yourself with this programming language and learn how search engines work with such sites.
  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA): PWA is a version of the site that works offline, you can add it to your phone screen as an application. These days, many companies do not need it, but in 2019 it is worth thinking about how the project will work in such a format as users want to add it into their smartphone’s shortcut screen.

Summing up

SEO becomes not so difficult, but rather more multifaceted. You can’t do one thing well and expect to hit the top. But, the site and its individual pages need to work in a complex. These days, people are increasingly looking for information using smartphones and other devices. So, making your website more device responsive also become crucial.

But there is something that remains unchanged, that is providing a high-quality positive experience to your visitors. This will help you to achieve your brand success and deliver positive results to the website.

About the Author!

Lauren McLaren was born and raised in Australia. She is working for Digital Muscle limitedThe Best SEO Company in Australia. She has a team of SEO experts who help her in every project. She’s hardworking, competent and trustworthy. In her spare time, she loves to read, cook and watch movies.

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