Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Web Designer

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Choosing a suitable web designer for the development of your new website can be a long process. Definitely, there are options and you can find both freelance web designers and specialized agencies. Although the agencies are usually responsible for more varied projects, it is not necessary to limit yourself to design agencies.

You can find very capable freelance web designers who will be willing to take your project. But to select the right designer, there are several factors that you must take into account such as your budget, the time of development of the project, the channels and the type of communication, the number of revisions, etc.

In this article, we do not mention what these factors are, but the most common mistakes that can be made when hiring a web designer or web development companies.

Mistake #1: Considering only the cost

While it is important to consider that the cost does not exceed the budget that you have considered for the development of your website, it is not the main factor or the only one that you should take into account.

After all, you are making an investment in creating a website for your company or business. Even though the cost may be high for your small business, you will notice a greater reward in the future. Having a website has a series of advantages that it offers your business in the long term.

A lower price does not necessarily indicate a lower quality. Similarly, a high price does not imply that the final result will be a better quality website.

Many web designers have just started their career as a freelancer and that is why their cost is low. On the other hand, they may have experience working in an agency or office, so they have experience in web projects but are just living as a freelancer.

To hire the designer that meets your expectations, you should consider the projects in his portfolio, his hourly or project-based rate, the communication channels that are available for the project, the type of technology he uses for his development, etc.

Mistake #2: Not considering the different design styles

Presently, there are a number of styles and trends that can be applied to a website. Even if you are not an expert on the subject, it is good to stay informed about it because you may find web designers who specialize in a single style or trend. Or they may dominate several trends in the same way.

You can hire a specialist based on the website design you want for your company if you know about web design trends. You must be very clear about the type of design you want for your site.

Finding out about trends can also be helpful because you may find the ideal type of style for your website. Based on this research, you can find a more suitable designer for the development of your website.

In fact, we recommend not only researching trends but also see examples of how they have been applied correctly on websites. As a result, you will have a clearer reference not only for you but also for the web designer you will hire.

Mistake #3: Not considering the price of maintenance

Your website may require updates and other maintenance tasks. It is even likely that it will be necessary to add content continuously if the website has an attached blog or is an online store.

In fact, it is possible that the website was developed with a content manager so that you can add content without having to call the designer. If this is the case, the designer must give you a user guide to use the content manager in a basic way.

You cannot rule out the fact that your website needs some kind of maintenance from time to time. Some web designers offer this service as part of a package or based on an hourly rate.

However, they may not mention it in their portfolio or CV. If this is the case, it is advisable to ask about this type of maintenance tasks and how much is the cost.

The ideal situation is that the person who made the design and development of the website also perform the maintenance work because he knows the website better than anyone else. So discussing additional costs for maintenance is also a good idea.

Mistake #4: Being deceived by an impressive portfolio

When you see the portfolio of the web designer, you can have a better idea of the type of projects he does. This is a great way to have a clearer idea of what styles he has mastered and if these are aligned with the type of design you want for your website.

On the other hand, it is easy to get distracted and impressed with certain portfolios that include sites with animated introductions, great effects, quality graphics and other types of animations in various projects.

It is very easy to conclude that this is the designer you need because of all the elements included in his projects.

But if this type of elements and resources that the designer uses are not necessary for his website, then you are not hiring the designer that your website needs.

To make sure you choose the right web designer you must take into account the type of website you want to create. So it is necessary to find out about design styles and trends so that you have a clearer idea of the type of design you prefer for your website.


As you can see, there are lots of errors that can be committed when hiring a web designer to develop and update your website. The ones we have mentioned are only the most common and we do not doubt that there are more.

It is important to know these errors so you can know exactly how to avoid them in future occasions. When designing a website and an app, make sure that you meet with experienced web designer and top app development companies respectively.

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