Six Simple Tips To Do Brand Building from Top Brands

Today, brand is very important and valuable of your business, as said by forbes in Why Brand is Important: “Brands are psychology and science brought together as a promise mark as opposed to a trademark. Products have life cycles”.

Brand now more powerful than product that company produced. Creating a brand that becomes valuable is not an easy thing to do, it takes hard work and experienced.

To create a strong brand becomes valuable you need brand building that is able to make your brand can survive although in economic crisis. As a marketer surely have to realize the importance of brand building to win market share in economic crisis, not just mindshare or margins. In this article you will learn more about brand building stratey, and now here is 6 tips to do brand building from top Brands that you can learn:

1. Know your audiences – FedEx: “We understand”

The first important things when start to do brand building is by know who is your audience, what they desire and what they need. It is very important, because it involves a good understanding of what things that can make your customers react when seeing a product. Here is the data that you need to know, about customer who appropriate for your brand.

  • Who is your target audience? Whether he bussines man, woman carrier, child or old lady. This is important for your packaging choice.
  • What personal gender your audiences is?is it male or female, because you can’t sale a product for women to man.
  • What they need? Make sure your product is needed by the target audiences.
  • Is that your product for special event? It is important to know that you are not wrong in doing your advertising.
  • Learn how your audience know your brand. It is important to improve the quality of how audiences get to know your brand.
  • Find out what they saw when look your brand. This is to know how your brand image can effect to your brand.

However, keep in mind there is myriad factor costumer interesting to your brand. By conducting various research on an ongoing basis then you will be able to know exactly who the consumer that appropriate become your target.

This is like what FedEx done in his campaign that lounch in September 2011 before the NFL game, says Kari Blanchard, senior director of strategy in the New York office of FutureBrand. “They’ve elevated the brand by recognizing that it’s not just about the logistics of moving packages and boxes,” Blanchard says. “They appreciate that it’s people’s treasures, livelihoods and futures, and that the contents of those packages mean a lot to people”.

This campaign with titled “We Understand” show that FedEx has do research on the importance of a consumer feel when trust package to the Fed Ex, and what they desired on FedEx facilities. With do this new campaign FedEx seeks to provide as perfect as possible for the consumers in accordance with the results of research that has been done.

Brand Building Strategies

2. Get personal – Tesco

Make your brand to be different from the others, give offering value that is promising and beneficial to consumers. So would make your brand that not is able to be rejected by consumers. As said by Tim ferris – 4 hours marketer: “It’s easier to gain market share by being different vs. marginally better, you can train yourself to be different by asking seemingly ridiculous questions”.

What Tim Ferris said was true, I agree with him because when starting to market a brand should be noticed and remembered. If your brand product is same with another brand only its logo and name is different, consumers will not glance at you, because basically consumers only trust products that have been known before.

It is well recognized by Tesco, a retail company that already has many competitor, of course be different becomes a necessity for Tesco. By carrying out the idea of shopping with QR code is unexpected enough. Tesco pay attention to the needs of consumers by provide convenience shopping for its customers with presenting a QR code stores in public places and will deliver the goods in the consumer’s home. A campaign that is practical enough to be considered for its customer’s right?

Brand Building Strategies

3. Consistent with motto – Coca Cola

Every brand must have a slogan that became the identity of the brand, make your slogan is always present in every brand ad. So consumers will be able to remember your slogan easily. So make your motto is a reflection of service quality, this will help you to convince consumers that your promise quality and service is true.

Although the motto will work slowly but this strategy is quite effective and their hold is long lasting. The slogan can make your brand easy to recall, identify, and remember.

This is like done by Coca Cola that always use the slogan in 2009 with titled “Open Happiness” always appear in every ad, with submitted slogans can give a good feeling to the consumers of cola-cola and they actually feel happy going around with their friend to enjoy Coca Cola.

Brand Building Strategies

4. Keep it simple – Apple

Don’t make your costumer confused. It is very important to do when do a brand building. Make your ad to be fairly simple and easily understood by all levels of society who see it, so the message you want to convey can be easily accepted by consumers. Keep simple can apply in selecting a logo for your brand; this like Apple done in its logo to make a simple theme, with this simple logo allows consumers to recognize the identity of Apple brand. So suddenly when consumers see the apple logo then they will be remembered the quality and products offered by Apple. Apple was in choosing the logo does not directly find a brand that fits with his identity, repeatedly Apple rebranded the logo to find logo that became the company’s image as it is now. The image below is a logo rebranding done by Apple.

Brand Building Strategies

5. Do continuous messages – Target

In maintain a brand you need to check everything against the message of your brand. The message you want to convey should be done continue, what I mean here is that all message in your ad have to continue recognizable voice, in all form of media have to solid, consistent logo, and the style of the footage shoot have to identified.

Brand Building Strategies

It is well recognized by the Target when make his ad, he always put the music ad recognizable. Even before consumers have not seen the logo of the target but with the target characteristic music they will recognize that it is an advertisement of the Target. It goes further than a trademarked logo, this is a message that sustainable, and grows feeling in consumer can carries through everything that comes from your company.

Here are 2 examples of Target ads that have similar voice in different song..interesting right?:)

6. Make it become constant maintanance – Ford

Brand Building Strategies

In doing brand building certainly not instant, though how much budget you have cannot buy brand building for your brand. Perform ongoing basis to improve and maintain your brand building in front of your customers.

As said by Vanauken in Forbes article – consistency needs to reach all corners of any business. “Changing the logo, tag line and messaging on a frequent basis will ensure that nothing about your brand sticks in your intended customers’ heads,” he says. “Once you have developed a unique and compelling value proposition for your brand, repeat it again and again”.

This is also done by Ford that always listens to on an ongoing basis and acts on its customers’ needs. Based on the Detroit-based automakers: Ford has the most consistent brand, product strategy and execution.

It is applied to a Ford campaign “go further”, The company is exhorting its 166,000 worldwide employees to “Go Further,” too, because executives believe that making Ford’s “internal brand” consistent with its new external messaging can create profound synergies that benefit the company in significant ways.


Brand building is needed by each brand; with a strong brand building can help companies facing difficult times such as economic crises, natural disaster or changes in consumer behavior. Brand building helps consumers to always remember your brand even in small things, such as sound, images and even feeling emotionally to your brand. Follow these brands building tactic to develop your brand. Perform all steps in this article on an ongoing basis to obtain maximum results for your brand building, trial and error is the first step to get perfection build brand building, even the top brand that I made example above also do so. These are a great start for increasing your brand building.

How do you think? Please share your opinion or any experience of your brand building strategy in the comment below.

– Written by Ratih –

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  2. Andy Brattle says

    It’s all about the brand. A Coca-Cola exec once famously made that point by saying that if all of Coca-Cola’s production facilities were somehow destroyed, the company would probably survive. But, if everyone in the world suddenly forgot what they know about Coca-Cola then the company would go out of business.

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