Top Six Ways of Making QR Codes Relevant For Brands And Attractive To Users

The Quick Response or QR code is an inventive means for advertising a particular brand. This technique has gained a lot of popularity among the entrepreneurs in the recent time because it is a cost effective way for promoting a brand or product.

But one vital aspect the entrepreneurs need to focus on while using a QR code is that they should give the prospective clients a reason for using this advanced technology.

The increasing number of Smartphone users has a role to play in the growing popularity of the QR code. These palm size devices can scan the QR codes and use the relevant apps for establishing a link between the print media and the virtual world within seconds.

However, the key to the successful use of this particular procedure lies in how innovatively the advertisers can project the boring computer created codes before the clients so that it creates an impression in their mind and they take up the initiative to use the QR code.

Here are some pioneering ways that will be extremely relevant to the designers:

#1. Turning a design or logo into QR code

One of the best ways of projecting a QR code before multitude of potential clients is to make it a part of the logo of the company or an integral part of the design in an advertisement banner.

Do not leave it in one of the corners of the advertising medium as then it will remain unnoticed by the majority of the people and would not even arouse curiosity in the mind of the clients who are unaware of this concept.

#2. Using the QR codes as a part of the architectural design of the brand HQ

The designers can also use a QR code as a design for styling the walls or windows of the building as well. In this way the unique designs can be relevantly related with the particular brand name and will also allure the prospective clients to use it.

But the designers should take extra caution to oversee whether each and every one of the code is working or not.

#3. Using QR code in the promotional gifts

The QR codes can also be used ingeniously in the promotional gifts offered by different brands. The brands selling different kinds of food can make the QR code an edible part of the item that is being purchased.

Or the QR code can also be made the focal point of the design of the promotional gifts like a coffee mug or a beer glass or key chain, thereby drawing the attention of the users.

#4. QR codes on the product label

Innovatively using the QR code on the label of the consumer goods will definitely boost the sale leads of the company.

They need not remember the name of the brand or write it down and then lose the paper. They can take a picture of the code and use it to know about the product as well as its availability.

#5. QR code stickers

The designers can also make use of the innovatively designed QR codes stickers for promoting their brand. This method of promotion is particularly beneficial for the brands selling different kinds of gadgets.

The stickers can be placed at the back of the mobile phones or tablets, top of the laptop. And thus induce the users as well as their associates to use it.

#6. QR code for clothing and accessories

The leading as well as the small clothing brands can use QR code on the product as a part of the logo of the brands or in the labels.

Thus any time a consumer likes a product of your brand that is being used by his or her friends or acquaintance, he or she can just scan the code and get redirected to the website to check out the latest collection or the nearest store.

These are some of the best ways shared by by which QR codes can be used differently for promoting different brands.

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The above article is written by RP who is associated with many web designing agencies as their freelance writer and editor. In her free time, she writes articles related to wordpress, designing, html etc.

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