5 Skills a Social Media Manager Should Have

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These days, nearly everyone has some kind of social media presence. Many people consider themselves to be “good” at using social media and believe that being a social media manager would be an easy career.

The truth is, managing social media for a brand or individual client is a difficult job that requires many skills both on and offline.

Social media management is a relatively new career that might not have existed several years ago but is now one of the most important positions that can play a key role in any business’s success (or failure).

Here are some skills a good social media manager should have.

#1. Copywriting

What many people don’t realize is that social media management requires a great deal of writing; from posts, to photo captions, to emails to clients, many people who work in social media spend a lot of time each day writing.

It is crucial for a social media manager to possess strong copywriting skills to ensure they are able to communicate effectively with their coworkers, clients, and social media audience alike.

#2. Graphic Design

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A good social media presence is driven by unique and eye-catching graphics. Take a look at the Instagram feeds of some of your favorite companies or brands; it is likely that colorful or intricate designs and graphic images catch your attention and appeal to you more than plain text.

Many brands rely on graphics to convey information or promote products, and the ability to design your own graphics can set you apart from your competition as a social media manager.

#3. Video and Audio Editing

Nearly half of all social media users across major platforms report that they are more likely to engage with content, especially from brands, if it is conveyed in a video format.

Plus, with the rising popularity of platforms such as TikTok and features like Instagram Reels, it is necessary for brands to have the ability to create high-quality, short-form video content. The most important element to high-quality video content is good editing!

A good editor can turn a low-quality, unappealing video into a visually pleasing work of art. It is necessary for social media managers to have basic knowledge of video editing, but advanced skills in this area can be a huge advantage during the job hunt.

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, with many brands and business owners venturing in the direction of starting their own podcasts as a means of promotion.

Aspiring social media managers should familiarize themselves with audio editing software like Adobe Audition to stand out from their competitors and to ensure they will be able to handle any task that is thrown their way in the workplace.

#4. Analytics

A crucial skill that any social media manager should possess is the ability to read and understand analytics as this will help them generate followers and engagement for a brand as well as determine what marketing strategies are working.

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Understanding social media metrics and business metrics can provide an overall understanding of a brand’s strategies so they can improve accordingly and help a company to reach its goals.

Social media analytics help brands generate engagement by understanding their audience. Analytics can help social media managers determine how their target audience interacts with the content they are creating.

For example, a business like ThriveMD might find that their Instagram audience is primarily adults between 30-40 years old, and this demographic is mostly online from 7-9 PM. This means they should schedule their most important posts to go live around 8 PM each day.

Having the ability to understand analytics and work accordingly is one of the most valuable skills a social media manager can possess.

#5. Strong Online Presence

While it might sound like common sense to say that an aspiring social media manager should be familiar with multiple social platforms, in 2022 this is not enough.

To show employers that you are a qualified candidate who is capable of running their social media accounts, you should have a strong online presence of your own that can attest to your skills.

Some people make separate “business” accounts on each social media platform to keep their professional and personal lives separate.

While this could be useful, unless you are posting content on your personal accounts that are inappropriate for all future employers to see, growing a following and generating engagement on one account attached to your name could be more beneficial.

Final Words

You don’t need thousands of followers or hundreds of likes to demonstrate your social media skills on your own account; simply showing employers that you have knowledge of each major social platform and how they work by following trends or creating your own unique visual content can accompany your resume to be an effective, practical demonstration of your skills.

While these unique skills might sound like a lot, the good news is that many of these skills can be learned as long as you have a natural passion for digital marketing and social media. If you’re great at using Instagram but don’t know how to read analytics, there is endless information online that can help you learn.

If you are an excellent copywriter with a strong Twitter presence but find that you are lacking graphic design skills, you can take courses online or learn from beginner-friendly software like Canva.

If you, like many adults who are entering the workforce at this time, are familiar with computers or have had access to the Internet for your entire life, most of these skills are relatively easy to learn with time and practice.

These skills will not only look good on a resume when applying for jobs in social media but will effectively ensure that you can handle any task that is thrown your way once you land a job in the field.

Mastering these skills will show employers that you are a valuable asset to the social media or marketing team at any company, and you’ll be professionally managing social media in no time.

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