The Challenges You Must Overcome to Turn Your Small Business Into a Big Business

If you are running a small business and if you expect that you will have a smooth run without any challenges and obstacles, you are wrong. The cut-throat competition is here to make sure that you face different challenges each day. However, thanks to technology and advanced times, you have enough resources to tackle those challenges with flying colors. However, you need to focus enthusiastically on your problems and find alternative ways to ensure that you overcome such issues.

Here is a list of top 4 challenges small business owners face and how to overcome such challenges to mark your success:

#1: Cash Flow Management

It is crucial that you have a smooth cash flow management on your premises and it is important to survive in the business too. For example, if you fail to pay the overheads, you might end up ruining your reputation in the market. The invoice system is outdated and sometimes, it takes months to get your payment from the clients. Meanwhile, you have to ensure that you pay all the bills and other overhead expenses.

Solution: Proper planning and cost management is required to manage the issue. Also, you can take some sort of down payment in advance before offering your products or services. It will give you some liquidity in your hands. Also, ensure that you mention the due date of payment in all the invoices you sent to clients.

#2: Hiring and managing employees

Human resource management really gives pain to not only small organizations but to giant corporations too. From job interviews to exit interviews, you need to manage so many things to make your employees motivated and happy.

Solution: Come up with innovative ideas for hiring. Use different impromptu methods to hire prospective candidates. Explain the opportunities they might have while working with you. Instead of taking a round of interviews by different departments, take 2 or 3 rounds and cover everything. Offer attractive remuneration packages with incentives. Give some liberties to enjoy their private lives. You can motivate them by offering gifts occasionally. You can use websites such as Couponobox to get superior discount coupons and deals to save some money on such gifts too.

#3: Time Management

Obviously, you are wearing too many hats on your head as you cannot hire separate professionals for different positions at this stage of your business, time management is one of the most common challenges entrepreneurs face today.

Solution: Everyone has 24 hours and hence, you need to spend it just the way you spend money- carefully. Make a time management sheet and ensure that you give more time to tasks that are important. You can break your time management sheet into monthly, weekly and daily goals too. Prioritize your tasks in a manner that it offers maximum benefit to the organization.

#4: Marketing and promotion

If you are not a marketing graduate, you have no idea how to create brand goodwill and brand recognition. Choosing a right marketing and promotion strategy is very crucial for today’s era where too many options your prospective clients have. If they don’t know about you, they will simply switch to your rivals.

Solution: Hiring a marketing professional who has a proven track record and reputation to back him is a good and viable option to follow. Furthermore, you cannot avoid digital marketing today. Ensure that you have a separate digital marketing strategy that represents your brand perfectly in the digital world.


You don’t have the liberty to make mistakes, especially at the stage when you have limited resources and opportunities. Though challenges are here to stay, facing them with right solutions will ensure that you meet your targets and mark your success.

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