The 6-Steps Brand Build to Grow Your Business on a Budget

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Brand – This word is a pretty popular one nowadays!

When it comes to marketing, it is used up to a great extent. However, for the entrepreneurs, it signifies a pretty complicated meaning. Some questions start immediately boggling in their minds every time they think about branding.

Do I have to hire an expert? Is branding expensive? … and the list goes on.

Well, to some extent, it is not practically true! Branding is not always as strenuous as how it is expected to be. With the right types of creative approaches, you can brand your business without breaking your bank. There are many businesses out there which have opted for such fantastic ways to build their brand awareness and they definitely ended up with a huge success.

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Thanks to their unique, cost-effective and amazing ways of branding, it has become a popular name within a very short period of time. Interestingly, they don’t have to spend a lot either. However, if you are one such businessman out there who wants to grow your business without spending a ton of cash, here is the ultimate six-step mantra for you:

Step #1. Who are your customers?

The enthralling statistics reveal that more than 82% of companies which have a better stature use buyer personas to frame out their marketing plan. It all depends upon the needs, objectives, and behaviour of your potential customers that how your showcase your products and services. Remember, it is quite crucial to identify the likes, dislikes, and priorities of your customers to entice them towards your business.

Try to figure out what kind of media is proper to attract your personas? what actually encourages them? In which social media platform they prefer to stay ‘live’? etc. Now, it’s your turn to make use of the right mode to showcase what you want to offer your customers. To collect all such information will not at all demand any huge sum. So, it is definitely an affordable step to promote your brand.

Step #2. Build an identity of your own

When you are done with identifying your customers, it is true that your brand is taking the right shape gradually. It is the first step to create a brand identity. This kind of identity is all about your business’s own voice. To come up with the right brand identity is all about expressing a bit more details which are introspective to your brand. For example, its values, principles, ethics, the expectation from customers and so on. You just need a group of talented marketing people for this and not millions of bucks!

Step #3. Have a broadened name

Just because your company is about a specific product now, it doesn’t mean that the scenario will be the same always. You might have to offer new products as per demand. So, make sure that the name of your company is broad enough to accommodate all such futuristic changes. It will let you avoid any hassle afterwards.

Step #4. Go for a constant social media presence

The most popular way to advertise your brand and contact your customers is nothing but the use of social media. In the contemporary era, there are various platforms on which people spend most of their time. It is recommended that you keep an eye on the data represented by Pew Research Center’s Demographics of Social Media Users. It profiles the users of the five most significant social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

All that you need to do is just pay a keen attention to this data. Chances are there, the majority of your customers spend most of their time on one or a couple of networks. While it doesn’t mean that you should totally ignore the other platforms, it will actually give you a clear idea of where to spend most of your resources. Hence, you can save the money that you would have otherwise spent on all the platforms.

Step #5. Opt for blogging

Who doesn’t know about the importance of blogging? It is actually one of the significant parts of the Inbound Methodology through which you can easily turn strangers into visitors of your website. Fortunately, it won’t cost you huge to go for blogging. You can reach the qualified customers easily while creating such informative contents which can meet the requirements of what they are searching for.

Step #6. Make use of co-branding

If you are just planning to come up with your brand, you might not get a chance to acquire instant popularity. In that case, if you partner with a brand which is already an established one, it can bring your organization in front of a broader audience. All that you need to take care of is that you must collaborate with such a brand which is aligned to your niche. You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money for that but still, you will get an amazing exposure.

So, this is how you can build a proper brand-name for your company. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t require tons of bucks to establish this sort of awareness. These six smart tricks in your mind and that’s it!

About the Author!

Cindy Mikulski is a free time writer and full-time internet surfer. She likes to work on making in-home life better in society. She lives like an entrepreneur to support her family financially.

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