5 Strategies to Boost Your Productivity with Better Sleep

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Working more productively instead of long hours may be the first step towards career success… and these 5 strategies will make you more productive than ever.

Sometimes it seems like Americans mark their success by how little sleep they had the night before. We all remember acing that test in college after pulling an all-nighter, or how we got that promotion after a few weeks of grinding with very little sleep. We wear the bags under our eyes like a badge of honor.

But, are we getting it wrong? Researchers say yes, and corporate America is starting to wake up.

However, our bosses can’t force us to get sleep and having a workplace that doesn’t promote healthy habits is no excuse not to develop some for yourself.

Enhance your productivity and feel great doing it by utilizing our 5 strategies to boost your productivity by getting better sleep.

The Science behind Productivity and Sleep

Studies have shown that lack of sleep is the leading cause of on-the-job accidents, and can lead to worse muscle reflexes than inebriation. Even the military, one of the most notorious encourages of lack-of-sleep rhetoric, has begun to change its tune when research proved how criminally dangerous it was for the sleep-deprived to operate Naval vessels.

When you get good sleep, you are able to focus more, be happier, be more engaged, be more creative, and handle issues more rationally and less emotionally. All of the above are attributes we want more of in the workplace, from ourselves and from our coworkers.

5 Strategies for Boosting Sleep and Your Productivity

#1. Invest In a New Mattress

Invest in a new mattress
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Buying yourself a better mattress may be the first step towards a good night’s sleep. While a mattress may be an expensive investment, with proper care it will last you upwards of 7 years.

When it comes to getting a quality mattress, you should really think about purchasing a new one as an investment in your career and your health. If you are more productive you will finally get that promotion you’ve been gunning for. If you have better health, you are less likely to get serious health issues that require expensive treatment.

In this way, a mattress can save/make you some money! Not to mention that it can potentially save your life and your job.

However, not all mattresses are created equal and not all people like the same mattresses. For durability as well as support and responsiveness, we suggest latex hybrid options such as the Casper Wave, which is not only durable and supportive but supremely comfortable.

#2. Get Some Exercise

While you may think that exercising at night is going to affect your sleep, so you tend to avoid it, that theory has been disproven by researchers. In reality, you just need to avoid strenuous activity for about an hour before bedtime.

This means that there is really no excuse to not engage in daily physical activity in order to get a night of better sleep. Working out in the morning can energize you for the entire day. But, if you’re not a morning person, no worries. Joining the running club with some of your friends at work or encouraging your boss to get everyone a company gym pass for an evening game of basketball is just as good as working out in the morning when it comes to your sleep patterns.

Exercise not also helps us fall asleep, but it helps us sleep more deeply so that our mental capacity is refreshed and restored. This is the key to work productivity the next morning.

#3. Develop a Routine

Develop Routine
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Exercise should really be part of a greater routine surrounding sleep. Having a daily and night routine is one of the things ultra-productive people like Michelle Obama and Winston Churchill have sworn by. Giving yourself these moments no matter what life’s stressors may be frames sleep to be part of your body’s natural cycle.

For night time, make sure you are winding down at night by drinking a night time tea, turning on some white noise, and doing something without screens such as reading a book with nighttime-friendly low-light. If avoiding a screen is impossible, be sure to turn your phone or laptop onto night mode and dark mode to avoid harsh light.

In the mornings, be sure to make your bed, drink a big glass of water for energy, and brush your teeth with stimulating minty toothpaste. Waking up with energy and being productive from the moment you open your eyes will give purpose to your day.

#4. Regulate Substances

If you are having trouble sleeping and are working on being more productive, make sure to put down the booze, at least during the workweek. It’s best to cut out cigarettes and excess caffeine, as well.

When it comes to caffeine, make sure not to be encouraged by your workplace’s free coffee bar. Stick with one cup a day, either before you leave for work or right when you get there.

Drinking caffeine late into the day can cause sleep issues at night, further reducing your productivity, and further increasing your perceived need for caffeine. It really is a vicious cycle.

If you are on any stimulants for weight loss or other health concerns, and you are having trouble sleeping, you might want to talk to your doctor about changing your dose or potentially taking your medication earlier in the day. Make sure not to change your medication in any way without your doctor’s approval.

Many mental health diseases are exacerbated by lack of sleep, so your doctor will likely want to fix this issue, particularly if you find your productivity to be taking a hit.

#5. Get Some Sunshine

Get some sunshine
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Getting Sunshine mid-day is proven to help you get better sleep at night as it regulates your body’s natural circadian rhythm. Try getting to know your co-workers a little better, and take a walk around the block at lunch instead of hanging out by the snack station.

Final Thoughts

According to SleepStandards, only 10% of US adults prioritize sleep in their daily lives. It’s time to be part of the minority, which includes some of the most successful business minds in our country, such as Arianna Huffington, a huge supporter of sleep. The five strategies above will help you be your best, most productive and self so that you can thrive both in and out of the workplace.

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