Streaming Online Games as a Source of Income from Advertising

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It’s no secret that many people are addicted to streaming not only to attract attention to their person, but also to earn money

Consider what games you can stream for future earnings and interaction with advertisers and how to turn your hobby into a business


Due to constant updates, story development and the attention that the developers pay to the project, WoW remains in demand, viewed and popular. Which makes it an ideal platform for streaming.

Start recruiting your audience – You will need constant activity, pranks and an interesting feed.

  • Activity – play at least 4 hours a day to be interesting to your viewer. It is advisable to select the optimal time for the activity of the audience – after the end of the working day.
  • Draws – everything is as easy as shelling pears, buy the cheapest wow gold on Skycoach, or weapons, armor and play them. On Twitch, you can calculate the cost of a paid subscription and the price of a game item, or the currency that you are playing.

Do not be greedy and do not try to get rich on the players, they will calculate everything before you have time to cash out and may cease to be loyal to you. Go to the minimum plus, that’s enough.

As for the interesting presentation, everything here is both complicated and simple at the same time:

  1. Do not strive for the ideal – it takes a lot of time and no one guarantees the result. Be at the moment and enjoy what you are doing. This captivates the viewer, in addition, it is better to start badly, but in the future to come to a good one, than not to start at all.
  2. Analyze your streams – watch reruns, abstract and look at yourself from the outside and give an assessment – if you would subscribe, watch it. If not, do not scold yourself, but think about what can be changed and improved. After all, this is creativity and it is damn interesting.
  3. Start sending out a link to your stream wherever possible – on social networks, in messengers, on YouTube (if there is one, if not, it’s better to create it for future highlights and funny moments too).

Throw the link in the general WoW chat on your server – let as many people as possible see it – maybe these are your regular viewers in the future – who knows.

Keep working – after all, in the future, shops selling and buying game currency, and manufacturers of gaming devices can become your sponsors


In a sports simulator, your skill will be more important even than your charisma.

Agree – it’s not much fun to watch a player who behaves cool on the stream, but loses with a devastating score in every game. But fortunately, the skill is being developed – play, try and have fun and you will find your audience.

The principles of interaction with the audience will be the same as in the WoW example, with two differences:

  1. You can not only play game coins, but also offer viewers real things related to football
    For example, a T-shirt of a famous player, a ball and other football paraphernalia.
  2. In the future, you will be able to hold small tournaments among your subscribers. As the audience grows, there will even be sponsors who will gladly provide prizes for the winners in exchange for advertising.

Gamer live stream

CS GO, Valorant, PUBG, Apex, WarZone

The perfect shooters to start your Twitch streamer career

Choose your favorite game and follow the following tips:

  1. In parallel with the stream on Twitch, create a YouTube channel with highlights – this way your audience will be replenished with videos.
  2. Play with your viewers – as your popularity grows, you will start to have people who want to play a ranked match with you, or just have fun in less demanding modes.
    Try to pay attention to everyone and don’t forget to keep an eye on the chat – maybe you will be able to put together a game group that will even try their hand at official tournaments – who knows.
  3. Play skins – buy items that you can afford and give them to players for subscriptions – do not strive for enrichment, just calculate the costs so as not to be in the red.
    And do not play skins that subscribers give you – they will immediately recognize their gift and will be unhappy with how you treat their attention and desire to please the streamer.
  4. Try to interact with more popular streamers, from whose twitch new subscribers can come to you.
    You will most likely need to spend on a subscription to get into the group with him, but the result will be worth it.
    Subscribe only to the players you like – no need to follow empty hype

Dota 2

A good choice if you really love this game – with all the disadvantages of the community

To gain viewers, you need to be an average player, or better, a high-level player so that viewers follow the stream.

Whatever they say about DotA 2- this is a game of the mind, strategy, the correct calculation of your strengths and interact with the team. Therefore, few people will follow a novice player – it is much more interesting to watch high ranks, where everyone plays well and the stronger, smarter, luckier one wins.

A definite plus of Dota 2 is that, like CS:GO, it is connected with Steam, and it will not be difficult for you to play items of the Arcane level, subscriptions to Dota + and other valuable items among subscribers.


To start your streamer career, choose a popular online game in which you are good, or willing to take the time to learn how to play well.

Strive for maximum popularity – leave links to your social networks, messengers, twitch and YouTube wherever possible.

Interact with other streamers and help each other.

Don’t ignore your viewers, even if it’s one person – there will be more of them over time.

Do not deceive and do not abuse the love of subscribers – do not sell bad advertising, low-quality goods and things that the viewer gives you.

Be a good player, have fun, and viewers and advertisers will find you. Good luck!

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