A Guide To Starting A Web Design Business

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Are you looking into starting a web design business? That’s probably why you’re reading this article after all. Well, this article will guide you in starting your web design business.

Right now is a good time for you to start a web design business. One reason is that the industry is still growing. Practically every business needs a website, and not just businesses.

There are organizations that want or need a website. There people that might want one for their wedding or other special event. The possibilities of who might want or need a website are pretty much endless.

This is also a good time because it easier than ever to break into the web design industry. The barriers to entry are lower than ever. Everything that need to start a web design business are relatively inexpensive or free.

There are a vast amount of resources to learn web design if you don’t already know it, and to improve your skills and gain new ones.

This guide will assume that you will start by working on your web design business on your own. That may sound scary, but it’s not. Web design is like a lot of other things, once you set things in motion, everything kind of gets easier after a while.

Pick A Web Design Niche

Once you have made the decision to start a web design business, you should choose a niche. You may ask why would you want to limit yourself to only a small area of business to go after.

A better question might be, what area of web design do I want to get really good at so my web design business just flows and clients come to me, instead of me having to spend my time and energy trying to get clients every single time.

Picking a web design niche, which is a specific area of web design that you are going to focus on, makes everything easier. It allows you to focus your time and energy on trying to get better at the few select web design services that you are going to offer.

Picking a web design niche also makes it easier to become well known in an area of business, which makes it easier to get clients. Clients will come to you many times, which makes everything easier for you.

How To Pick A Web Design Niche

Picking a web design niche to specialize in depends a lot on your experience and skills. You will have to take an honest look at the skillset that you already have and see if that can help you in a specific niche.

For example, if you know how to make online stores, you can cater to people and businesses that want to set up an online store.

Picking a web design niche also depends on where you’re located and what there is and isn’t a market for. So, location is important.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to be located exactly where your clients are or that you have to get office space in the area, although finding clients in your area makes things a lot easier.

If you live in Hollywood for example, maybe there is a high demand for web designers who can make photography and videography websites.

You will have to look and see what opportunities there are in your area.

Choose A Name For Your Web Design Business

You should take some time to decide on what you want to name your web design business. There is no perfect right or wrong name for your web design business, but it can matter a whole lot.

One thing you will want to consider when deciding on the name of your web design business, is do you plan on being more than a small web design business. If you’re set on only being a one person web design business, or maybe having only a few people work with you, then using your personal name in business is no problem at all.

If you decide to sell your web design business at some point in time, or to expand, having your personal name in the business name might not be the best idea.

Also, you will want your web design business name to be both easy to remember and to be congruent with the services that you offer. For example, if you have a web design business in Dallas, Texas, a good domain name might be dallastexaswebsitedesign.com.

Make Sure You Have What Is Necessary To Be Successful

You will want to make sure that you have everything that is necessary to start and run your web design business. This includes a domain for your business. You will also need to have web hosting. you can take a look at websitehostingcouponcodes.com to get web hosting coupon codes.

You will also want to have the necessary software that will make your job not only easier, but also save you a whole lot of time.

You can build websites using only HTML, CSS, Javascript and whatever backend language you might decide to use, however, this usually takes a lot of time. A better method of building websites is to use website building software to help you build and design websites.

Some software that I highly recommend for building websites is WordPress and also Elementor. WordPress is a free CMS software that let’s you build and manage websites easily.

Elementor is a software that is used in addition to WordPress to make designing websites even easier than using WordPress alone. Elementor has a free version, but you will want to pay for the upgraded version since you want to use it as part of your web design business.

You will also need to make graphics and edit images at the very least. Having and using software such as Photoshop and Illustrator will allow you to do your job and having the skills to use software like this are great and necessary tools to have.

These comes as a package from Adobe and are not free. There are free options to be able to edit and make the graphics that you need such as Gimp and Pixlr Editor, however the standard is to use the software Adobe suite, which comes with more software that you may find useful, and even necessary as your web design business grows.

Set The Rates For Your Services

Deciding and adjusting what you will charge for making websites is important as well. You are going to be in business to make after all.

You will have to take several things into consideration when making this decision, including the time that you spend building websites and the time that you spend talking with your clients about what they will want.

Like any business, you will have to take in account all of your costs. You may have to adjust what you charge and how you charge for your web design business as you see fit.

Start Getting Clients For Your Web Design Business

Once you get everything ready, you are ready to decide how you will try to get clients. The most common way to get clients for a new web design business is to reach out to people and businesses in your area.

One of the most effective ways to get clients that you want is to approach them directly when first starting out.


Deciding to start your web design business can be one of the best decisions that you have ever made and thinking through every step of the way can help you be successful in making that happen.

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