5 Styles To Consider When Creating Die Cut Business Cards

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You can choose different shapes for die cut business cards, such as circle and oval shapes, to promote your brand. A distinctive style is especially important for business owners who have a startup company and who use a logo to inspire brand loyalty for customers. Your business cards could be shaped like a sofa for your furniture store or like a hamburger for your restaurant. There are five significant advantages from deciding to use special die-cut shapes for your business cards:

  1. Distinctive styles for business cards.
  2. Logo shapes for business cards.
  3. Special shapes for business cards.
  4. Rounded corners for business cards.
  5. Special dimensions for business cards.

#1: Distinctive Styles for Business Cards

A distinctive style is a primary objective for a business owner who is trying to enhance a company image. You could choose a mix of business cards, such as some traditional business cards and some unique business cards for special events. There are several benefits from using unique business cards for your business. The shape of a business card can be used to attract the attention of a customer who could stop for a few seconds at your trade show exhibit to look at business cards that are shaped like a three-layer cake.

#2: Logo Shapes for Business Cards

There are some marketing advantages from using a logo shape for your business cards. The logo for a company is a special symbol that is recognized by loyal customers who search for products that have the logo. With logo-shaped business cards, you could increase brand awareness for your company and could also ensure that your business cards would be different from the business cards for your competitors. The logo-shaped business cards would be small ads for your company that could be displayed on desks and on message boards at community centers.

#3: Special Shapes for Business Cards

The different shapes for business cards can be used to reflect your personal style and can also be a whimsical feature for adding some fun to a meeting, such as circle-shaped business cards that have short strings to resemble the strings for balloons. The shape for a business card can also have a practical purpose for your customers. An oval-shaped or circle-shaped business card could be used as a coaster for a drinking glass. If you own a car dealership, your business cards could be shaped like a car or a pickup truck.

#4: Rounded Corners for Business Cards

A rounded corner is another distinctive feature for a business card that can enhance the artistic design. The outline of the business card would have smooth contours. If you prefer soft aesthetic qualities for a design, the rounded corners would add some soft curves to the shape. The rounded corners would also enhance the design on the business card if you use a circle-shaped logo and curvy fonts for the numbers and letters.

#5: Special Dimensions for Business Cards

With special dimensions, you would have a distinctive feature for the design of your business cards. A circle-shaped business card could have a design on the card that included a rough outline of a basketball, baseball or soccer ball. The special shapes for business cards are especially important at trade shows where customers get business cards from the exhibitors. You can customize the design of your business cards with special features for your personal style, such as with the shape of a baseball bat or baseball cap.

Tactics for Branding with Business Cards

The different shapes for business cards can be used for unique designs for business owners who want to enhance his or her marketing campaign. An oval-shaped business card for a florist shop could have a design with a bouquet of red roses on the left side of the oval. Two primary advantages from choosing oval-shaped business cards are that the business cards would have a unique shape and that the business cards could have dimensions that would accommodate the traditional space for a business card in a wallet.

Signature Styles for Business Cards

You can use your signature style for your business cards to increase brand awareness for your products. With a logo shape, the business cards could be displayed on your desk as small company logos.

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