The Different Strategies Between Newbie and Professional Marketer on Facebook

Facebook always make changes to follow desired by the user. And as market participants in Facebook, you should also do the same thing as like what Facebook did. Newcomers for internet promotion on Facebook of course could be tricky to get started, as well as for those of you who are professional in doing marketing on the internet of course requires a variety of reference to develop the business. Fortunately so many hosts that provide valuable information about how to start a business and doing marketing on Facebook.

Basically as a marketer, you are as a new brand need to introduce your products and as you are already professional need to remind the customer for your existence. Based on these two basic marketing, in this post you will find the different between the newbie and professional marketer in Facebook.

Newbie Brand (Introduced)

Newbie brand in this case could mean for those of you who are just starting your brand, but as you who create a new product to enhance existing products. Here are marketing strategies applied that can you can do on Facebook.

#1: Eye catching headline

As a new brand, you should place the image display products with eye catching in Facebook. With the development of the Facebook news feed is currently support the quality image that could be utilized to attract new customers for you.

Like the example image below I’ll give 2 examples of Oreo’s new products and Breyers. As we know, in fact oreo is old product of who introduced again in 2006 with his new concept. As we can see in the example image cover picture, Oreo elections have high quality and eye catching isn’t? :). While the second examples in the picture belongs to Breyers, his fan page select interesting pictures to be displayed in the news post to introduce new products.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

#2: Be creative on content

Creativity is the key in introducing your product. Interesting content would make you be different from the others. Take the fullest advantage offered by Facebook to make interesting content, I suggest putting a lot of photos and interesting words to ease your customers read the message you want to convey.

Like the two example image below belongs chips ahoy that invites customers to guess what the next product and belongs Reese’s fan page that invites customers to create new dishes using basic ingredients of the product. Besides the words of today’s consumers require a photo can help them understand what you want to convey and entice them to visit your site.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

#3: Clearly with the ads

Delivery of advertising messages as a newbie product, you should enable consumers to digest what you want to convey to them. Simple words is highly recommended to use, your customers want to know what product you are selling actually is, the words or the simple image display will help them to understand it.

In this case I took 3 sample images with words that could explain the intent simpel they want to convey. For instance the first picture belongs to general mills would give its brand slogan on the front cover of his Facebook, while the second and the third is belonging tango and chips ahoy have the same type of advertising that is introducing its new product can be placed in the front cover like the tango but could also be placed in the post like yours chips ahoy. What do you think, simple words can explain the meaning contained what you want to convey right? 🙂

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

#4: Include your website link

Newbie brand requires a means to better known by his new consumers; of course, social media cannot accommodate all the information you want to convey to the consumer. Media that can be used is the website, your website can be creative in arranging your page more attractive and more complete to make your consumers to recognize products that you offer.

At the time Facebook can you use to enter your website, so give your website link on your Facebook fan page to make your customers who are interested in seeing your Facebook fan page, can better understand the products you offer to look at your website? Like what baking 911 did in his fans page, in information he gives link of his website to make his fans more intresting.

Facebook Marketing

#5: Know your audience

The final step here is to know who your target market, such as their age, their occupation, their gender and even their hobbies. Knowing who your target market can be done with a variety of survey measures, it could also make use of survey anyone who sees your page on Facebook or can also be a poll survey. Once you determine who your target market, then you can put the best marketing strategy according to your target market.

Profesional (Reminds)

Professional brand is a brand that has been around a long time and its presence is recognized by consumers. Most brands are present in the community even starting from the era of the late 20th century to the present. Obviously the strategy adopted will no longer introduce this brand but remind presence in the consumer. Here are 5 steps for professional brand to remind consumers.

#1: Be a part in every event

Be everywhere for those of you who are pro in terms of marketing on Facebook. As performed by coca cola as the oldest brand, Coca-Cola is also implementing exist marketing strategies everywhere, coca cola even have an official fan page on Facebook from various countries, namely Coca-Cola Australia, Indonesia, Africa, and even Arabs have it.

Besides that, it also not only in Facebook but also participated in every event organized by the state. As we can see in the Coca-Cola fan page below who that follows Australia Sydney’s hottest new beach, Coca-Cola participate as a sponsor.

Facebook Marketing

#2: Don’t be conventional

Being old brand that has been around since the 20’s era of course you have to follow the development of the era. Do not be conventional you should make your business run a foundation for long. At this time Facebook is not only used as a way to promote the product. Facebook opened the opportunity for you to link your fan page with instagram, pinterest, twitter, and the website you have. This should be utilized to the maximum to get rid of conventional impression of your brand. Be open minded and you will be a lasting marketer. Maybe you can also try like the example image below what is done by KFC to promote its mobile app on Facebook certainly make consumers this strategies will mske more easier to find KFC in the mobile phone.

Facebook Marketing

#3: Make some event and invite your fans

Obviously for those of you who already pro have a lot of consumer right? 🙂
Respect your customers is by presenting a special event that is destined to become friends with your customers. Like the example shown below, Starbucks wasted moment global April month this time. Starbucks directly invite the fans to participate in events held by Starbucks, and see how many thousands of people who love Starbucks in this post.

Facebook Marketing

#4: Let your fans be a part to your brand

The fourth step is similar to step three above, this step makes the consumer you can do a little game in your Facebook fan page. As performed by Kellogg’s where he made ​​a campaign with the theme of chocolate is missing anywhere, Kellogg’s invites her fans to imagine with chocovore chase where consumers are invited to choose which style of running the most liked by the fans.

Facebook Marketing

#5: Make polls to increase your quality

Creating a poll is certainly very necessary to find out which one is preferred by your customers, the poll can be about your product, their preferences or what activities they want to do. It is our aim to be able to approach closer to our customers in Facebook.

As we can see below, coca cola fan page to create a poll that asked what activities they want to do when long weekend, and see so many positive responses given by the consumer ranging from like to comment given to his post.

Facebook Marketing


Internet marketing is a good way to sell a product to people with a wider community. One of the easiest ways is using social media. Facebook need to be a strong part web marketing for your purpose, you can use Facebook facility that allows you to do branding there, from the ten steps you can use to develop your business strategy today, hope it will be useful for you. 🙂

How about you? Whether you’ve done one of the above? Please share your comment below.

– Written by Ratih –

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