5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Bubble Mailers for Packaging

Are you new to the world of packaging supplies? Or are you merely looking for a better alternative package? While there are myriad packaging options in the market today, getting your hands on the best option can be quite overwhelming. More specifically, getting your hands on a formidable bubble mailer can be difficult.

Even so, you could be wondering what a bubble mailer is. Essentially, unlike any other mailer, a bubble mailer is a packaging option that has been designed to heighten the security of packages while on transit. The cushioning effect rough forth by the bubbles ensures that your package does not break or get soaked while being transported. It mostly comes in handy when transporting delicate and expensive packages.

There are myriads of things that you should consider before purchasing Bubble mailers. These factors play an integral role in determining the mailer’s overall cost, your customer’s first impression, and, indeed, your customers’ overall experience.

Regardless of the reason for buying bubble mailers, you should always remember that the only other awesome thing apart from receiving an impressive piece of mail is sending it!

Top 5 Factors to Consider before Buying Bubble Mailers

Read along to find out the top 5 factors that you should keep in mind before buying bubble mailers.

#1. Always go for Durable Self-Seal Bubble Mailers

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a bubble mailer is the seal’s nature. More so, does this fact play a big part if you are looking for bubble mailers for packaging supplies on a large scale? Self sealing bubble mailers will not only ensure that your package remains secure, but it will also ensure that you seal all your packages with ease.

Apart from going for a self-sealing bubble mailer, it would be best to consider the integrity of the self-sealing sticker. How durable is it? Is it strong enough to stick for an extended period? A durable and robust self-sealing mailer should be tough enough to ensure that the sticker remains in place long enough when the package is delivered.

#2. Type of Material

There are generally two types of materials used to make a bubble mailer. These materials include plastic and paper. When determining the best material to go for, it all boils down to what package you are looking to ship and how delicate it is.

Ideally, plastic mailers are always used whenever you are shipping a delicate package, say a hard disk, or even high-value jewelry. This is because it comes with more protection than paper bubble mailers don’t have. You can always go for a plastic mailer that not only accords you the much-desired bubble protection or but waterproof protection as well.

In a nutshell, it’s essential to determine how durable the material is when it comes to a mailer’s material. Is it waterproof or not? How strong is the material? Could it easily break? These questions will go a long way in helping you pick an envelope made from top-notch material.

#3. Size of the Mailer

A particular mailer’s size is perhaps the most critical factor that you should consider before stocking up on bubble mailers. Since bubble mailers are made of two layers, it’s crucial to ensure that they are more significant than the object or parcel you intend to send. This way, you can rest assured that the package won’t be folded or crushed while in transit.

At the same time, you shouldn’t package your objects on a bubble mailer that is too large for your document or object. Always remember that all bubble mailers are non-adhesive materials. Due to this, objects placed inside them can potentially move around and get damaged while in transit. It’s essential for all your items and mails to perfectly fit in the bubble mailer without compromising the item’s security within the mailer.

#4. Color

Contrary to common belief, your bubble mailer’s color is an essential factor to consider before buying one. Whether you are looking to mail birthday packages or stuck up to run a business, it’s important to remember that all mail recipients always like receiving their mail in some flair.

In that regard, it’s essential to always go for colored mailers. Not only are they inexpensive, but they are fun and always live up a recipient’s day.

#5. Sustainability

If you are an ardent fan of sustainability and protecting the environment, then you should always go for those that are made of recycled materials. The good news is that a vast majority of bubble mailers are made of materials that can easily be renewed.

For instance, the inner bubbles are typically made from plastic that can be renewed with ease. The outer paper material can equally be recycled with ease.


To conclude it all, a little research will help you find the best bubble mailers. Also remember your customer’s first impression and your customers’ overall experience are your goal.

Let us know in the comments below if you consider other aspects in choosing the bubble mailers. And I hope you found this useful.

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