Top 10 Things That You Should Need To Increase Your Brand Identity

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Brand identity is something that every business wants to build to compete with new and established companies. Becoming an established enterprise is the most crucial goal that most companies usually set.

However, many people miscomprehend that branding is just about a logo, launching an advertisement campaign, and having a big marketing budget. But the reality is that your brand is what your customers think of your business. Their perception matters the most.

According to a survey, 59% of all consumers want to buy new products from familiar brands. This is the reason that successful businesses pay so much attention to the new ways to communicate with users and to create a pleasant user experience.

Considering that, a brand-building exercise starts right from a storefront or office and includes signage, packaging, websites, content marketing, social media, sales, and even customer service.

In fact, serious enterprises keep a tab on how their products or services are perceived amongst their target audience. They renew their strategies to keep pace with the changing preferences of the audience to make necessary improvements.

Here is how you can enhance your brand identity effectively:

#1. Know your marketplace and customer

The first step should be to know your current standing in your target market and who is your ideal customer. To determine it, find out how customers are actually viewing your products or services and how you want them to perceive. Get some details of the changes your marketplace has shown recently. Know how your customer’s preferences in your industry and market have changed.

Such analysis will help you build a strategy to create the desired perception of your brand amid customers.

#2. Do an in-depth analysis of your competitor

Make additional efforts to position your brand strongly against your competitors. It’s imperative to have more information about what they are doing to draw customers’ attention. You should assess their websites for its content and user-friendliness. Also, find out what search engine optimization techniques they apply to be on top of the search results. Take a good look at their advertisement campaign too.

Armed with such details, you can then come out with a new strategy to counter their moves in your market. It will help you draw customers’ attention to your business and products.

#3. Identify your core values and mission statement

Successful companies have their core values identified first before taking steps to build their brand. But determine the intrinsic value of your business that can stand the test of time. It helps in capturing your business essence and original voice that will represent your brand.

Write down your mission statement in a clear language. That will be a guideline for your marketers for establishing your brand identity.

#4. Create your brand’s look and feel

Customers will perceive your brand from the look and feel of your various marketing channels. They will visit your website, social pages, and see your advertisements. They will even evaluate your product packaging quality. So, your brand’s visual vocabulary will determine how customers should view your brand.

Keeping that in mind, the use of typefaces, colors, style, in your visuals including your company’s your logo design should reflect your brand. These visuals should be unique and distinctive. Note that the strong visual brand identity you intend to create will be the one that resonates well with your target customers. Most importantly, maintain consistency of design, colors, and etc elements when creating these visuals.

#5. Create a logo

A logo is the face of a company. People see a logo first on products or services to ensure that they are buying from a genuine brand. Besides that, company logos are powerful visuals that help build recognition for businesses. This is because logos appear everywhere on products, advertisements, marketing campaigns, and everything that a company owns.

This makes logos along with taglines the mostly seen business visuals. Your logo is your calling card. Therefore, invest your money and time to create a logo that is simple but exceptional and is worthy of representing your business in the target market.

#6. Start from your own office

The brand identity building exercise should start right from your own company office. To do that, make your employees adopt a business culture that is in sync with your company branding. When you hire employees, pick those who fit in your mission and vision of the business. After all, you know your brand inside out.

You should ask your employees to post great reviews of your products and encourage them to share your content.

#7. Build a robust social media presence

A powerful social media presence of a brand is essential when most people use this modern medium to connect and engage. Channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube are effective for driving customers. To build your brand on social media, post your company’s content regarding its new offerings, discounts, any new development in your industry and enterprise, etc. regularly.

But post quality content that can engage potential customers with your business. Also, ensure that your social pages, as well as your primary business website loads quickly and it is search friendly.

#8. Build a unique brand personality

Your brand must stand out from the crowd of similar enterprises in your niche market to draw your customers’ attention. It is all about creating a business that is tailored to meet the users’ needs.

One of the proven ways to brand your business in your own unique way is to build your brand personality. This requires additional efforts to communicate with your audience in a friendly voice that involves the use of ‘I’ and ‘You.’ How about sharing some behind-the-scenes content related to your company with your customers and telling your business story? That measure ensures customer engagement.

#9. Be consistent

Do not change your brand voice and its other elements unless some big adverse consumer response forces you to do so. Remember that consistency is the key to building your brand. People become obsessed with your brand colors, logos, and other elements over the years. They do not like it if there are frequent changes made in a brand’s visual appearance and mission.

So, avoid making radical changes your brand voice, the tone and style of your content and visuals. In fact, issue brand guidelines to your employees, marketers, and whoever matters. They should strictly follow the guidelines regarding the use of your logo, brand colors, etc identities.

#10. Analyze and refine

While you maintain consistency, do not forget to analyze your brand’s performance. A timely measure to correct the course is essential to keep your business on the right track. Routine analyzing and refining of your brand will ensure that it always comes true to the promises it made to customers.

In today’s digital world, tracking a brand’s performance on various parameters is a lot easier. Once you do that, you can then revisit your tactics and strategies.


Building a true brand identity is essential to competing in a market successfully. Have your business values and mission chalked out and be consistent with them. Your visual identities of business must reinforce your values. Make additional efforts to integrate your brand with your website, storefront, and other visuals as well as with customer experience.

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