Looking to Build Your Brand on Social Media? Here Are a Few Best Practices

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You may have your business already set up, but do you understand the importance of building your brand?

According to marketers with a great deal of industry experience, brand awareness is one of the vital aspects of your marketing campaign, both when dealing with B2B relations and consumers.

Social media is now being heavily used within marketing campaigns, due to the fact that over 2.1 billion people worldwide are now active on social media with one or a number of online accounts. Businesses are now able to promote their products or services via social media channels to get a great return on investment, but their success rate is usually dependent on their quality of branding.

The question – how do you start? Here are 6 ways you can build your brand effectively on social media:

#1. Be consistent on all platforms

Building your brand doesn’t happen instantly and will take a great deal of time and dedication to get the results you are hoping for. In order to connect with your consumers, you need to be consistent with your posts across all social media platforms. You may decide on choosing one or several sites when creating your online presence, including the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. While you may not post constantly on each platform, ensuring your presence is spread out evenly is crucial. Likewise, you need to be consistent with your language, tone, graphics, and colors; all of which are going to be investigated further in this piece.

#2. Design a first-class logo

Your logo is one of the very first aspects the consumer will notice about your brand on social media. Therefore, it is important you hit the nail on the head with the design. As there are so many posts on social media for the consumer to pay attention to, you don’t want to fail at the first hurdle by having a boring logo that doesn’t catch the eye.

The logo is the vision of your brand and should be in keeping with your company’s message, as well as giving an instant impression about what your brand signifies.

#3. Use colors wisely

You may never have considered the importance of colors, but they can have a dramatic impact on expressing the personality of the brand. Using specific colors may even have the ability to intrigue your ideal target market. Use stereotypical colors if needs be to play instinctively on the suitable target audience and ensure your logo is distinct from competitors to avoid confusion between brands.

#4. Post regularly

Nothing will have such a negative impact on your social media branding than failing to post on a regular basis. If you only post across your platforms a couple of times per week, you are likely to be forgotten amongst the immense competition out there.

Knowing how often to post will be evident over a period of time, as you need to look out for the time of day your audience reacts to posts. It is impossible to be on social media every day at these prime times; especially if your active audience is in another time zone, which is where social media publishing sites and analytics come in useful. Publishing sites allow you to schedule posts whenever you wish, while analytics monitors follower interaction.

Unfortunately, these tools can be costly as you will need to pay a monthly subscription to use them. For new businesses, paying out a monthly fee can take a chunk out of your revenue and some entrepreneurs may fall into debt. Luckily, you can get access to cash quickly and simply with Jora Credit. Regardless of your credit history, you can request from $100 to $5000 and have the cash within your bank account in a matter of days. Scheduling and analytics may be hard on your wallet, but a loan could cover those dreaded monthly fees without having to delve into your bank account in the first few months of business.

#5. Identify your brand as a person

The product and service as well as target audience for the brand will determine how your brand’s tone and voice will be communicated on social media.

Think of your brand as a human – how are they likely to speak? What would they share on their account? What language would they use? You could go even further and write notes suggesting the brand’s age, hobbies, character and gender; all of which should steer you in the right direction for getting your brand’s message conveyed effectively to the ideal target market.

Here are a few helpful hints for identifying your brand:

  • Tone: The tone revolves around what and how the brand communicates online. Is your brand formal and sophisticated for business professionals, or sassy and colloquial for teenagers and young adults?
  • Language: The type of language you use will also determine how your brand is perceived by consumers. Similarly to tone, you may opt for shortened words and slang if your brand is geared towards the younger generation, whereas business professionals would prefer elaborate wording and specialized industry vocabulary in order for your branding to be taken seriously.
  • Reason: Why have you decided to give your brand a social media presence? Alongside the obvious reasons of increasing the traffic flow to your website for an increase in sales, you also have the ability to either educate or entertain with your posts which gives the consumer a reason to interact.

#6. Don’t plug constantly

If you struggle to post on social media due to the lack of ideas, it can be extremely easy to fall into the trap of plugging your products or service constantly. Rather than encouraging people to buy, they are more likely to lose interest and eventually unfollow your accounts if they feel they are being bombarded. Instead, it is important to create posts that are engaging and will encourage conversation with followers. Before any potential consumer makes a purchase, they need develop a sense of trust in the brand, which unfortunately doesn’t happen overnight.

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