TikTok vs YouTube: Which Platform Should You Choose For Business?

TikTok and YouTube are the leading social media platforms with millions of active users. Although both of them are video platforms, the algorithms, audience, and type of content vary greatly.

In the age where video marketing is on the rise, it makes the brand wonder which video-sharing platform is right for them.

Unfortunately, there is no simple or straightforward answer to that. Each of these platforms offers different features, opportunities, and audiences to the brands. Some businesses may find YouTube a better option while TikTok will suit other brands.

Introduction To Both Platforms

To find the best platform for business in-depth knowledge about the platform is required.

You must understand the content that is appreciated by users on respective platforms in addition to the demographics of the audience. Statistics of the platform can also be a deciding factor when it comes to selecting the right pick.


12 Video Marketing Guide On TikTok To Enrich Your Business Growth
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TikTok, formerly known as Musical.ly, was developed by ByteDance in 2017 as a social networking service to share short-form videos.

It started as an application to make lip-sync videos on songs and movie dialogues for entertainment. But now, almost all sorts of video content is available on the platform including dance videos to information pieces on several topics.

The platform is successful mainly because users can upload videos from their smartphones and use the tools on the app to edit them.

TikTok offers plenty of filters, sound effects, and music to make the video more appealing and fun. It is believed to be a platform for passive content but as the audience is growing, users have started posting well-thought-out videos.

Furthermore, the audience of the platform has also multiplied. It used to be a platform that teenagers made as a procrastination tool but now users from all walks of life and age groups have joined it.

It has become the fastest-growing platform in the world which has compelled many brands to capitalize on such a huge audience.

 icon-angle-right Stats of TikTok

Stats never lie and when it comes to TikTok, stats speak volumes about the popularity that it enjoys.

TikTok has about two billion downloads worldwide and as per some estimates about 1.7 billion monthly users are active on the platform. The estimate also accounts for the users of Douyin which is the Chinese version of TikTok.

According to another report, users spend an average of 858 minutes on TikTok daily. It should not come as a surprise as short videos on the platform are immersive and keep the audience hooked to them for hours.

 icon-angle-right Demographics

Like most social networking platforms, TikTok’s audience consists mostly of young adults. Almost 41% of TikTok users are between 16 and 24 years old.

The platform appeals to GenZ because it transcends beyond just a social networking application. Users of all ages can produce creative content with the tools provided by TikTok.

Audiences with ages more than 40 years also make up a significant part of TikTok’s audience. The report estimates that about 31% of the users are more than 40 years old.

Furthermore, the audience is not necessarily restricted to one region or country. The platform operates in more than 150 countries in the world and allows users to express themselves via short videos.

Most of the users are from India which is followed by China. Countries like the US, UK, and France also make up a decent portion of the TikTok users.

The numbers show that TikTok has a wider audience that is spread across the world. People of all ages use the platform and express themselves in various ways.

That said, the platform does not allow users under 13 years old which should not be a concern for a business and that age group is rarely a target audience.

 icon-angle-right Watch Time

YouTube was a leading video platform when it came to Watch Time but recently TikTok has taken over the charts as per a report from App Annie. An average user spends about 24 hours on TikTok in a month whereas the Watch Time of YouTube is at 22 hours and 40 minutes.

It is probably because TikTok is easier to consume because of its shorter video durations. Users can watch multiple types of content without putting an effort to search for relevant videos.

It is also easier to go viral on TikTok because of its algorithm. And once a video goes viral it creates a positive feedback loop which brings accounts more TikTok views and engagement. Growth on TikTok is much easier compared to YouTube.


10 Ways on How to Get Free YouTube Subscribers

YouTube is among the pioneers of video-sharing platforms. It is the second-most visited website and has more than two billion users from around the world.

The audience of YouTube is as diverse as it gets which is because it has been around for decades. Furthermore, each niche on YouTube has hundreds of content creators which gives viewers more options.

There is also no restriction on the duration of the videos which works for businesses that want to upload long-form content. YouTube also adds more features regularly and the latest addition to that is YouTube shorts which work exactly like TikTok.

YouTube has also started a production company that produces content with the help of popular creators to keep the viewers engaged with the platform.

YouTube also allows creators to go live and interact with their followers which is an innovative way to keep the subscribers excited.

 icon-angle-right Stats of YouTube

The growth of YouTube is unparalleled and unprecedented. In just three years, channels with one billion views have grown five times. Furthermore, despite the availability of new platforms, YouTube remains the popular choice for marketers.

It is estimated that 55% of marketing agencies use YouTube for their campaigns which makes it the most popular platform for marketing. Businesses that are on YouTube plan to invest more into their content to generate even more following.

Experts have predicted that YouTube views in the United States will reach 228.1 million by 2024 which is a massive growth.

Furthermore, with the invention of YouTube shorts, it is expected that the platform will take the crown in the short-video genre as well. As of now, YouTube shorts receive an average of 15 billion views from around the world.

 icon-angle-right Demographics of YouTube

YouTube caters to more diverse demographics than TikTok. Teens, adults, and elders, all use the platform for different purposes. It is mainly because YouTube offers content in all niches. Viewers can watch content for educational purposes, entertainment, and even for news.

Almost 85% of teens in the United States use YouTube. Adults also use YouTube more actively than TikTok as 81% of adults have a presence on YouTube compared to 21% of TikTok.

Besides the population that falls in the age group of more than 65 years, more than 70% of the population in other age groups use YouTube.

The audience of YouTube is spread across the world but a major share comes from India. The country is estimated to have at least 227 million users which are followed by the United States with 127 million clients.

Furthermore, YouTube has also developed versions in 80 specific languages which is another plus point of the platform.

 icon-angle-right Watch Time on YouTube

As discussed earlier, YouTube is slightly behind TikTok when it comes to Watch Time but the difference is narrow. The platform used to rank videos based on views but it has changed the algorithm owing to the advent of new competitors.

Like TikTok, YouTube now also ranks the video based on Watch Time. The engagement of viewers with the video also plays a key role in the ranking.

Furthermore, the algorithm of YouTube works a little differently than Tik Tok. The latter brings changes in the feed after each activity but YouTube requires a certain level of consistent change to make new recommendations.

It will keep recommending niches that viewers were interested in before even if they search for a new category. Whereas with TikTok, all it takes is a couple of likes and comments on a few videos in a new niche and the feed will change completely.

However, recently YouTube has launched a new feature called “new to me”. It can be clicked to get recommendations of new niches that users have not watched before.

But even after clicking on it, there will be certain recommendations that are based on the user’s previous activity. Businesses can use it to their benefit as once a user has shown interest in the brand, it will keep popping up in the feeds one way or another.

YouTube For Business – How Does It Work?

There are good reasons why YouTube is the go-to platform for marketers. It offers a more diverse audience than other platforms. Furthermore, it is suitable for all sorts of content including short-form videos as well.

Plus, users do not have to create separate accounts to post multiple forms of content. YouTube also allows posts without videos to let the subscribers know about what the channels are up to. It can also be used to communicate and interact with followers.

Furthermore, YouTube allows users to go live with a live comment section which is an excellent method to keep the followers excited. The platform also suits businesses because it supports plenty of business goals.

You can educate viewers about the services and products, create brand awareness and drive the conversation with the help of long-form videos. Businesses can do that by:

  • Creating short commercials to introduce new products and services to attract customers.
  • Provide an insight into how the company operates by creating behind-the-scenes videos.
  • Compile a list of queries and answer it with a long video with time cards.
  • Create documentaries on special events, cultural festivals, and social trends.
  • Tease the followers with short videos before the launch of the product

Benefits of Using YouTube For Business

Benefit #1: Reach a Wider Audience

YouTube has been around for decades which has helped the platform garn a diverse audience. People of all groups use the platform for different purposes.

Point is that businesses are restricted by the demographics like other platforms. You can use it to market services and products to teens, adults, and even elders.

Furthermore, the users of YouTube are available around the world. It is especially beneficial for businesses that offer their services and products internationally.

Benefit #2: Monetization

YouTube also allows the monetization of videos and channels. It essentially enables businesses to kill two birds with one stone. You cannot just generate traffic to the actual business but also earn revenue from the ads on the channel.

The revenue is quite significant and can be used to invest more into content generation to boost the channel even further. Furthermore, monetization on YouTube is easier compared to other platforms.

Benefit #3: Targeted Ads

YouTube offers several forms of advertisements. You can market the product with banners that appear on the video as users watch content on the platform.

It also allows users to create their videos which are played right before in the middle and at the end of the platform. There is even an option to create unskippable ads. Some categories of ads on YouTube include:

  • Mastheads Ads
  • Skippable in-stream ads
  • Video discovery ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Responsive display ads

Best part? The performance of each ad can be monitored via YouTube analytics. You can identify which type of ads has generated more traffic towards the business and invest more in it.

Furthermore, YouTube allows businesses to target specific audiences with the help of specific keywords, placements, demographic groups, and interests among other things.

You can use these ads to grow the channel or to direct traffic to the business’s website. But it is better to go with the former as it decreases the investment in the ads as the channel grows.

Once the channel has gained a significant following, the business would not require to pay for the ads. Content uploaded on the channel will be effective for marketing on its own.

TikTok For Business – How Does It Work?

YouTube is an excellent platform for businesses but the type of content on the platform demands effort and monetary investments.

The problem is not unique to YouTube as all other long-form video platforms require that. But TikTok works around it by restricting the video duration to just one minute. It still takes effort to produce content but that is not as exhausting as it is required for YouTube.

Furthermore, TikTok is growing at an exceptional rate and it has gathered an audience of more than a billion. Although it is not as diverse as YouTube, the age group on the platform might be a goldmine for some brands.

Benefits of TikTok

Perk #1: Easy To Go Viral

It is much easier to make stuff viral on TikTok compared to other platforms. You just have to stick to the criteria laid out by the platform to increase the reach of content. Users can also buy TikTok likes to artificially grow their accounts.

Perk #2: East To Generate Content

TikTok makes it much easier to generate content compared to other platforms. It provides users with multiple tools to make half a decent video look appealing and catchy. With other platforms, businesses have to invest in graphics and video editing to produce quality content.

Perk #3: Multiple Advertisement Types

Like YouTube, TikTok also offers several forms of ads which include brand takeover, branded effects, top view ads, and branded hashtags. You can target the right audience with these ads to generate potential customers for the business.

Takeaway: Which is Better (YouTube or TikTok) for Business?

TikTok and YouTube are both excellent platforms for video marketing but each of them has their benefits. Businesses that want to reach out to a wider and more diverse audience would find YouTube a better choice.

Whereas those who do not want to invest too much in the video can use TikTok to reach a specific audience.

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