7 Tips to Attract Millennials to Your Restaurant

With the rising demand for eateries and relaxation spots, there’s been an upward trend in restaurants. More and more owners are coming up, and the existing ones are trying to stay competitive. Therefore, getting customers is becoming a massive priority to business persons. Millennials form a considerable percentage of the customers in any business plan, around $200 billion buying power. So, they are not a group to ignore anywhere in your numbers. Businesses use different methods to attract customers, including loyalty programs, social media, and commendable services, among many others.

Conversely, the restaurant niche has witnessed different trends in the industry, with some standing the test of time. Social media is one example of such a trend that began as a joke and is now one of the primary modes of campaign. Thus, it is imperative to be well-versed about the current trends so that you don’t get left behind when others are moving.

Attracting millennials is getting candy from a baby’s mouth. It may need you to employ creativity and uniqueness so that you stand out. Getting them to visit your restaurant for the first time may not be a hard nut to crack. However, getting them coming back to you as loyalists may be the biggest challenge. One thing you need to note is that any slight error on your end is tantamount to losing millennials as your customers. Thus, you need to be careful about how you treat them, and also how you operate stuff in your base. So, here are seven ways to attract this picky generation to your restaurant:

#1. Creativity

This doesn’t imply coming up with queer ingredients that nobody has ever heard of. It merely means that you become creative in how you describe items on the menu and your restaurant. You need to use catchy phrases that will excite millennials because they are young and love to use distinct phrases. The language they use is not similar to the ordinary. Mostly, slang is the primary mode of communication, and depending on where you’re based; you should try and fix it in your restaurant. This will make them gain a sense of belonging and have the impetus to come back again.

Aside from the menu, you can name the toilets using slangy tags and try to get a youthful workforce that appeals to their needs. These are just a few examples of what you can do, and the list is endless. Furthermore, good food and impeccable customer service don’t seem to be enough nowadays. Although, this is not to dismiss the two per se, but rather to try and employ other practices on top. This will help to meet one fundamental thing that millennials seek – experience. They are a group that loves to explore different options and thus, should be given this opportunity to create their memories. Creativity will help you immensely to achieve a closer relationship with this group of individuals.

#2. Social media and website optimization

Advancements in technology have made communication simpler in various ways. One such method is social media. What started as a meager dream has turned out to be one of the foundations of modern living. Today, there are over a billion users in this space, and there’s more to what the future holds. With this increasing number, you need to note that a vast majority are youth and hence, millennials. Therefore, this is an excellent avenue for you to reach your clientele and prospects.

The fact that this might seem overemphasized shows how essential it is to your business. And that is why it is repeated once more in this text – use social media to reach millennials. And technology has become the hub for everything, even in education. So, why shouldn’t you use it to your advantage too?

Millennials trust social media more than mainstream media. And this is where you need to take advantage and use it to advance your business. Rather than using conventional advertisements, take charge of the online campaigns to reach them. You can leave your social media handles on the menu or draw them inside the restaurant to get them following. However, maintaining their participation in this space needs you to use creativity once again. For example, you can set contests, picture posting with hashtags, and free food prizes to act as an incentive for participation in these social media pages.

Another area to center on is the website. You need to optimize it for mobile devices and make the layout attractive. It should be evocative and promising to the prospects so that they can look forward to visiting. Your site can either make or break your customers’ interest. If it is shabby, this is the perception they will have about your place. Also, make sure that all the vital information is available. Things like the menu, address, phone number, and order button (if it applies) should never miss on the site.

#3. Camera-ready lighting and food

Millennials love to share every minute of their lives. And the only sure way to chase them away is to deny them this right. Your food needs to be camera-friendly, while the interior of your restaurant needs to have the right set of colors and lighting. Presentation is mandatory, especially for this youthful lot. From the table, plates, glasses, and light, you need to make it all look perfect. It should make them proud to take several snaps when eating and share online. Remember, this will also help you in marketing because they get their peers interested when they share pictures. This is especially true when the place is eye-catchy.

#4. Be diverse

Don’t dwell on the ordinary that everyone else has. Try and explore to be unique in what you do. This will make you stand out from the competition. Millennials appreciate diversity and like everything out of the ordinary. Your menu should have cuisines from all sectors of the world. This makes your customers spoilt for choice due to a wide array of items to pick. Some of the famous cuisines from around the world include the Asian, African, Middle Eastern, and Indian cuisines. Since you expect customers from different backgrounds and cultures, you should make them feel at home. Besides, you can incorporate famous cuisine with your ideas to create something unique. This will motivate millennials to come and get the experience of eating something new.

#5. Using social media influencers and brand ambassadors

Restaurants are taking marketing a notch higher by using influencers and ambassadors. As much as paying enormous sums for a celebrity would help to market your brand, using influencers makes more sense. Here’s why: Millennials tend to believe one of their own than any other person. So, if you take a social media guru who is young and fashionable in the space, they are more likely to buy what he or she says. So, whether on Instagram or Facebook, look for a famous influencer and let them handle your marketing. Make them your brand ambassador and watch millennials crowd your restaurant.

#6. Check the background entertainment

The music millennials listen to and the programs they watch, differ from the average person. So, if you plan on bringing them on board, you need to make them comfortable with the environment. It starts with the type of music and visuals you play. This a ‘petty’ group as many may term, and any little thing that displeases them is a tragedy to your business. If you have other customers whom you feel cannot listen to or watch the content millennials do, you can use division. This is through splitting the days where you have a particular day(s) to serve the entertainment needs of the millennials.

#7. Customization

You need to have a vibrant design team for your restaurant. They should know what millennials seek and what pleases their eyes. Whether on the art, wall paintings, tables, chairs, or the ceiling, your restaurant needs to be an eye magnet. You can also go further and add a wall of fame for your clientele. This will apply to your loyalists and motivate others to frequent the restaurant. It is also, for a chance to appear on the wall.


In summary, the tips above can help you get millennials flooding your eatery. Be careful not to overdo everything as they are subject to high levels of precision. Also, just because you’re targeting millennials doesn’t warrant ignoring the other clientele base.

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