3 Ways To Get A Business Website Up And Running Quickly

Illustration by Aidan O'Connell on Dribbble

When you have a great idea for an online business, you want to get started immediately, before someone else seizes the opportunity. If you need a website right away, you have three options from the web design services experts:

#1. Do-it-Yourself WordPress

Purchase hosting services featuring one-click installations of popular content management systems. CMSs make it easy for you to create and update your website without knowing HTML. Choose WordPress and install it on your domain. You can choose from hundreds of templates, so no matter what type of site you have it mind, you’ll find the ideal template. Once you have your template, you can add plugins for a contact form, e-commerce capabilities, opt-in forms for your newsletter and more.

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the planet. If you can’t find the right template or plugin on WordPress, you can find free or paid ones online. If you run into any trouble, there is extensive documentation, tutorials and many online forums to help you get your site exactly how you want it.

#2. Hire a professional design firm

If you don’t want to design your own website, you can find a web designer to do it for you. There are many options available for web design firms. A quick Google search for your local area will return a list of companies who can complete a website design. Check reviews and look at company profiles to find a design company that fits your needs.

Finding a web design company that is connected with a search engine optimization firm like Crevand Organic SEO Services can benefit a business. Without solid SEO, a website will not receive traffic. The goal of a website is to sell your business 24/7 and generate additional income or growth for a business. Without SEO, a website will not show up in search engines and generate traffic.

#3. Buy a Website with Hosting Included

The easiest option for getting a website up and running quickly is to buy a pre-made website which includes hosting. You can usually choose a template or color scheme and then you’ll add your own content. You can create a personal site, such as posting your resume online, or a business website.

Generally, this option is popular with people who want to open an online store without the hassles associated with adding all the features you want. Choose a plan with what you’ll need, such as secure checkout and payment processors.

You’ll pay more monthly than you would if you were just buying website hosting, however, you don’t have to do anything but add your content. You’ll have a professional website that builds trust with visitors in no time. Expect to pay by the number of items you’re selling. Selling 10 or fewer items is usually the most affordable option, while the highest-priced plan may let you sell an unlimited number of items.

Your choice will depend on your budget and how comfortable you feel with creating a brand identity. If you’re willing to learn WordPress, you can save money by building your own site. If you feel your time is better spent creating content or sourcing products to sell, select an online store which includes hosting each month.

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