10 Tips for Choosing Quality Movers for Your Next Move

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It can be challenging to select movers that can smoothly plan out your relocation. Many people fall for scams and end up losing their belongings. You should be well informed about every step to know how to select a good mover.

Ensure that your chosen moving company has UCR registration representing that they are authorized to run the business. Here are some amazing tips to help choose your movers.

#1. An estimate of Your Inventory

A good moving company will take inventory of all your belongings. They will estimate the bulk and weight of your items to determine the cost of your moving.

Every furniture item should be evaluated, including bookcases, cupboards, drawers, etc. A large portion of the moving price depends upon how much space your items are taking up on the truck. Make sure that it is calculated accurately.

#2. Do Not Fall for Large Deposits

Avoid paying large deposits of money before your moving day. You should only pay once the process has been completed. If you pay in advance then, you may be scammed and end up losing your belongings. You may not be able to refund your money after the damage has occurred.

It is best to pay with a credit card. It helps protect you from any scam. Avoid choosing movers that ask you to pay in advance.

#3. Discuss Your Moving Details

A good moving company will discuss all the details regarding your moving process. They will talk about the right time and how they can effectively move your belongings. They will ask questions about what things you want to take with you to the new location.

Make sure to tell the movers which items you are supposed to take with you and what you want to leave behind. It can give them a proper estimate of how much can fit in their single truck.

#4. Pack Things by Yourself

If you want to avoid any packing costs, you can do the packing by yourself. This way, you can carefully pack your items with care. If you still decide to let the movers pack, you will be charged for packing material, labor, and time.

Make sure to ask them about how they pack the items. Some movers toss around everything into the boxes without being careful of sensitive items. It can easily cause damage to your things like kitchenware.

#5. Ask About any Additional Fees

Some moving companies inform you about any additional charges after the process is completed. It can disturb your budget. Inquire about any extra fees that can be applied to your moving process. If you are moving to a two-story house, the cost of moving things up the stairs will be added.

If a moving truck does not fit in the narrow street and they have to carry the stuff on their own, then extra labor costs will be charged.

#6. Sign a Proper Contract

Make sure to write all the important things down before signing any contract with the moving company. All the rates and extra fees should be included in it. It should also list the pickup and delivery dates.

The inventory form that you fill should have all your belongings written down. If you did not write the name of a specific item, you could not sue the movers for not delivering it.

#7. Report Problems on Time

You can only report problems related to your move before the set period expires. The period usually lasts for nine months. If you open your boxes a year later and find some broken things, it is impossible to file a claim.

Check the condition of all your things just after the moving day. Select a reliable and well-known company that can compensate you for any losses and respond to your claims, if any.

#8. Avoid Moving Companies with a Name Switch

Some companies do business under multiple names so that any authority does not assess them. A moving company should have full information about licensing and insurance.

Check their business name and license numbers. Look for online reviews if any customer had an unpleasant experience with the mover you are choosing.

#9. Get Insurance Policy

You can get moving or relocation insurance to help you when your belongings are on the road for a long commute. If you hire the movers to pack your things, there are very few chances that you will be insured against any breakage of items.

You can ask the movers if you have to pay an extra fee to include liability for damage. When the moving company ends up breaking any item, they will have to pay a fine. They are usually liable for a specific dollar amount multiplied by the shipment’s weight, up to a certain amount.

#10. Make Sure the Company is Legit

Make sure that the moving company you are going for is legit because there are many moving scams. Visit their company before finalizing the deal. Check if their trucks are labeled clearly and see their motor carrier license.

You can check their reliability by plugging in the DOT number. Match their address from the one you got from the company to the one mentioned on the SaferSys Web site. When you move to another state, make sure that the moving company is authorized for interstate moving.


When hiring a quality mover, you should focus on other things and not only on the prices. It can be hard to turn down a low price offer, but it may not be suitable for your move. When you are looking at different companies, pay attention to the following factors.

 icon-angle-right Final Price

The last price of the deal matters the most. You will decide on the cost after finalizing your budget.

 icon-angle-right Additional Services

If a mover provides exceptional additional services, it can be the main reason you hire them. The rates of these services also play a part in finalizing a mover.

 icon-angle-right Reputation

If a company has a good reputation, then you will unhesitantly go for it. You can check customer reviews and rankings on the internet.

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