7 Tips to Make Your Virtual Conference Successful

COVID-19 has left the world with critical repercussions that have caused serious inconvenience for businesses of all sizes and from all industries. Some of them have been completely halted or closed and some of them have moved completely online.

There is a huge density of people who already work from remote places or their homes and are fully practiced to successfully conduct their activities. But on the other hand, those who have experienced it for the first time have to deal with a few key elements and then they can also conduct exceptional virtual meetings just like anyone else.

So, what are the ground rules for virtual meetings?

It is highly possible that you might be familiar with the concept of virtual meeting because of attending a webinar or an online event but things are a bit tricky when you have to manage the entire thing on your own.

Don’t worry, here are a few expert tips that can help you get everything done perfectly without facing any sort of hassle or inconvenience. Take a look at each of these one by one and see if there is something that you are missing.

Tip #1. Prefer to Conduct A Video Meeting

According to most of the experts, preferring to conduct a video meeting comes above all. It cannot be denied that even the most professional speakers may face difficulty in holding their audiences’ attention strongly in an audio session which is one of the key reasons to consider video.

Therefore, if you are going to conduct a virtual meeting then strive at your best to ensure a video meeting instead of an audio session. You might need to look into a few hardware and software aspects such as having an adequate live video meeting software, like zoom.us and a high-end computer or laptop that can easily run it and have a high-resolution camera.

Tip #2. Make Sure the Best Audio Setup

Along with focusing to conduct a video session, it is also very important to have the best audio setup installed for the session. Both the audio and visual aspects are important because you have to make sure that the audience can watch and listen to you.

In many cases, people prefer using the default mic installed in their computer or laptop but there are many other better alternatives as well that can help you to ensure the best audio quality. Why not consider headphones with an integrated mc from a reputable brand. It will help you to easily eliminate any issues with the audio.

Tip #3. Get All of The Content Up and Ready

Next to successfully setting up the video and audio-related aspects of your virtual meeting, you must have all of the content ready and double-checked before the session starts. It is always better to proofread the material multiple times to eliminate anything in the content that might distract you or your audience during the session.

If there are multiple speakers then being the host of the meeting it is your responsibility to get all of their content in advance and see if everything is up to the mark and nothing needs to be revised, edited, or added. Once all of that has been done, share the final material with the other speakers as soon as possible so that they have ample time to review and practice it.

Try to Ensure an Interactive Session

Tip #4. Try to Ensure an Interactive Session

It is always better to allow the audience to become part of the meeting. It can be easily done by taking advantage of the various interactive features that are available in almost all of the top trending virtual meeting software.

You can add an audience poll or voting to get their input which can be further quantified to yield meaningful conclusions. You can also provide them with a set of questions or feedback to provide you with. And you can also ask them for a Q/A session at the end of the event.

Tip #5. Do Not Forget to Conduct A/V Check

Do not underestimate the importance of conducting multiple A/V Checks before making the session live with all of the other speakers and the audience. Double checking the performance and quality of your audio and video are of utmost importance.

You can run multiple tests to see if everything is up and running perfectly. Especially your speakers, mic, and video camera. Whether these things are built-in or you have attached external devices, you should check them again and again to make sure that they are running well and won’t cause any inconvenience during your virtual meeting.

Tip #6. Troubleshoot All Technical Aspects

Not only that you have to take care of the audio and video but there are several other key technical aspects as well that need your attention. It includes your internet connection, lighting in the surrounding, and the background.

While using one of the latest virtual conference software, you can easily use a background of your choice. It enriches the overall look and feel of your video stream and reduces background clutter. You can choose a background depending upon your requirements such as meeting room backgrounds, home background, public space backgrounds, and many others.

Provide Takeaway Material to the Audience

Tip #7. Provide Takeaway Material to the Audience

Last but not least, it is always better to leave the audience with some takeaway material that includes everything from what’s covered in the session to the concluding thoughts and any other additional material that you consider important regarding the session.

By providing them with a tangible piece of takeaway when the session ends or they return to their work, you can easily enrich the level of value that they perceived about the session. It will also help you to keep them strongly retained which is a great value addition for future sessions.


Conclusively, it is far easier to host, manage, and conduct a virtual meeting and transform it into a successful session by simply following these key elements. Take your time to get everything done as mentioned in these tips and then go live, you will witness an exceptional difference.

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