6 Actionable Tips on Staying Productive When Working Remotely

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When it comes to creating a work-life balance, working remotely is said to be the perfect opportunity. There’s no need to face gridlocked traffic while travelling too and from work.

Your schedule is adaptable so that you have more time for an hour at the gym, or for coffee with a friend. You can even work from a variety of exotic locations if you see fit. It sounds absolutely perfect.

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For many people, working remotely can feel like a dream come true. There’s no office politics, nobody looking over your shoulder while you get your work done and no time wasted while commuting. However, as the boundaries between home and office blur, you may find remote work can become quite challenging.

As a remote worker, you may find yourself becoming easily distracted by everything going on around you. Communicating with colleagues may feel challenging at best. And you may find that while you are at home, your family or friends expect you to be immediately available. Sure, you can use some motivational wallpapers to make yourself feel better, but you’ll need a lot of discipline to have a great workflow.

As remote work is becoming more and more common, there is a greater need for guidance on how to make the most of this beneficial opportunity. These tips are here to guide you on how to work remotely.

01. Create a home office

By creating a designated workspace, you’ll be able to have space where everything you need is available to you. This means you will have all your books, chargers, files, computer equipment, printers, pens or other work requirements. And you’ll be able to work with them without worrying about how tidy you are.

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After a morning’s work, a home office means you will have no need to clear up and put everything away only to use it again later.

A dedicated workspace will also create a space which is there for you to work. As in an office space, you’ll remain dedicated to your job while you are ‘at work’. This will stop you from getting distracted by events happening around you.

02. Ensure you enjoy your work

When you enjoy your work, you will have the psychological energy you need to remain committed. Many people take on work because of the paycheck or benefits, without realizing that satisfaction plays a big role in how well you do at work.

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When you enjoy your work, you will be willing to give your energy, time and commitment to your job. Your passion will fuel your enthusiasm and you will be willing to learn new skills, overcome hurdles and make career advancements because of this. When you enjoy your job, commitment will be easy for you.

When you are working at the right job, the following factors will combine:

  • You’ll be doing work you enjoy
  • You will be good at your work
  • Your work will make a valuable contribution to your organization

When you enjoy your work, you will experience greater fulfilment and less stress at work. Hurdles will be seen as challenges rather than simply problems. You will be so willing to work at expanding your capabilities that your work will constantly evolve and improve.

If you’re looking at working remotely, it is helpful to find work that you know you will really enjoy rather than simply work that pays the bills. This will help you to grow financially, spiritually, emotionally and vocationally. You won’t fall into a dead end job which leaves you feeling bored if you take on work you love. You will also be far more motivated to complete your projects with enthusiasm.

03. Invest in work materials

When you work remotely, ensure that you have the materials you need to complete your projects. This could be simple office supplies such as pens or highlighters. It could also be a great monitor which would enable you to work with finesse.

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Sometimes your company will make purchases for you, but other times you will need to purchase them yourself. By investing in what you really need, you’ll be able to make the most of the opportunity to work remotely.

04. Plan your day ahead

When working remotely, it helps to plan your day. This doesn’t have to be rigid, but if you create a schedule, you will be able to achieve the results you want. This might mean giving time to urgent assignments or breaking up tasks which require large amounts of time.

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While planning your day, you can also schedule in breaks or time spent out of office. A lunchtime break which includes a snack and a walk outside will leave you refreshed for the afternoon. Plan your day into blocks and you will be able to approach your work with the energy you need.

05. Make time for communication

As a remote worker, you will often work independently. This often means working on your own for large amounts of time. However, you will also need to schedule a time to communicate with colleagues, and particularly if you are working as a team.

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Communicating may mean checking emails, speaking on Skype or chatting on the telephone. As a remote worker, this often means creating a schedule when you are available to respond to calls or emails.

As an office worker, you will naturally have time to chat with your team during lunch, chat in the corridor or connect during meetings. It is these activities which build up loyalties or relationships between people. As a remote worker, however, you don’t have this opportunity.

While working remotely, therefore, it is crucial that you give your best efforts in team projects. This enables your colleagues to know that you have the team’s interest at heart. Respond to emails or enquiries as quickly as you can. You can also offer your colleagues updates on a project and let them know how long you think you will be. This means that your colleagues will remain in the loop.

When it comes to remote work, communicate as frequently and as often as you can. This will enable you and your teammates to feel like a community who are working together, rather than simply individuals who are working alone.

06. Reduce any barriers you might have to work remotely

When it comes to working remotely, we all have barriers to achieving the results we want. Some of us may procrastinate while others feel disorganized, distracted, or are not as efficient with our time as we might like to be. By recognizing what your barriers are, and then working towards streamlining your day in order to enhance productivity, you will achieve your best results.

Organize your workspace so that you achieve maximum efficiency. If you spend a great deal of your day looking for work items that are difficult to find, you will reduce your overall productivity. Likewise, if you battle to concentrate, try work from your own quiet desk rather than a busy setting with many distractions.

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Follow through with routine tasks like getting organized, creating a schedule and ensuring that you are aware of your goals or challenges. Although these tasks may feel as though they waste your time and are not as urgent as a job which needs to be completed rapidly, they will help you to feel organized and settled in your work. It is far easier to overcome any hurdles when you know what you are doing and where you are going.

Once you have organized both your workspace and your office, it will be far easier for you to work productively. We need to know what we are doing, and how to achieve the results we want before we are able to complete our goals. By planning our days and ensuring that we have set realistic goals, we will be able to achieve great results.


Working remotely can give us the freedom and flexibility we need to create a great work-life balance, save us time and increase our productivity. However, in order to achieve excellent results we need to explore how we can create a comfortable work environment, schedule our tasks and communicate with colleagues in a way which is satisfying. By taking on enjoyable work, organizing your schedule and communicating efficiently, you will be able to make the most of working remotely. This will give you the opportunity to thrive in your career.

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