Tips to Protect Your Digital Reputation

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In the recent times, social media and the internet offer new avenues to promote yourself. With this, they also open up new ways of malicious attacks. When you are working online, you have an online reputation which you need to save. Do you know this? Online reputation can be damaged very easily. Hence, you should be proactive in securing the digital reputation. If you lose your reputation once, it is very hard to regain it back to its old place.

What are the steps you should take for saving your online reputation? Let’s check some of the points.

Step #1: Be Obsessed regarding Your PC

When you are not using the computer, you should lock your system with the help of the screensaver password. The other things that you need to do are:

  • Keep the security setup to stealth mode
  • Download only the essential elements from the reputed sites
  • Use a firewall protection at least

Step #2: Give Priority to Digital Reputation

You should give preference to the maintaining of your digital reputation. You can shoulder the responsibility yourself or give it to some company who can manage your digital reputation. Your online profile should be your second self, which you want to portray to everyone rather than your own self. Distinguish between your own self and online reputation.

You might have some similarity between the two but make sure that your online reputation says exactly the things you want to speak out to the world and nothing more than that. Social media is another popular platform where you can build and maintain a good online reputation.

Step #3: Setting up a Free Email Account

By setting a free email account, you can secure yourself from getting impersonated. If you segment the personal life from your work life, you can easily track the problem as and when it occurs. What you can do is make different combinations of your name and store them. Use the different combination for different categories of senders. Make sure that you use different set of security questions and passwords for each.

Your Turn

These are the three prime steps… The best feature of online or digital reputation is that once you build it up, you can utilize it for a long time.

About the Author!

Kevin Gill is the executive who deals with reputation management. He always has the virus removal support on his PC to ensure that online reputation is not hampered by malicious attacks.

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