Top 10 WordPress Plugins to Promote your Business in 2017

Every business who want to get a noticeable web presence needs to work on the front of content strategy. A successful content strategy for a Business WordPress website is successful creation and promotion of its content.

However, this post will be only dealing with the second part i.e., promotion, not only of content but also of the business that is associated with it. Promoting a business is not just a process but also necessity. There are many ways through which we can promote a business website. All we need to do is understand the process and improvise.

This article will inform you about those WordPress plugins which are beneficial for promoting a WordPress Business website. So, let’s get started,

Before going through any plugin……
I want to share how I choose these plugins to be on the list. My first parameter was functionality. How a plugin function and where it is being utilized? The second parameter is compatibility of the WordPress plugin and then the third parameter is the popularity of that plugin in the area it mainly functions.

Now, Let’s start!

#1. SumoMe WordPress Plugin

SumoMe WordPress Plugin

SumoMe is an incredibly useful list building tool, which allows you to display a customizable window popped up to your viewers of your blog. This pop-up window is a very effective way to generate your email list. SumoMe can easily integrate with MailChimp and other email marketing plugins and tools.

Apart from email listing, SumoMe’s share application is sharply designed and allows you to choose either to show the number of sharing or not. This can be very handy when it comes not to show unpopular posts into the limelight. There is always an option to hide the number of shares to keep the unpopular post confined. The shared app is very cheeky when you need more shares and ultimately more traffic on your website.

Some of its features which are worth noting are given below, Let’s check them out before jumping into conclusion.

  • Comfortable Integration with WordPress Themes.
  • Enables you to accentuate popular sections of Twitter.
  • You’ll have full control over the growth features.
  • Enables you to customize subscribe box and its colors.
  • Offers easy social sharings.
  • Incredible compatibility with social plugins.

Verdict: This Promotion plugin is one of the best in its class, you can opt for this plugin if you’re looking forward to perpetuating your Business to glorious heights this might be the plugin to give you a head start.

#2. Pretty Link Lite WordPress Plugin

Pretty Link Lite WordPress Plugin

Pretty Link Lites’ concept is very probing and convincing as well. This concept makes this plugin one of the most important plugin when we talk about promoting business online. It helps you to convert lengthy website URLs into short URLs. Not only this, it also helps you to track the traffic covered by those links, each and every tiny detail including the browser, OS, and the host.

It is a killer plugin for affiliate links, email track clicks and their links on social media. When you install this plugin, it offers an effective masking affiliate links. This plugin is very compatible with the newer version of the WordPress.

Let’s check out some of its many features,

  • Incredibly helpful in redirecting to other URL.
  • Superbly handy when it come to track the total number of hits.
  • Very helpful in checking view details like IP Address, Operating system, referring sites and many other details.
  • Effectively shrinks complex URLs to simple and clean URLs.
  • Also, very handy to randomly generate slugs for URLs.

#3. Google Analytics DashBoard

Google Analytics Dashboard WordPress Plugin

Google Analytics Dashboard helps you to add Google Analytics in your WordPress Dashboard. It is one of the most recommended tools for those businesses who are serious about blogging. This is an incredible tool to track the traffic on your website. That data can be used in various types of analysis which will help in many ways to your business.

These data can help you incredibly in your promotional strategies. One important thing to note is before this plugin, you’ve to install Google Analytics separately. This is a separate WordPress Plugin tool. It lets you functions efficiently through easy representations of Google Analytics on the WordPress dashboard.

Some of its features are given below,

  • It features with user access level for analytics reports and the backend statistics.
  • Also featured with a sleek display of the stats of Google Analytics on Frontend.
  • Also, helps you to link your Google Adsense account.
  • Can easily track events features like outbound links, track downloads and emails.
  • Highly supportive to localization.
  • Can view the overall traffic in a pie chart to have a better understanding of overviews.

#4. Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

If you have any desire to make your Business website Search engine optimized, you have to download the WordPress plugin of Yoast. This plugin has incredible interfaces to promote your business website on Google, on social media and other search engines. Many developers claim that this plugin alone creates a one-sided wave of people using WordPress. Some claims that it the most foreseen reason to use WordPress in the first place.

Let’s check out some of its features in a nutshell,

  • Incredibly helpful to write better content.
  • Signals that makes you aware of SEO requisite of a content.
  • Analyze all the pages.
  • Very helpful in writing a meta description.
  • Gives possible recommendations to the users.
  • Enables you to use pretty permalinks.

#5. MailChimp for WordPress

MailChimp for WordPress

This plugin is incredibly helpful when it comes to building mail list and number of subscribers. It is considered to be one of the best email marketing tools available. This plugin helps you to send your email list your content or services or products (whatever you offers). So, I can say that this plugin enables you to promote your blog post or article via mail, which has great potential to bring incredible traffic to your website.

Let’s see some of the features of MailChimp,

  • It allows you to connect to your store to sell more products.
  • It enables you to target the audience on the basis of behavior, previous sales, and preferences.
  • Also, enables you to initiate mass emails with a single API request.
  • It allows you to monitor sales with revenue reports. This means you can refine, optimize and learn your mail and ad campaigns to grow your business.
  • ou can streamline your marketing through social media links.

#6. ManyContacts WordPress Plugin

ManyContacts WordPress Plugin

ManyContacts is an email capturing plugin just like MailChimp. However, there are many unique features worth noting for ManyContacts. Let’s find out what this plugin has to offer us.

  • It consists of an easy platform which can be proven as a learning ground for those who are new to email marketing realm.
  • It has fully customized color schemes which you can change in accordance to your preferences.
  • Very in detail form which can cover all the detailed information about the lead such as, (Name, Email, Country etc.)
  • It also enables you to offer freebies to your leads such as an ebook or whatever you prefer.

#7. JetPack

JetPack WordPress Plugin

JetPack is a plugin that is multitasking, and with multiple feature, You can use its video feature to promote your business WordPress website. Apart from video services, jetpack also offers you free and paid optimization tools as well. Also you can promote your website on the social media as JetPack has impeccable features when it comes to social sharing of the website.

You can opt for it within JetPack Premium package ($99/year limited to 13 Gb). If you want more space, you have to opt for JetPack Professional Package worth $299/year which avails you unlimited space.

#8. Opinion Stage WordPress Plugin

Opinion stage WordPress Plugin

Competition plugin can be very beneficial when we consider the promotion of a website. However, it might be lame to start a competition on your website. So, you need something which can help you to drive it to your website, not already on your website. So, Opinion stage is just the plugin for this purpose.

First, it is free and second, it is very professional. It provides you to run quizzes, surveys, polls and forms. This helps you to increase website traffic by engaging with your audience and encourages social sharing which will ultimately increase your WordPress website traffic. It is easily customizable and can be embedded in different locations. All the votes and poll’s data is handled with care by the plugin itself. So, try and see the difference yourself.

#9. Social Share Buttons | MashShare

Social Share Buttons _ MashShare

It is a free social media sharing plugin which avail you to share efficiently your website content on social media. This function of the plugin makes it a valuable asset for promoting your website on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Some of its features are given below:

  • It shows the total count of shares when your hover the cursor on the button.
  • Very high-resolution vector image used for buttons.
  • This plugin is very developer friendly with assorted filters.
  • Very compatible with most of the add-ons such as Google Analytics etc.

#10. Ultimate Social WordPress Plugin

Ultimate Social WordPress Plugin

It is a premium social WordPress plugin. Ultimate Social plugin avails you with plethora features with more that 25 social buttons, 20+ display locations, and 22+ fan counters. It functions through these customization areas,

  • Basic Settings: This enables you to “define your Twitter username”, set your Pinterest image and customize “Total Share” text.
  • Email Setting: This enables you to share a thank you message when people share your content via emails including the subject line and content area.
  • Style Setting: With this setting, you can set any color for your share button and if you want, you can also change the color when someone hovers the pointer over it.
  • Placement Settings: This plugin has 5 placement options. This enables you to place the social button on top or bottom of the page, post or you can make them float as well. You can also remove the buttons if you require that.
  • Advanced Settings: With this setting, you can define the dimensions of the pop-up box that will appear after they click on share button.

These setting can make a heck of a difference in social sharing of your WordPress website and helps you immensely to promote the content of your site.

Your Turn

So, these are the promoting plugins that can create a lot of difference. I wish these plugins will help you in all the possible ways they can.

What you think about my list. Leave a comment and I shall get back to you as soon as I can. Also, if you have a list of your own, ping me that as well and try to help each other. Till then have a good day.

About the Author!

Marie Thomas is a WordPress developer at Wordsuccor Ltd., a leading WordPress plugin development company which builds user-friendly WordPress websites for startups and established businesess. Marie has been associted with Wordsuccor for last 5 years and providing optimum solutions for WordPress websites.

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