11 Top Benefits Of PSD To WordPress Development For Your Enterprise

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Any image file has PSD (Photoshop Document) as its file extension. PSD is a file format that enables the development of multiple imaging layers and options. This encourages image editing features for your image design. PSD files are usually used to store high-quality graphic data.

A PSD can store up to 30 thousand pixels and it can be as large as 2GB in size. WordPress developers, graphic designers, and many more use Photoshop applications to design their creations.

Why need to convert PSD to WordPress

The design architecture of a website is defined by PSD design files, which are then built using various programming languages.

It is a simple method to develop the intended websites. You can create an excellent design for your website based on your choices and requirements.

Designs can be given to the developers to make customized websites. A good design will increase the productivity of the website. PSD provides an excellent way to build enhanced images for developing your WordPress themes.

This blog will let you know 11 benefits for PSD to WordPress development. PSD to WordPress conversion is a hectic process.

An expert designer will allow you for smooth PSD to WordPress conversion. You can hire a WordPress theme design and development company for developing a WordPress theme for your website.

Advantages of PSD to WordPress development for WordPress enterprises

#1. Responsive themes

Website themes must be responsive to various screen sizes in order to give an excellent user experience to visitors. Search engines like Google give higher rankings to a responsive website that is adaptable to multiple screens.

A responsive theme means you can make your site adaptable to different screens of your gadgets including mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc. Around 50% of internet traffic comes from mobile users. Hence to rank your website high you need an excellent appealing responsive WordPress theme.

Find some of the best responsive themes for your website:

#2. SEO friendly website

SEO will lead your website to an engaging platform. Despite the good appearance of your website, it should meet the purpose of the user.

Generally, people click on the links that appear to be on top of the search engine. So, the first position on search engines becomes a dream rank for every business.

SEO is the key to making this dream come true. WordPress is recognized to be the most popular CMS. Due to its inception as a blogging site, it has numerous inbuilt tools and plugins to manage the content and offer the best SEO.

Here are some of the best plugins listed to make your website SEO rich:

#3. Pixel perfect design

Pixels create high definition to your images. When a user visits your website, pixel-perfect images and layout grab the attention of the user.

This is coded constructively into your website’s file directory so that each and every pixel of your PSD file is used to its full potential.

A good PSD to WordPress development company knows how to use the WordPress functionality to make the design of your theme look pixel perfect.

The pixel-perfect website enhances the user experience by providing a clear and concise website appearance. You should also keep updated on the latest trends in order to get the best version of your website.

#4. Usability

There is a separate panel of professionals who just work to make the website more usable. Navigation through your website provides a better user experience as users can find everything precisely on your website.

If you know where to put the navigation bars so that the users can easily find the things they need will increase the usability of your website.

Also, the WordPress directory contains numerous plugins that can increase the functionality of your website. You can create a customizable PSD file where you can match the required usability of your choice.

Look at the best plugins that will help to increase your website’s usability:

#5. Cost-effective

WordPress is the most popular CMS due to its extensive features, high functionality, fully customizable variants, and much more. Many firms including small and large businesses choose WordPress to build their website.

You will be surprised to know that the following famous firms use WordPress:

WordPress is an open-source free platform that is accessible to a huge number of developers or website builders. It also contains thousands of free plugins and themes in its directory which can be downloaded and installed in your admin dashboard to add appearance and functionality to your website. WordPress is easy to update, manage and edit and hence it is the most cost-effective CMS.

#6. Built-in blogging system

From a blogging site to a full-fledged content management system, WordPress has evolved a lot over these years. PSD to WordPress development plays a huge role because you can convert your presumed and dream image into a webpage. Built-in blogging feature will provide you multiple layouts to fulfill this dream.

WordPress offers great flexibility in building your website. If you want your website creative PSD to WordPress conversion will help a lot. This can also increase the traffic to your website.

#7. eCommerce integration

For your online business eCommerce website development solutions will surely help you. However, this would involve a lot of time, money, and resources. PSD to WordPress development plays a great role

You can avail of benefits like fully customizable design, flexible design, and much more with the conversion of your PSD design into a WordPress theme. You can hire a web developer to avail of the advantages of PSD to WordPress development services.

Only WordPress CMS can allow you to go beyond the limits and design the website of your choice with a variety of features and functionalities.

#8. Scalability and versatility

PSD to WordPress conversion appears to be useful due to its basic scalability. In conclusion, it produces a better content data set while sustaining the site’s functionality. This enables you to broaden your SEO business’s reach and clients.

Adaptability is considered an important advantage of PSD to WordPress development. WordPress supports around 40 thousand plugins that enable the user to make his/her site versatile without changing the original code.

#9. Site accessibility

With PSD to WordPress development, you can have complete freedom to access your site from anywhere in the world. This is an incredible advantage of this conversion.

WordPress’s core directory could be easily managed due to its increased accessibility. In fact, adding multiple users to your admin dashboard will allow different users to access your site’s backend.

#10. Social media integration

Due to the growing social media traffic, it becomes essential to take your website to the social media platform to avail more users.

You can share your ideas to various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. There are multiple WordPress plugins available that can allow you to post your content automatically.

#11. Browser compatibility

Having a webpage that provides a similar user experience on various web browser combinations is a necessity. PSD to WordPress conversion will allow in eliminating various cross-browser connections.

By converting your PSD to a WordPress theme, your website will work perfectly in all web browsers.

How to convert PSD to WordPress in easy steps

Step #1: Segmenting your PSD File

You can divide the whole PSD file into separate design components and save each component into individual design files. For creating your PSD, you can use any photo editor such as Canvas, Adobe photo editor, etc.

Here are the three sections based on which you can make your segments:

  • Background
  • Header and Separator
  • Footer and others

Step #2: Build index.html and Style.css

You can now input codes into static HTML and CSS stylesheets based on your PSD file. This is done in simple steps. Your web developer knows how to convert PSD to WordPress.

Step #3: Break down your index.html into WordPress theme file structure

After creating your basic webpage, you will need to upload it into the WordPress ecosystem. WordPress webpage will be uploaded to WordPress themes.

Make sure your software does not have a glitch so that other features of WordPress can work without any trouble.

Basic files of WordPress Theme:

  • index.php
  • header.php
  • sidebar.php
  • footer.php
  • style.css
    The main stylesheet: This file must be attached to the Theme, and it will contain the header information of the theme.
  • rtl.css
    The main stylesheet: This file must be attached to the Theme, and it will contain the header information of the theme.
  • index.php
    The main template file: It is the parent file of the template.
  • comments.php
    This file defines the comments template.
  • front-page.php
    The front page template: it is only used for a static front page.
  • home.php
    The home page is the front page by default.
  • single.php
    This file is used when a single post is queried. For this and all other query templates, index.php is used if the query template is not present.
  • page.php
    This one is used for individual page templates.
  • category.php
    This page is required to show the categories.
  • tag.php
    This page is required when the tag is needed.
  • date.php
    To display the date/ and time we need this template page.
  • archive.php
    Used when a category, author, or date is queried. This template will be overridden by category.php, author.php, and date.php for their respective query types.
  • search.php
    To perform a search we need this file inside the template.
  • attachment.php
    To view a single attachment we require this file.
  • image.php
    Image attachment template is used when viewing a single image attachment.
  • 404.php
    The 404 Not Found template is to display the error message when the post is not found.

Step #4: Add WordPress tags

Add the WordPress tags and finish making your best responsive, compatible, and user-refined WordPress theme.


Hoping that the blog leads you one step closer to developing a WordPress theme from a photoshop design file. The process of developing a WordPress theme from PSD needs a lot of expertise in coding and using relevant tools. It is suggested to contact PSD to WordPress Development Company for an error-free development.

Have a happy WordPress theme!

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