5 Strategies To Do Viral Marketing from Top Brands

Have you ever come across advertisement initially unremarkable suddenly become very famous? This is what we call the viral marketing strategy. Being the most sharable ads are the dream of all brands which their campaigns can makes almost everyone who saw it become infected. And the one way to do that is by using viral marketing, but how to do viral marketing? How a brand doing viral marketing to their campaign?

In this article, I decided to share with you the 5 strategies when doing viral marketing campaigns based on case study from top brands, here they are:

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Strategy #1. Simple is always the best

As you know the virus in nature is spread rapidly, this also applies to viral marketing strategy. That’s what you should consider of it when make a viral marketing strategy, therefore the first step to do viral marketing strategy is to defend your ideas still simple and unique.

As you can see examples of Volkswagen’s campaign below, described a child with star wars costumes that were playing in front of his father’s car, and without him knowing the father turn Volkswagen car to make he feel that has a power. The idea of this campaign is very simple that describe the imagination of a child supported by his father. And this campaign quite able to get the attention of the viewers’ sympathy and of course worth to be shared to everyone.

Lesson learned: Keep your ideas simple and unique, because people will do a share of campaigns that they think has a decent value.

Strategy #2. Speak by data

In making the idea of ​​viral marketing, you should do some research first so that the contents of your campaign will make customer interesting. This research aims to find out what is most needed for your customers.

And now lets take a look example ads that speak by data is belongs to Coca-Cola with theme vending machine friend India-Pakistan. As you know the relationship between the two countries India and Pakistan suffered estrangement, therefore in this campaign, Coca-Cola vending machine help to make that relationship become better by create links between the two countries with a camera in vending machine so the people of the two countries could meet and make some friends.

Lesson learned: Make your advertising ideas based on the actual situation occurred and provide a solution to the situation with quite fun way.

Strategy #3. Do humor in your campaign

If you choose to do the advertising accordance to existing reality or trends that are popular, certainly it would be more attractive if the idea of ​​the campaign is presented with some humor. Like what Barclay card did when they choose Rowan Atkinson to be their models by using Johnny English character. This campaign described Rowan ignored invitation to take advantage use Barclay card in every opportunity then something bad is finally happened to him. This campaign was relevant, had a clear message and funny too. And did you know that Barclay’s Ad cards become the most popular campagin in 2009 until 2011 because of they do humor on their campaign. Amazing right!

Lesson learned: Make your campaign are relevant and do not forget to give some humor to entertain the viewers.

Strategy #4. Come up with a fresh idea

When choose an idea for your campaign you should make sure the idea is fresh. Because it will make your campaign unique than the others.

In this example below, Reap was success on the YouTube, since 71,437,719 people has been seen their campaign. Why? Because their campaign concept is quite different, also with a good visual effect able to bring the baby with her ​​roller. Check this out:

Lesson learned: Choose an idea that is quite different and make sure there is no other campaign that uses the same concept with you.

Strategy #5. Show effortless campaign

In execution idea that has been prepared for the viral camapaign, you must ensure that the content of your campaign should be absolutely effortless, because not a few a good ideas can be ruined by poor execution. If your campaign content is certainly worthy, it would be interesting to share; bloggers will write about it and link back to you.

And now let’s take a look the example below belongs to old men who have become a top brand with viral marketing strategy that quite successful. Actually, the concept of this campaign is classic but quite interesting and raised. Also this campaign is very easy to understand.

Lesson learned: Make your execution can be absolutely effortless so the audience can easily captured the meaning of the message.


As a business man that want your campaign to be limelight and be the most worthy ads that share to everyone, the best ways to get that dream is through viral marketing strategy. And to do viral marketing you can learn from top brands. As I have explained above like have a fresh idea, good Executed, easy to understand and be Different.

What do you think? What are your thoughts on growing your marketing going viral? Please leave your comments below.

– Written by Ratih –

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