Top Customer Service Mistakes that Hamper Your Brand Right Now [Infographic]

Making your way up the e-commerce Olympus is a hard and time-consuming journey. You need to invest all your diligence and creativity to build up a recognizable brand. While winning the trust of the customers is a great challenge to accept, losing it takes no effort at all. A mere sideslip may result in a dramatic cart abandonment of your Magento store and bury your brand deep in the grounds of Google Search once and for good.

Magento store owners, who cherish the brand reputation, should make two major criteria their top priority: quality goods and best customer service they can ever provide. These options should not even be questioned.

And Amasty Team with PhD in Magento extensions developing will provide you with a bunch of useful tips to ensure your brand prosperity and prevent you from making sad mistakes.

#Positive reviews only

Deleting any customer reviews but 100% positive from your webpage is the wrong pill to take. Firstly, you make it difficult for the customers to trust your brand by pulling the wool over the client’s eyes too aggressively. Do not turn your brand into a digital pranker. Secondly, all the reviews, whatever experience they enclose, are intended to help you fit your service to the customer needs by underlining the weak sides to be strengthened.

#Neglecting the complaints

An ideal service is the one derived of bugs. Still no one is fail-safe. So provide your brand webpage with regular performance checks. Feedback, online technical support and the estimation of the service with a comment option is a great way to stay tuned with the customers and be aware of any bugs to be managed.

#All you need is a wide choice

A wide product range is great, but it’s not the only component of a successful brand. The globalization made it easier to find a million alternatives to the wanted product, so pull other cards from your sleeve. Provide the customer with detailed product information and other clients’ reviews or exclusive shipment terms.

The trick is that your goods may not be exclusive, but once your customer service is slow or inappropriate in any way, your clients will choose a retailer who will free them from the painful experience. Keep in mind than the essence of the e-commerce leaves you no chance to lure the client into buying your product through a gentle piece of advice of a polite and smiling shop-assistant. So you have to find out proper digital means to provide the client with an efficient customer service. Amasty Infographic will be your brand guide-map to the top with all the slippery slopes of e-Commerce industry.

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Top Customer Service Mistakes

About the Author! is experienced Bronze Magento Industry Partner. Having developed more than 90 magento extensions, we can proudly say that we know the deepest depth of Magento. We also know a lot about E-commerce in general and usually post tips on our blog.

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