Top Magento Extensions to Boost your Online Store

The entire world seems to have become a Magento fanatic here. Each new day brings a fresh round of news, articles, and information regarding one of the most prominent eCommerce platforms. Well, this post is no different. This one precisely focuses on the top Magento extensions to consider to boost your online store right away!

Now I am pretty sure you must have started looking around for several reliable and reputable eCommerce development companies that offer a plethora of unmatched services such as eCommerce mobile app development, consultation, UI/UX design, support and maintenance and so forth.

But before you begin hiring one, let’s take a bit of a detour and understand what Magento is and what are the best Magento extensions which can boost the online store to a great extent.

Magento – The best eCommerce platform

You have to admit this when I say that Magento in today’s times turns out to be one of the leading eCommerce platforms across the globe.

Surviving or should I say competing in today’s fast-paced world is not easy but of course, it is a doable job. All thanks to eCommerce development platforms such as Magento.

Now, are you still wondering why more than a quarter of eCommerce sites are developed using Magento instead of any other available eCommerce platforms? Well, you may think of one or two.

Here’s what! I am going to give you a plethora of reasons stating why you must consider Magento as your go-to ecommerce platform.

#1. Open source

One of the obvious reasons could be that Magento being an open source platform is the pure reason for its consideration across the world. I mean if you get something and that is too free why wouldn’t anyone think of using it?

Technically speaking the true meaning of open source is not just that it is available for free but also the developers can simply modify the source code and add relevant features and functionality by simply installing a variety of plug-ins and add-ons.

#2. Quick Deployment

Other than being open source, Magento offers quick deployment in comparison to other relevant platforms and technologies. You have a mind-blowing eCommerce development idea, you simply require to leave everything to your reliable team of Magento developers.

As we all know that in today’s times keeping up with long-time online competitors can be extremely tricky. In fact, Magento offers special deployment packages which aren’t just robust but also quick to launch and above all, pretty cost-effective.

#3. SEO-friendly

Next benefit or should I say the next reason to choose Magento as your ideal eCommerce platform is the advanced SEO feature offered by Magento. Now, do you want to develop an eCommerce store for no reason? Of course, not!

You do want your store to be highly ranked on Google and that’s when Magento’s advanced SEO feature offers assistance. When you are already using Magento, you no longer have to make some extra efforts to make your website rank higher in the least amount of time possible.

To be very honest, without SEO there is no point in developing an eCommerce website. Here you can easily optimize URLs, set rich snippets, develop a sitemap, canonicalize tags, optimize keywords, add ALT tags for images, etc

#4. Security

After this, another interesting benefit of using Magento is high-end security. As we all know, security breaches are happening day in and day out and if you won’t be bothered about security then you may have a lot to lose.

It may quite interest you to know that Magento is pretty compliant with PA-DSS which means it does not just follow security standards which are accepted across the world but also is adhered to 14 vital protection as well.

Today not just large but small businesses that sell products and services are worried about their safety as well as that of their customers. So, fortunately, Magento comes with amazing security features so you don’t have to look for anything extra here.

#5. Active Community

Last but certainly not the reason for considering Magento as your eCommerce development platform is that it offers a large and active community.

So whether you choose a junior-base developer, fret not, he can get in touch with Magento’s community at any point of time and receive proper help when in need. After all, Magento comprises a wide range of developers who are well-knowledgeable and highly experienced in offering assistance whenever in need.

Now enough being said about why I chose Magento. What next? I mean what one needs to do once the Magento store is developed, how to boost online sales and ROI? Fret not, for that you can check out these below-mentioned Magento extensions to take into account.

Top Magento Extensions

Now before I begin with the list it is very important to know that all the below-mentioned extensions are reliable and highly functional and are pretty much popular across the globe. So let’s get it started!

#1. Magento 2 Sales Motivation Package by BSS Commerce

One of the best Magento extensions to keep in mind is Magento 2 Sales Motivation Package by BSS commerce. Do you know why?

Well, one of the obvious reasons could be that it comes with a wide range of features and functionalities like drawing customer’s attention to sales or promotions or special discounts, making more purchases, enhancing client’s trust, improved check out speed, rising in customer loyalty and in the end you are able to bring a strong connection like never before.

Some of the most interesting aspects include free and easy to install, free and quick lifetime updates, 1-year support and a 30-day payback policy.

#2. Zendesk Connector

The Next Magento extension is pretty much well-known when you want to provide amazing customer support. Among all the available extensions in the customer support category, Zendesk seems to be pretty much favored.

And why not, since this is the only Magento extension that is highly considered for developing more meaningful, personal and productive customer relationships? So what exactly Zendesk offers?

  • It offers open support tickets in the contact us form and everything else is done seamlessly and that too in a simple manner.
  • Updated visible support ticket available in the Magento admin
  • It is easy to manage all the support tickets within the account created in prior.
  • Here real client information is stored and then crucial decisions can be made which turn out to be quite beneficial.

#3. SEO for Magento 2

This one is a pretty useful Magento tool or a plugin. As mentioned earlier, you are not developing an eCommerce store just to gain nothing, right!

Well, once the project is launched, there has to be some way out to make it rank higher on the Google search engine and that’s when SEO for Magento 2 comes to play.

Now you must be wondering what’s the point of this plugin and why it is included in this particular list of the best Magento extensions available. Well, to be precise this Magento-based plugin has the potential to rise your ranking by almost 32%.

No kidding! The plugin offers amazing ways to optimize your eCommerce store and in the end, you can see a severe increase in traffic, upto 198%. Not just that, the scope of duplicate content seems to be reduced by 100%.

Some of the most significant features of SEO for Magento 2 include seamless and automatic addition of structured data, reduced content duplication, SEO features and functionalities, smart page analysis, enhanced HTML/XML Sitemaps, and great help in dealing with multiple languages.

#4. Magento 2 POS System by Magestore

Are you someone who keeps on running an online and offline store at the same time? Well, if so then this Magento extension in particular is pretty much worth your time.

Now retailers never tend to underestimate the power of POS systems. For those who have no idea, a POS system is much like a system that unifies multiple ranges of products and sales data from all the stores and inventories.

By doing so businesses can conduct seamless transactions and operations and nothing can stop them from rising above their competitors.

Some of the most crucial features or should I say best advantages offered by this plugin in particular include.

  • Data can be easily synced between Magento sites, inventories and brick and mortar stores
  • It offers great amount of compatibility especially with other plugins
  • Offline mode can be used
  • You can offer amazing website promotional offers, gift cards, store credits, reward points and whatnot!
  • All kinds of payment methods are acceptable – store credits, cards, cheques, cash, etc.

#5. Google Speed Optimizer by Amasty

Last but certainly not the least is the performance optimization tool. Now surviving in today’s fast-paced world can be pretty much tricky and with slow loading websites, this thing seems to be pretty much next to impossible.

Also, it sometimes directly or indirectly affects SERP pretty negatively. To stay ahead, you must enhance the site speed by using optimization extensions like the Performance Optimization tool for Magento 2.

Some of the most crucial yet amazing features offered by the magento extension include:

  • Minifying HTML, CSS and JSS file
  • Loading several images by one HTTP request
  • Merging CSS and Javascript
  • Free lifetime technical support
  • Defer parsing of Javascript

Final Thought

Of course, these are not just it, there are a plethora of other Magento extensions available across the globe. The aforementioned ones are the best and most promising Magento extensions available around.

So that’s all for now! In case, if you have any doubts, queries or concerns, feel free to mention them in the comment section below. Also, do not forget to share the following post with your peers and help us in spreading the word.

About the Author!

Jim Harper is a Ecommerce Developer at TatvaSoft. He is writing on various topics on Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, etc.

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