Top 10 Online Work from Home Jobs for College Dropouts

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America has one of the highest college dropout rates in the world. About 40 percent of all undergraduate students drop out of college every year. This includes nearly 30 percent of freshman students who drop out before the end of their sophomore year, according to statistics from various reliable sources.

If you’re among such college dropouts, there’s nothing to worry. Because you could still make a superb career with any of the top 10 online work-from-home jobs for college dropouts. Most of these jobs require only a higher secondary graduation degree and some skills.

Should this sound interesting, continue reading. Here I will be discussing the top 10 online, work from home jobs for college dropouts.

Let’s start by discussing some of the biggest reasons why you should take online, work from home jobs.

Reasons to Take Online WFH Jobs

There’re several reasons why any college dropout should take a superb online, work from home job. You might also have own personal reasons to take one. But let’s look at the topmost ones.

 icon-angle-right Developing a Career

Being a college dropout can become a major hurdle when you try to find jobs. Most recruiters will hire only college or university graduates.

This puts you at a severe disadvantage. In such cases, a superb work from home job can help you develop a career, despite having fewer educational qualifications compared to other jobseekers.

 icon-angle-right Income Matters

All of us work for only one reason: to make money. It doesn’t matter if you’re a college dropout. You’ll still need money for your personal and household expenses.

Surely, you would know that money is important for living a normal and healthy life. Therefore, an excellent, home-based work from home job can fetch you good income that matters.

 icon-angle-right Financial Independence

Speaking about money, a good work from home job also secures your financial independence. It means that you don’t have to ask anyone, especially parents for money.

Most Americans move out of their parental home at the age of 18. They seek independent lives. And financial freedom is a major part of living independently of parents and other relatives.

These are the top three reasons you should find a superb work from home job, regardless of the fact that you’re a college dropout. Now I will talk about the top 10 online, work from home jobs that you could take.

10 Best Online Work from Home Jobs for College Dropouts

Taking an online work from home job means that you can work from any location. Most people are now working from home because of the new normal we’re living with in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020.

As a college dropout, you too can try any of these jobs which don’t require any high educational qualifications.

#1. Blogging

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Nowadays, blogging is a fulltime profession or career. It’s no longer a hobby or passion. You can start a blog very easily. All you need is a superb domain name and hosting, along with other essentials to start a blog.

As a matter of fact, a domain name and hosting are available for as low as $9.99 per month. Then we also have websites such as and among others, where you can open a free blog.

You can blog about anything from school subjects to a profession you like, hobbies and passions or even music and movies. All you require is superb writing skills to present blogposts that’re interesting, engaging and relevant for the audience.

There’re several ways to monetize a blog. The topmost ways to make money from a blog include subscribing to Google AdSense, accepting sponsored posts, affiliate marketing and native ads on your blogsite. Bloggers can earn a lot of money without leaving the comfort of their homes.

#2. Social Media Assistant

Working as a social media assistant is another superb work from home job for college dropouts. This is a rather simple job, especially if you’re into social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and other platforms. And this job pays well too.

You might be aware that everyone from high net-worth individuals to large corporations have a solid presence on social media platforms.

Instead of hiring someone on their payroll to post on social media, they enlist the services of a freelancer. This is where your skills matter rather than a college degree.

All that you need to do is upload interesting stuff that usually the employer will provide on various social media platforms.

And you’ve to respond to comments where necessary. Since social media provides opportunities for customers and stakeholders to interact, this is a very interesting job too.

#3. Content Writer

6 Tips For Branding Your Blog For Beginners
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You really don’t need a college degree to become a content writer. Instead, all that you require is superb writing skills and a nose for research. Content writing is an evergreen skill. Meaning, that content writing is always in demand.

This demand isn’t expected to drop anytime in the foreseeable future but instead, it’s expected to grow. This is highlighted by the fact that during mid-2020 or the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for content rose by some 32 percent and continues to surge.

Bloggers, website owners and content marketers, all require superb content. Your job as a content writer is to write articles that’re interesting, engaging and relevant to the audience of your employers.

This requires excellent writing skills because you’ll be presenting a topic in a manner that appeals to a very broad audience.

Furthermore, you’ll also require a nose for research. That’s because research is always the backbone of any content.

You’ll have to provide facts and figures from very reliable sources in the content you write. That helps both, the reader and your employer to know that your content is factual and hence, reliable.

#4. Vlogger

Have you ever heard about PewDiePie? Actually, his real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. He’s a Swedish citizen and runs the most famous YouTube channel in the world by the name PewDiePie. By mid-2021, PewDiePie’s net worth stood at some $22 million. In fact, he’s one of the youngest millionaires of the world.

What does PewDiePie do? He’s a vlogger or video blogger. He creates videos on how to play and win Minecraft and other games that’re popular among online gamers. And he makes them in a manner that watchers have fun while learning how to crack the game.

You too could open a free YouTube channel and upload superb videos that people would love watching. You can vlog about anything, from a school or college subject to something about your hobbies and passions.

Once you’ve a certain number of followers, subscribe to Google AdSense. This means, you’re giving Google the permission to show ads before, after and during your videos.

When someone clicks on these ads, Google pays some money. You could also do affiliate marketing, accept or make sponsored videos and sell third party merchandise through your YouTube channel as a vlogger.

#5. Online Translator

Online Translator
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As a college dropout, you could also make a career as an online translator. To work as an online translator, you’ll require excellent, expert level skills in a foreign language and English. This is a very lucrative career too.

As an online translator, you’ll be translating everything from complex documents to advertisements or even giving subtitles to videos in a foreign language.

And sometimes, you might have to translate live during a meeting or conference for people that don’t understand English or that foreign language.

There’re several websites where you could sign-up as an online translator. Usually, these companies will give you a short test to check your online translation skills. The good news is that they also welcome fresher translators.

However, your translations should have at least 99 percent accuracy to hold the job. You can also work as a freelance online translator by signing upon on any freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and, among others.

#6. Online Proofreader

If you’ve superb command over the English language and can detect typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, work as an online proofreader.

Actually, the job requires graduates in English or English literature. However, there’re lots of websites that hire high school graduates as fresher proofreaders for online work.

Basically, proofreading involves going through manuscripts of books and raw documents or drafts and detecting typos, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, unnecessary breaks and wrong language. Your job is to highlight and correct these mistakes and hand over the proofs to the editor.

This job requires superb English language skills. If English was your favorite subject during school days and you’ve excellent grammatical skills, try this amazing work from home and online job as a proofreader. It pays well too.

#7. Game Tester

Game Tester Job
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Do you love playing video games? Then make a career as a game tester. This is a job that you’ll really enjoy. And game testing is something evergreen.

Meaning, your skills in testing online video games will always remain in demand, regardless of pandemics or even economic recessions.

Software developers usually require game testers before releasing an online game to the public.

That’s because they want to get honest reviews from gamers on issues such as ease of use, level of enjoyment while finding any possible glitches. Hence, they release the game to a few game testers and pay for the effort.

All you need to do is play the game and test it for parameters given by the developer. And write simple yet honest reviews that would allow a game developer to make any changes before it is released commercially for users.

#8. Video Editor

As the term suggests, a video editor is someone that takes raw videos and edits them for release on YouTube or elsewhere.

This is a fairly complex job but any college dropout can take it to make a career. You’ll require top level skills on video editing software and a high level of creativity to work as a video editor.

Usually, vloggers, businesses of all sizes and sometimes, movie producers require video editors. Your tasks include cutting away unwanted slides from the video and replacing with transitions, animations and graphics where necessary. Basically, your job is to make the video worth watching, for the public.

And you could make extra money by giving subtitles on the video in English. More money if you can provide subtitles in a foreign language.

This is a fabulous work from home career. All you might require is to take a short, online video editing course and work like a professional in the field.

#9. Online Tutor

Online Tutor Job
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In the new normal that we’re experiencing in 2021 after last year’s Covid-19 pandemic, there’s a growing demand for online courses of all kinds.

Here it doesn’t matter if you’re a college dropout. You can still be an online tutor and teach about some subject that you would excel at during school and high school days.

At the same time, being an online tutor needn’t be only about academics. You can tutor people on everything from fitness to cooking, foreign languages to gardening and lots more. Online tutoring can be done in any field that you’re comfortable with.

There’re two ways to become an online tutor. One is by providing lessons through own website, Zoom or other video conferencing software.

The other is by creating a superb course and uploading it on any top e-learning platform such as Udemy, among others. You can create courses about your hobbies too, if you have in-depth knowledge.

#10. Online Journalist

Journalism doesn’t actually require you to hold a graduate’s degree from any college or university. Therefore, if you’re a college dropout, it’s still possible to make a career as an online journalist.

To work as one, you’ll require a superb nose for news and excellent news presentation skills. You can acquire these skills also by doing a good online course during your spare time.

News organizations across America and around the world hire online journalists that can feed them with breaking and relevant news or help with follow-up of major news stories. Working with any news media as online journalist is a very prestigious job too.

You can apply at various news media companies to work as an online journalist. Generally, they’ll hire you as a cub reporter or trainee.

And if you complete this successfully, they might offer a fulltime job as journalist. You can also look for such remote jobs from

In Conclusion

Unfortunately, the number of college dropouts is set to surge as colleges and universities continue to remain closed in wake of the fresh waves of Covid-19 pandemic.

In such a situation, you could try any of these top 10 online jobs above and still make a career.


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