Top 10 Ways To Use Whiteboard Animation Videos In Your Marketing

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Video is the most effective form of medium for marketing a brand or business. Videos work extremely well while promoting & demonstrating a product or service and also for showcasing its benefits/uses.

When you think about ‘video’ in the marketing space, whiteboard animation or explainers are the terms which first strikes our minds.

Apart from this, live-action videos are also good for promoting your business. However, producing these kinds of videos takes a lot of time, resources and efforts which is hardly the case with whiteboard videos.

Whiteboard animation is a less intrusive form of producing a video. Also referred to as ‘Doodle videos’, these are usually in the form of drawings or illustrations of characters and objects accompanied by a narration, voiceover or other sound effects.

Whiteboard videos are brief and precise and explain the idea or a message in a short period of time. These are highly engaging and unique, and compel the audience to take action.

Benefits of Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard videos easily achieve better results as they combine important information with storytelling, attractive visuals, text, animation and humour.

Take a look at the fundamental benefits of whiteboard animation:

#1. Whiteboard videos are easy & fun to grasp

Whiteboard videos are a fun, simple and engaging way to tell a story. As these are animated videos, therefore they are easy on the eyes as well as fun to watch. Whether these are marketing videos, testimonials or reviews, whiteboard videos are the most effective way to get your message across a wider audience.

#2. Cost-effective

Whiteboard animations are usually a lot more affordable than live-action videos. Live-action videos require a lot of resources & manpower in the form of crew, cast, equipment, location, etc, which means more expenditure.

By using Whiteboard animation, all these costs are reduced, and therefore it becomes a cost-effective way of marketing a brand or business.

#3. Retention rate is high

Whiteboard videos are easier to retain by the viewers. The retention rate of whiteboard animation is 15% higher than the live-action videos. If the videos are high-quality and engaging, then around 80% of the viewers will retain it for up to a month.

Whiteboard animations inform people in an entertaining way and this becomes a huge reason why these videos are able to catch the audience’s attention for a longer period of time.

#4. Easily Shareable

As whiteboard animations are eye-catching, these are 66% more likely to be shared by your audience on their social media accounts.

Besides, you can simply share them on platforms like YouTube and add relevant keywords or hashtags in the description so that it reaches the right audience.

10 Ways To Use Whiteboard Animation for Marketing Purposes

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Image by Darko Vujic

#1. As a Social Media Sting

Whiteboard videos are used as a social media sting in marketing. Whiteboard videos give a lot of information in a shorter duration of time in a creative manner. Creating illustrations and characters will attract your audience and convey your story in a way in which it highly engages and influences them.

Whether used as a social media sting or as a YouTube ad, whiteboard videos will get your message across a larger audience.

#2. Homepage & Landing Page Explainer Videos

First impression is indeed the last impression! So when we talk about making a lasting impression on a homepage or landing page, whiteboard animations work best as they are highly creative, engaging with attractive voice overs that you can do with Murf AI voice over.

Besides introducing a concept, product or service, whiteboard videos are exceptionally useful for sharing your business’ ethics, values, goals or even its history.

Whiteboard animations are an amalgamation of visual storytelling along with data, information and business’ voice which makes the message memorable among the audience.

Additionally, whiteboard videos on important pages are better if seen from the SEO perspective. As per Wistia, people spend 2.6x more time on webpages that have videos.

#3. Informational Campaigns

Whiteboard animations come in handy when you have to deliver a lot of information with a substantial amount of context. The reason behind this is that whiteboard videos easily connect ideas and layer information & data while allowing you to provide every point in a detailed manner.

Whiteboard videos are essential for introducing anything new or when you have to develop something that is informative, detailed, accurate, and still engaging.

These videos are widely used in the technology and medical sectors where the goal is to deliver high-quality information and create maximum engagement.

#4. Product Demonstrations

One of the biggest challenges faced by retailers, distributors and manufacturers is to show how a product or service works. A lot of manufacturers hold live demonstrations at various events. However, while marketing to an online audience, a lot of producers are not able to promote their products adequately through a video.

This is where whiteboard animations come to play, and becomes quite useful when you have to demonstrate various features of a product or service. You don’t have to necessarily use too technical images, but can provide a detailed narration about the uses & functions of the product.

Besides, animation is a must for creating some demo videos. For example, a whiteboard animation is ideal when showing how a medicine works inside a human body or demonstrating a plumbing system.

#5. B2B Marketing

Did you know that whiteboard animations can be used for B2B marketing purposes too? Firms use these 1-2 minute whiteboard videos for selling their services to other businesses.

You can make an attractive & compelling sales pitch through whiteboard videos. Whiteboard videos are an exciting & unique way of presenting your business to potential clients.

Additionally, if your business is competing to win a bid or contract, showcasing yourself through a whiteboard video is an excellent way to stand out. Not to mention, a video is more memorable than text or any other form of media.

#6. Through Trailers

Whiteboard videos are perfect when launching a new book or a big research as these not only share information but also leave people excited & aware.

When you combine your story or idea with the visual storytelling while sharing your points of interest along with the context that is required to understand it completely, it makes an impact on the viewers.

Moreover, whiteboard videos are quite shareable and gives you an opportunity to share about your new venture far and wide. And if you attach a call-to-action with your video, it increases the chances of better engagement.

#7. On Mobile Devices

Smartphones and tablets are undoubtedly an important marketing tool as the number of smartphone users has surpassed six billion and is expected to grow in the future.

People spend around a third of their time using smartphones and tablet users spend half of their time on tablets for playing games and watching videos. Nowadays, mobile devices have overtaken PCs as these are more handy and come with bigger screens which make it easier to watch videos.

So, whiteboard videos can be easily shared through mobile advertisements. Creating whiteboard animation for tablet or smartphone users allows you to follow the marketing trend and capitalize on the largest audience.

Promoting your whiteboard videos through mobile ads offers you visibility where there are fewer marketers. Also, it is more likely your videos will be shared by your viewers with their friends & colleagues if you promote it on tablets.

#8. Share World-Changing Thoughts or Ideas

People in general are always coming up with new ideas or solutions. Sharing these through whiteboard animations is an effective way to impress the viewers.

Whiteboard videos explain a concept or idea in an engaging and creative style while they are also able to communicate complex subjects in a simplified manner. Whiteboard animations turn ideas into fun which may otherwise not seem so entertaining.

In other words, these videos tell any idea in a more precise form.

#9. Celebrate your Success

Be it life or business, milestones and success stories need a shout out. It takes years of hard work and efforts to achieve big and they must be celebrated. You can make a superb use of whiteboard animation to tell your business’ history, its importance and how you reached this level of success.

By doing this, as a marketer you build trust with your audience while proving your genuinity in front of them.

#10. Make your Ideas Accessible & Multilingual

Whiteboard videos play a pivotal role in marketing campaigns if you create different versions in multiple languages with enhanced accessibility. This makes your marketing reach a wider audience.

In terms of accessibility, whiteboard videos offer numerous options such as colour choice, audio/voiceover descriptions, captions/subtitles, etc.

When it comes to translating the videos, whiteboard animations also provide a plethora of options with different stages of detail and complexity. Some of the options include:

  • Translating the script & record numerous voiceovers in various languages
  • Subtitling of the English movie using captions
  • Minimizing text and ensuring that the visual language is internationally understandable

You can create different versions of your whiteboard animated video in languages like English, Spanish, French, etc, and translate everything from text to voice over while making it viewable for every kind of audience.


Whiteboard animation videos are powerful for spreading the message related to almost every niche. They are capable enough to make the information or idea memorable, engaging and entertaining.

Be it a social media sting or a video on a landing page of your website, whiteboard videos are equipped with so many features that you can’t miss it if you wish to deliver your point in a bespoke way.

So, we hope that the points mentioned in this article will help you in using whiteboard videos most efficiently & effectively.

About the Author!

Pavnendra Bhadhuria is the founder and CEO of Essence Studios, India’s top explainer video production company. When he is not busy running the business, he shares his knowledge and experience in the field of digital marketing through blogs. He is also an avid follower of cricket.

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