From Traditional to Digital Marketing: The Effect of Advancing Technologies

In the past ten years, the entire world has slowly shifted from the analog to the digital world. It is not just the consumers who are interested in sharing and learning about newer information online but also various services, both government and the private sector, that are getting digitized.

To cater to the vast majority of customers doing their daily work on various digital tools and platforms, it has become imperative to shift the focus of the advertisement campaigns as well. Gone are the days when the traditional marketing campaigns needed to be strong with an exceptional presence on the radio, billboards, and T.V. It is all about a smart world now, and therefore digital tools to modify and target customers better is the need of the hour.

However, it is still essential to address the question as to how going digital is better compared to the traditional analog approaches. We have tried to answer the query for you in a detailed manner. The following post is all about the specific advantages and the key features that a digitized campaign can bring to your table. If you are an investor, irrespective of the size of your venture, you can learn all about the benefits of modern marketing and campaign practices from all around the world.

It is the right growth option

The most important feature of digital tools is that it is up to you when it comes to choosing the type and the uses. As far as a business venture is concerned, starting from streamlining customer services as well as digital ad campaigns, there are several tools to choose from depending on the exact needs.

This nullifies the necessity of having a behemoth in terms of the size of the firm. From modest ventures to world-beating conglomerates, digital tools provide you with the right option for unlimited growth.

The conversion rate

The success of a business venture is dependent on the conversion rate or turnover. For example, if you are in the retail market business, you will need to identify the actual number of sales for a specific period and compare that to the footfall to the site. This will enable you to gauge the “lead-conversion” metric for your business.

Keep in mind that digital tools when it comes to identifying conversion rates are varied, and you will have to make the right choice regarding the option. You can go for SEO, social media marketing as well as E-mail marketing or use all of them for better results.

Think about the brand reputation

If you are looking to make profits, then you must think about the status of your firm. This is something that is seen with most of the well-recognized brands out there. The reputation is sky-high.

If you are looking to establish a brand like reputation for your venture, then you need to get associated with digital marketing as soon as possible. Digitization is all about building that personal rapport with the customers and establishing that your firm cares about the consumers.

A solution to customer problems

E-mail marketing and social media platforms can increase the visibility of your firm, but there are downsides to it as well. Negative reviews hurt, but there is something to learn from every setback.

You can use the digital tools to remain associated with your customers 24/7 and find out about their grievances, complaints, and advice, if any, when it comes to improving customer services. Engage with your customers on a personal level to increase the reputation factor.

Mobile Customers

About mobile customers

Over half of the daily internet searches all around the world are performed through handheld and mobile devices. This is why it is quite vital to optimize your website and digital ad campaigns for mobile devices.

Keep in mind that the use of mobile is so prevalent that even Google came out with the mobile-first update algorithm to rank websites at the SERPs.

Increase the faith in your brand

As stated earlier, it is all about building rapport with your customers and having a platform where customers can relate and believe your services and products. With a better reputation, word of mouth spreads, and this, in turn, makes your brand even more popular.

So, the math is pretty simple. Expand the faith in your brand with the use of digital tools that allows you to monitor and serve better consistently.

About the ROI

Tools like web analytics and others can be used to identify whether websites and campaigns are generating the optimal ROI. Gone are the days of budget allocations for individual advertisement campaigns and marketing options.

Digitization allows you to streamline the entire effort and consort the workforce to attain results even with minimum expenditure. Keep in mind that even simple e-mail marketing can generate ROI like no traditional ad campaign.

The cost-effective campaign

Business is all about profits. So, everyone is on the lookout for the most cost-effective procedure to get the job done. If you are the owner of a modest business venture, then quite obviously, you won’t have the means to reach a large customer base through the traditional ad campaigns alone. However, with digital campaigns that cost half of the former option, you can potentially reach millions of global customers.

Go digital for higher revenues

As stated earlier, since you can bring down the expenditure for the advertisement campaigns, you can generate higher ROI, and this, in turn, adds up to higher revenues. If we stick just to the marketing side of things, digital tools allow for an increase in the revenue generation of about three times compared to that of the traditional modes of campaigning. So, you can see that you will start making money right from day one.

All your computation becomes easy

When you are looking at any business venture, there is a lot of computing involved. Take, for example, a traditional marketing scheme, and to measure the success of the plans implemented large scale calculations are required. You need to keep track of the tactics, and the returns generated every step of the way.

However, with the use of digital tools, all the data remains right in front of you in an easily accessible and readable format. This allows you to fix problems at a moment’s notice and alter your mode of action when a plan falls through.

Expanding your horizons

The major problem with traditional modes of marketing is that you can only operate within a fixed demographic. This makes for a lower turnover when you are looking at actual sales numbers. If you want to avoid this limitation, then going digital is the only way.

This allows you to expand your horizon and push the frontiers for your business as far as the customer demographic is concerned. You can get involved with a targeted audience approach, which seems to be the go-to mode for every well-known brand out there in the world today.

Adapt your tactics and strategize better

The one significant advantage of going the digital way is that the processes are easy to understand and get used to. This means that you will have to spend fewer hours and money on training your workforce when it comes to implementing strategies.

Digital tools allow you to monitor tactics and the effects of the same in real-time. This allows for adaptation according to the targets and the desired results.

Small Budget? No Worries

Small budget? No worries

Most modest ventures will start operating under immense budget constraints. This is what hurts most entrepreneurs with small budgets since the campaign remains invisible to the majority of the customers. Digitization allows you to switch the concentrated efforts online, thereby potentially opening up the floodgates to the massive number of customers available on the internet.

So, keep in mind that now you can allocate the majority of the budget on the inventory and the R&D for the development of better services. With the help of digital tools, it will never be a problem for you to advertise even on a shoestring budget.

Thinking outside the box

Digital tools can seem to be worrisome for a few new inductees into the world, but the truth is, the more you try to think outside the box, the better it is for your venture. Take part in the process actively and do your research. There are various processes, including SEO, SME, and SMO, to learn and understand. Implementation will only work after you plan your activities and redirect your resources better.

As technology advances, the speed of business becomes the primary concern. It is all about streamlining all the processes from product inception to the building, advertisement, launch, and delivery. The time is right for brands to show their active participation and design products and services that are useful for the customer.

Digital processes allow you to streamline all your efforts and collect “big-data” about the interests, likes, and dislikes of a particular demographic. This, in turn, allows you to serve better. Learn it the hard-way or hire experts to do it the right way; there is no denying the shift towards digitization.

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