Top 9 Ways To Build A Strong Social Media Presence for Your Brand in 2020

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Social media is the most crucial part of any business in this pace of the world. Social media has become an important platform for any size business, like small businesses, large business or medium businesses. If you look around right now, you would find most of the brands around you are successfully doing well on the social media platform.

These days users mostly use social media more than the search engine to look for any newly launched product or any brand. Any brand which is already existing in the social media evidently is your direct competition. Now it is your turn to build a strong social media presence for your brand in 2020.

The hack of the best social media presence is eye-catching and scroll stopper post which will attract the user and will stop to read to read your post. Most of the social media do not waste time in reading all the posts, they read the only which catches their eyes and they feel like it is of their importance.

Now, let us check how is it possible to build a strong social base for your brand in 2020.

#1. Narrow Your Target Audience

If you want to boost your presence in social media then you will have to invade through the communities in social media. This means, first you will have to determine who is your target audience and the target only the most appropriate target audience because only the concerned people would read the post.

It is very important to identify your target audience and narrow your target to figure out the exact group of people who might seem interested in your post. To start pinpointing your target audience, consider the age, gender, and geographic location of these individuals. Please keep an account of how many are old users and how many are the possible new users of your posts anything that you offer.

Let us also tell you that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and allows you to consider some more factors which you will face when you do it yourself.

#2. Select the Correct Platform

The easiest and the most accessible tool in social media on Facebook which can be approached by everyone. Facebook holds the largest number of users all across the world. The reach of creating an account on Facebook is comparatively limited but even then, it is reached by most social media users. It is a great platform to create the largest number of platforms. Most of the brands can easily advertise through Facebook. But there are also some brands that would require a niche-specific platform. For video content, TikTok can be recommended whereas on Facebook also you can upload videos.

Meanwhile, if you are targeting to reach out to a younger age group of the audience then you must try Instagram. These days equations of the social media usage are changing dynamically, many youngers do not use Facebook anymore, they like Instagram.

Compared to all other platforms, LinkedIn and Twitter have the largest users all over the world. LinkedIn is a phenomenal application for expanding professional networks and relations.

#3. Make a Strategy

Another important aspect is to make an effective strategy for boosting your brand presence in social media. It will not help if you unnecessarily create a social media account on each of the platforms and post randomly. You will have to make a perfect plan and make it successful. You must have a targeted goal that will help you reach out to your targeted audience easily.

You will have to recognize your users and find out what pleases them and then make a social media account and post only relevant posts which will make your users read them and like or react on them.

#4. Social Media Optimisation

The SMO term might seem very relevant and you might think that it qualifies to reach out to most of your use. Social media is an important part of branding. Through SMO, your keyword would be naturally used to attract the maximum number of social media users to your pages.

There are ways how to optimize, each of the social media platforms guides you about how to customize, but the basic is like being specific about the location. It will help in filter location-based search to reach your brand. Add keywords in your bio, that also helps your target audience to reach you out easily.

#5. Posting Schedule

Human makes mistake, you might have made a plan of posting your posts after a fixed period of time. But you might forget that. So, to avoid that you can schedule your posting beforehand.

If you observe some of your competitors in the market, you will find they are scheduled well. They have a well-planned and well-scheduled posting which is done beforehand.

#6. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing works best out of all other types of marketing. Therefore, to create a popular brand you need to hire a recognizable influencer. People believe in them more than the brand.

When a particular influencer promotes other brands then surely people will follow that brand because they have trust in the influencer. Sometimes, we just remember the brand because our favourite influencer promoted that brand.

Influencer marketing works best on social media platforms and it is one of the best ways to take your business to the next level by hiring a popular influencer to promote your brand.

#7. Embrace Visuals

Images are also a strong tool that can boost your presence on social media platforms. The audience loves images more than long and boring content. You can deliver your message through your visual skills.

Don’t make images on useless stuff but rather than make images on those things that people are interested in it and it must reflect your brand’s identity.

By embracing visual techniques for your brand, you can create your brand’s identity among people. If the audience can identify something unique on your brand then they will surely follow your brand on social media platforms. But don’t forget to give a link of your brand with the visual content you created. Images should reflect your brand in a creative manner so that people may find a reason to share your visual content with their friends, family or relatives. This way you can referral links to your brand.

#8. Join Chats and Create Groups

In order to build a strong social media presence for your brand, you need to join chats and conversions in numerous groups so that you can engage with the audience and solve their problems.

You can create groups and discuss those problems that people are facing. You can give solutions to those problems so that you can build trust with them. And once you are successful in building your trust then your customers will surely follow you on all social media platforms.

Have you come across ‘Twitter Chats’, still no? Don’t worry, it’s isn’t too late. Twitter chats are a great way to create brand recognition and engage with your target members. This way you can make people aware of your brand and can easily create awareness among them.

#9. Share Quality Contents

By sharing quality and user-generated content also you can build a strong social media presence for your brand in 2020. People love to read the quality content and especially those contents that reflect reality. You need to share only those contents that people find a reason to read it.

Quality content can boost your follower’s list on social media platforms. Contents are a crucial part of any business either small or big. It is one of the best ways to engage with the audience. Contents speak your brand’s identity. It helps to create trust and engagement between people and the brand. In addition, it can lift your brand up.

If the audience will find that your content is good and it can help them in the future then they will surely share it with their family and friends and in turn, your brand will gain referral links.


You have seen how crucial it is to build a strong social media presence. It not helps to create awareness among people but also helps to take your business to the next level.

It is very vital to create a powerful social media presence so that people can recognize your brand even in their dreams. On the other hand, you must have a tagline for your brand and that should reflect your brand’s identity. If you are really serious about your brand to create a strong social media presence then you should try to hire a good influencer to promote your brand on social, media platforms.

The above mentioned are the organic methods of boosting your social media presence. You will not have to pay a single penny on your branding if you follow the pointers mentioned above very carefully.

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