5 Top Brands Teach Us How to Build Brand on Social Media

“Brands are built, not instantly created. It takes a commitment to a single, simple idea and staying focused in communicating this idea throughout the whole brand experience from the marketing to the store to the online experiences”. As said Mr. Tony Fannin as President of Bebranded.wordpress.com.

Most people believe it’s important to build a brand, but many don’t know how to start accomplishing this goal. I see a lot of marketers in social media to market their products as good listening and consumer engagement tool. However, social media alone not provide adequate facilities in helping marketers to do brand building.

But not all marketers are failing to carry out brand building in social media, with lessons learned applied to the marketer, is expected to brand building with the facilities offered by social media can be utilized to the fullest. Based on star count Mashable Social Brand Chart the Top 10 Brand Global.

Here are the lessons from 5 Top Brands to do best brand building in social media:

#1. Samsung

Social Media Brand Building

Facebook fans want to know the news about the brands that they follow, share the news with your fans is the first step that you can do to share the news that discuss more about your products on the website.

As new product by Samsung, CNET discuss it the newest product on the flexible screens and because newest advertising Samsung’s share this to the google plus. This gives the advantage to the Samsung that by simply connecting via social media, the fans can see the Samsung exciting news about Samsung on any website.

Lesson: Share your brand story as reported by other websites.

#2. Coca-cola

Never can stop talking about Coca-Cola. I think it’s amazing business strategies by Coca-Cola, proven as the old brand Coca-Cola can still survive until now, has not only survived Coca-Cola always ranks as the top brand anywhere, including on social media. Coca-Cola ranks as the top six brands in the social media version of Mashable. Certainly without Coca-Cola strategy could not be the top brand, one strategy is to get to interact with consumers in social media.

As the example below, Coca-Cola asking questions on their tweet and asking for a response from the follower feedback, and you’ll see a lot of response and retweet from their follower.

Social Media Brand Building

Lesson: Always ask questions and responses from your customer to get feedback.

#3. Starbucks

Starbucks is on every social media campaign and conducted Starbucks in social media is certainly not without reason. Starbucks want the brand building done in the virtual world to augment enthusiasts consumer Starbucks product.

As we see in the example image below, Starbucks makes Facebook as a social media campaign in the media to be a community. Starbucks let customers express their criticism and advice on their Facebook page.

Social Media Brand Building

Lesson: Build community around your page.

#4. Nike

Maximum advantage of the facilities offered social media, is that you should do when doing branding in social media. Like what Nike has done as a top brand version of Mashable, Nike use Facebook app to add access to instagram and twitter. Nike add Nike + support, Instagram app Facebook and Twitter to make it easier for her to get the latest news updates customer Nike through various social media owned by Nike.

Facebook apps a means to inform all of the fans on the official social media accounts owned brand Nike. What do Nike can you imitate, to maximize social media facilities are recommended to help you do social media in brand building?

Social Media Brand Building

Lesson: Also use Facebook Apps to Provide Access to Information from Around the Web.

#5. Amazon

Social media is a medium to help you carry out brand building in order to invite interaction with your brand fans, of course, social media will not be interesting if the brand is just a status update or simply promotional products.

That’s why, before doing brand building in social media you are advised to create a website first before you share it on social media. Account website makes you become free to tell me about the brand you have, without being limited to 140 characters or a status that is limited by privacy wisdom.

As example the image below, where Amazon divides his website link as we can see in the example image below. Often we hear that it’s good to repurpose content for different social networks, yet creating content for each of those networks is an opportunity to build your brand presence across the social and shorter feature content, off the blog.


Lesson: Create Content Tailored for Social Fans.


In doing brand building in social media, sometimes we have to learn from the top brand, a well-known brand even though they will not necessarily succeed doing brand building using social media. Of the five top brands above example we can study their strategies in order to win the hearts of their fans amid the competition among well-known brand.

How about you? Have you done on brand building strategy? Please don’t hesitate to write your comment below.

– Written by Ratih –

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