6 Ways Content Marketing Can Boost The Online Presence of Your Brand

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Do you know how many brands are there in this world? Well, there may be roughly more than a million brands in the world. Imagine the number of competitors that you have to beat to gain maximum recognition from your target clients! How to make this task 10X easier? This is where the role of content marketing comes into play. As per a survey from the Custom Content Council, almost 72% of marketers have received a better ROI after they have started using content marketing strategies. And 69% of marketers feel that content marketing is way more effective than PR and direct mail.

I once went through a case study on Cisco written by one of the writers at TopHomeworkhelper.com. The case study clearly described how Cisco saved $100,000+ on a product launch because it could reach its mass audiences through effective content marketing strategies. There are several other examples which prove that content marketing can make a brand go from ‘good’ to ‘great.’

I have shared the top 6 ways content marketing influences the branding of a business. Give it a read and you will understand why content marketing is vital for your brand in 2019.

#1. Your target clients will trust your brand without a second thought

Say you have been asked to choose between Reebok and a local brand to buy sportswear from. Which one would you choose? You are most likely to opt for Reebok because it is comparatively more trustworthy than the other brands in the same niche. It is crucial for every brand to build trust with its customers and leads. It is only through the trust that your brand will attract more and more target clients.

78% of consumers usually prefer to read quality contents than ads to know about a company. Great contents can help you build trust with your target audience and urge them to engage with your brand even more. From positive testimonials to informative articles, you can build trust with your potential customers through multiple content marketing strategies.

#2. Quality content will lead to a greater conversation rate for your brand

Did you know that almost 61% of online buyers decide to make a purchase after reading recommendations on a blog? According to Curata, almost 74% of companies have noticed that content marketing led to an increase in the quality and quantity of their marketing leads. Content marketing improves the conversion rates since it lets you connect with your target audience. The right content marketing efforts can also double the conversion rate of an average website.

You can also share informative articles and blogs to encourage your target audience to make an educated purchase decision. Besides high-end quality contents, you must also include strong CTA to guide your customers throughout their buying process. What do you want your target readers to do after visiting your page? Make that clear in your call-to-action.

#3. You don’t have to worry about the SEO of your brand

SEO and content marketing are two different things. But, both of them, somehow, just fit together so well. Neil Patel says “SEO makes demands and content marketing fulfils them.” Think of this as a conversation between two people – SEO and Content Marketing. When SEO says ‘I need content!’, Content Marketing responds “Okay, I’ll get that done for you.” Say you need more keywords to rank in the SERPs. All you have to do is generate more quality content using different new keywords.

You can improve the UX of your content marketing strategies to take care of the technical part of SEO. Google loves unique and fresh content. Content marketing lets you generate consistent blogs and other types of contents to rank higher in the SERPs. Do not forget to use a plagiarism checker to confirm the originality of your content. All in all, content marketing is all about SEO and vice versa.

#4. You don’t have to spend a lot to bring in new leads

One of my clients, MyEssayhelp.co.uk, had to spend thousands of dollars with their previous marketer to bring in more leads. I, on the other hand, focused on producing great content, including videos and positive reviews and shared them on different platforms. They had to spend almost 62% less to generate three times as many leads only due to affordable content marketing strategies. Are you planning to establish the online presence of a start-up anytime soon? Opt for the right content marketing strategies without having to maximise your budget.

You can deliver niche-specific messages to your target clients without devising an expensive spin-generated ad campaign. It lets you update your contents whenever you want without paying extra charges. You can even create a free business page on social media & expand your social media presence easily.

#5. Your brand can showcase its expertise easily

Say you want to purchase assignments from the online writing companies. One of the companies has mentioned only about the services they provide along with the costs. The other company has mentioned the qualifications and experience of their writers on the website. Their website also consists of positive client reviews and video testimonials. They even have blogs that share informative study material. Which one would you prefer?

You are most likely to opt for the second company since its website has demonstrated its expertise in the academic field. Informative contents let your customers know that they are dealing with experts of the industry who will be able to solve their problems and provide solutions.

#6. Content marketing lets you cover all the stages of the marketing funnel

Your brand will achieve the maximum online presence only when you cover all the stages of the marketing funnel. Content marketing can help you cover all the stages with the utmost precision. For example, in the first stage, customers become aware of their problems and they look for relevant solutions. Therefore, you can create content depending on the information that your clients need. If you own an online clothing website, try sharing contents such as ‘Tips to choose the perfect black dress.’

You must know what your potential clients are looking for at each stage of buying journey. If they are interested in your services, share contents to help them know more about your brand. If they want to buy a product from your company, share contents with strong CTA to guide them to the checkout page.


You must remember that content marketing is a time-intensive technique. It takes a while to show the results of your efforts. But, once you get all the strategies right, your brand will not only gain online visibility but will also build stronger relationships with your customers. Focus on creating valuable contents rather than spending tons of dollars on ad campaigns. Start practising effective content marketing strategies and let me know it goes for you in the comments section.

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Nathan William provides assignment help to students at MyAssignmenthelp. He is also an independent content marketer in Australia. Robert likes to watch movies in his free time.

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