The Best Places to Place Your Logo to Promote Your Brand

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There’s no denying that a logo can be a very powerful thing. The world’s most recognisable logos are known throughout the globe and are strongly linked to their brand’s identity. Once you have created a striking logo design that perfectly represents your brand, how do you make best use of that logo?

To make sure your logo works for your brand as much as possible, here are the top places to put your logo for maximum exposure.

#1. Social Media Profiles

Social media is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy in 2020, and it is important that your social media activity is well branded. Your profile picture on all your social media platforms should be your logo: this is essential to reinforce your brand and build brand recognition. On platforms like Twitter and Facebook that also allow a banner image, create a different branded header that also prominently features your logo.

Additionally, all of your social media content should feature your logo. Not only does this reinforce your brand to your followers, it also helps build brand awareness as your content is shared. Creating great, sharable content will help to make sure your logo gets maximum exposure!

#2. Your Website

Equally, your logo should prominently feature on your website. This means not just in the top corner of you site, but in other prominent place too, such as next to taglines and bios on pages or blog posts. Make sure your logo is also featured as your favicon (the icon on the tab header of your website), in an appropriate format for this reduced size.

#3. Stickers

Logo placement is not only important in the digital world, it is also important to establish your brand in the physical world too. Stickers are a great way to make sure your logo gets as wide exposure as possible. The great thing about stickers is that they encourage people to do your marketing for you. If you have a great sticker, people will put them on their laptops, their backpacks, their car bumpers and more, promoting your brand everywhere they go.

There are many ways you can place your logo on stickers, but one of the most effective ways is to simply make a sticker of your logo. Create a logo sticker that is well made, and strongly printed in your official brand colours. Stickerit biodegradable stickers have the extra advantage of being environmentally friendly, so you don’t need to worry about waste if the stickers fall off.

#4. Lanyards

Likewise, a great way to promote your brand in the physical world is to have custom lanyards emblazoned with your company logo. Lanyards are the essential items for workers in their daily work, receiving customers or carrying out promotional activities. It can not only reflect the professionalism of your company but also subtly brings your logo to customers.

The custom lanyards with the company’s logo are great promotional gifts that can leave a lasting impression on the crowd, so they are so suitable to promote your brand at events.

Making custom lanyards cheap at GS-JJ will help you to save your budget, so you can not worry about the budget.


#5. Signage

Another great way to use your logo to promote your brand in the physical world is through signage. Signage and banners mean that customers will see your logo as they go about their daily business, whether they pay attention to it or not.

Take every opportunity you have to brand the physical space available to you with your logo. This could be your store front if you have one, or a sign outside your office’s window. It should also include trade show booths and other events you attend: have a stock of banners and similar with your logo prominently featured so that you can use them in these situations.

#6. Forms and Packaging

Remember that the physical space available to you includes the paperwork you send out to your clients, suppliers, and others. All of your invoices and forms should be branded with your logo – these small things are part of creating a strong, cohesive brand image. Follow this approach both with paper invoices and forms, and those you send digitally: digital documents should all be branded with your logo also.

When thinking about the items you send out, don’t forget packaging. If you send products to customers, this is the perfect place to promote your brand with your logo. By placing your logo not only on the product itself but also on the external packaging you not only reinforce your brand to your customer, but also promote it to anyone else who sees the package.

#7. Vehicles

If you have any kind of business vehicles, whether service trucks, delivery vans, or simply your own car, don’t miss this as an opportunity to place your logo and promote your brand. If signage outside your shop is important for brand recognition, think how effective a moving vehicle will be. Vehicles are seen by hundreds, if not thousands of eyes as they move around town: all of this is fantastic exposure for your brand.

Your logo placed in a prominent and eye-catching way is the most effective way to use your vehicles to promote your brand. You can also take this a step further by painting the entire vehicle in one of your brand colours too.

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