7 Smart Ways to Do Video Marketing in 2019

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Video marketing is one of the best and most effective forms of content marketing, and there are smart ways to do video marketing in 2019. Did you know that video posts on Facebook record 135% more organic reach than photo posts? Or that 50% of customers prefer video content, according to a Hubspot report.

Well, know now, and know how to make great marketing videos (using free video editing software or paid alternatives) for your business, projects or campaigns. Because video usually combines text, visuals and audio, it is able to capture and engage customer attention more.

However, making videos just for the sake of it won’t cut it. You’ve got to make good videos, and the good news; it’s not as complicated as you think

In this post we’ll be looking at video marketing, its benefits, and how to make it work for your brand or business like never before, but first

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing simply involves the use of video to market or promote goods, products or services. Broadly speaking, any video (direct sales or not) whose primary aim is to sell, is a marketing video.

For instance, a video aiming to win social sentiment and boost positive brand perception by engaging in charity work or philanthropy is also a marketing video, even if it never mentions the word “buy” or “sales”.

Below is a Google Trends chart showing how video marketing has trended since 2004.

Google Trends of Video Marketing

Video marketing has recorded nearly 50% increase worldwide in the last decade as seen in the charts above.

Chances are you’ve seen or viewed several videos today already, and it’s just 6am. You’re not alone. Recent reports say online video content uploaded per day is more than TV content created in the last 30 years. This includes marketing videos.

Following are

10 Qualities of a Good Marketing Video

A good marketing video:

  1. Tells a story
  2. Sells a product, service or concept (including brand image)
  3. Isn’t too salesy
  4. Teaches or explains something (new)
  5. Engages the audience
  6. Boosts SEO
  7. Drives traffic
  8. Drives action
  9. Increases conversion
  10. Drives conversation

An Example of a Good Marketing Video

Internet Retailer

Internet Retailer recently shared a simple yet powerful video ad on Facebook. The slides are beautifully designed and utilize enough whitespace to convey its message.

The same social video ad runs on Instagram which is one of the smart ways to get more Instagram followers, fans and customers.

Let’s now see

7 Smart and Simple Ways to Ace Video Marketing in 2019

Doing these will help you up your video marketing game.

#1. Share the Problem

A problem probably got them searching the web until somehow they found you. Reports say over 5.6 billion Google searches are performed per day.

When creating a video, investigate customer pain points, and mention the problems you can help them solve. Including relevant statistics will make your claims more believable.

This can be done in the title, description, thumbnail or inside the video itself.

#2. Share your Solution

Mentioning the problems alone, without the solutions is a problem of its own. Make sure your marketing videos answer the questions it should answer.

Some videos leave you with more questions than answers. That shouldn’t be your case. On YouTube, such videos affect your audience retention ratings, and increase bounce rate which can flag your videos as irrelevant, and plunge you further down search rankings.

Answering customer questions increases dwell time which improves audience retention and engagement, which will win you the trust you need to close the sale.

#3. Show Social Proof

Before people trust you or your claims, they want to see evidence or proof that you can deliver. And what better proof than past jobs!

Make sure your marketing videos contain your visual portfolio or resume of jobs done or services rendered.

That way you earn their trust and they can award you the job or contract. Businesses without social proof will have a harder time convincing new prospects.

#4. Show Happy Customers

One of your greatest social proofs is a string of happy customers or clients. Prospects seeing happy customers are more likely to buy into the happiness they see.

This is a powerful testimonial of your ability as a business to deliver customer satisfaction. Those happy smiles are worth a thousand words of testimonials.

Combined with the right testimonials, your marketing videos will get more mileage.

#5. State Price

Wherever possible and practicable, always state the price of your product, service or solution upfront. Many customers cite pricing as a major purchase factor.

Stating the price of your product or service somewhere in your video may reduce the number of viewers who watch through, but you can rest assured that it brings you highly targeted customers who can afford it.

If absent, you may spend the rest of the week responding to social media questions or emails asking for price, which they still won’t be able to afford anyway.

#6. Add CTA

Make sure to add at least one call to action. Without a good CTA your marketing videos are just like movies.

Except you’re an actor or entertainer, you’d want your marketing videos to do more than entertain.

Adding at least one call to action will help you move prospects further down your sales funnel, further increasing the chances of conversion.

#7. Solicit Feedback

Ever before you publish your marketing videos, it is good practice to seek and solicit for honest feedback on your videos.

You can start with friends and family. Make sure to insist on honesty. You can ask them to drop an anonymous note or review.

After you publish or release your videos you can still ask for honest feedback from followers or customers. Gather them and seek for ways to improve your subsequent marketing videos.


Video marketing is like a potent charm, it works.

While at it don’t forget to:

  • Add contact details like address, phone number, email, website and social media links
  • Promote properly on several platforms where your target customers are at
  • Gather feedback and make improvements

About the Author!

Amos Onwukwe is an AWAI trained Business and Ecommerce Copywriter featured in Huffington Post, Dumb Little Man, Self Growth, Ecommerce Nation, eCommerce Insights, Understanding Ecommerce, Result First, Floship, Successful Startup 101, Small Biz Club, Small Business Bonfire, among others.

You can find him on Twitter @amos_onwukwe

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