The Advantages Of Video Production For Business

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Video is by far the most effective way to promote your business. Sure, video production is not cheap, and it can take a while to complete, but I’m here to tell you it’s all worth it.

You have a better shot at presenting to your business in a compelling way with video. Quick pitches with just enough detail to inform the viewer about who you are and what you have to offer. You’ll be easier to identify and associate with a specific niche. You want clients coming back for more? That’s how you do it, and video can convince your clients to take that first step towards your company to find out what they’ve been missing.

How Can Video Production Positively Impact Your Business?

There’s obviously more to it, so let’s get into details. What are the benefits of video production for your company?

It makes your brand more relatable

You’re probably familiar with the term brand personality. A quick reminder just in case: It’s a set of human personality traits given to a brand to appeal more easily to a specific niche of consumers with more or less the same traits. Why is it necessary? It makes brands more relatable and easier to identify. That’s where video production comes in.

First of all, no medium can reach the masses quite like video does. Because it combines the best of text, sound, and images in a quick, easy-to-swallow informative pill, it’s the perfect format to show a glimpse of your brand’s personality and let the world know what your business is all about. Keyword here: quick.

More people will be looking at your brand

More people will looking for your brand
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With so many outlets in social media, video has become the most popular format for publishing content and consuming it, mainly because one: it’s entertaining, and two (though it pains me to say it): it’s more comfortable than reading.

If you’re taking a break, you might kick back and relax watching a short video or watch it later at home after work. Maybe you’re just bored. Either way, you do it for entertainment, and like you, there will be millions doing the same. Companies know this, and they’ll try to showcase their business anywhere there are people watching.

Different scenario. You’re looking for a tutorial, news, or even a review on a specific product. Odds are you’ll find them on Youtube or other video platforms, including their own websites. Statistically, most viewers will prefer to watch the video than reading a block of text. It’s less effort than reading lines of text and infographics.

Measure success in views

With that in mind, promoting your brand with entertaining and informative videos will help you reach more people. If it’s fun to watch, people are bound to go back to it and even make it viral. If they forget for a moment that it’s an ad and they rewatch it for the giggles, you’re doing it right. If your videos become their daily source of information, you’re doing great.

Any Old Spice commercial is an excellent example of smart video production. They stay relevant by being hilarious. Look at any news app nowadays. They all include videos.

You can pack more details in a quick pitch

Alright, you’ve got the viewer’s attention. Keep it going. Time to make your pitch, but do it quickly.

See, we live in a fast-paced world where people want answers as quickly as possible. Therefore, you can’t waste time when promoting your business. You have to make your pitch as straightforward and concise as possible, or else you risk losing the attention of a potential buyer. Videos can help you state your case and give a snippet of your brand to a great number of viewers simultaneously.

Text alone lacks the visual input that helps people understand what the service is or what the product does, but it can certainly highlight the main takeaways—same thing with sound. Images will allow you to demonstrate or illustrate, but text and sound can save you a pretty pennyworth of video by reinforcing the message or just making the video much more fun to watch.

It’s the first step to brand loyalty

When you promote your service or product, videos allow you to convey emotions more effectively than other mediums in most cases.

Brand Loyalty
Illustration by Pau Minotto via Dribbble

When you use video to promote your business, make sure you do so with experiences that people can relate to. By recreating our dearest memories, you’re appealing to our emotions in ways that hit close to home, and we’re likely to find your brand more welcoming and friendly, even if it’s just for a moment.

That warmth may not stick and make us teary with the thought of your brand, but the video will have made an impression that we’re bound to remember next time we see your logo, and we’re more likely to give you a chance.

First, you spark a warm, fuzzy feeling, then we take the leap and try your brand. A satisfied consumer is very likely to come back for more, make your brand a go-to, and even recommend you. And it all started with that one video that shook us to the core and drew a smile on our faces.

It’s the message that matters

Video production doesn’t need to be SuperBowl-commercial expensive to pack a powerful emotional punch—case in point: Disney.

Not so long ago, they released a commercial depicting a father watching a video of his little daughter having the time of her life in one of the parks. Tears roll down his eyes as she prepares to leave for college, now as a young adult. The commercial ends with the words “because they’re only little for a little while.”

Thirty seconds, two locations, three actors, and the nostalgic chords of a piano. They’re still trying to sell you that vacation package, but what really seals the deal is the promise of a memorable experience with your kids before they grow up. Subtle, elegant even, and very powerful. Keep that in mind; sometimes, less is more.

Videos should match your brand’s archetype

Videos with emotional content can really impact the viewers, while funny ones have more potential to go viral.

Ultimately, go for the tone that works best for your brand. Never forget your brand’s personality when designing your publicity campaign. A company with the Jester archetype, for instance, would throw viewers off with emotional ads. If you’re going to try a different tone with your videos that is not characteristic of your brand, do it with a purpose.

Publicity running by itself

Let us go back for a moment to the point of making viral videos. When done right, video production will pay itself many times over the original investment because viewers will be sharing it. You’re in luck if it becomes a meme. And speaking of memes and video production, Lucidchart knocked it out of the park with their brilliant Youtube campaign.

Lucidchart took advantage of memes’ popularity, mostly about animals, to illustrate how to make charts on their site. You get a sense of their brand’s personality and a clear demonstration of how their website works. Best of all, you don’t care that it’s an ad because you’re too distracted watching all the meme names for animals, like the furry nopes, aka bears.

Turn viewers into customers

One of the benefits of making videos to promote your business is that you can engage with your viewers on a more personal level. The use of social media is key. Every time you post a video, you pass up the mic to viewers for a chance to reply with their feedback or ask questions about your product or service.

Not only are you putting your business out there, but you’re also humanizing your brand. You make it more approachable. Once you’ve cleared all the doubts and answered all the questions your viewers might’ve had, you can rest assured that some of them are now willing to give your brand a chance. Maybe not right away, but when the need presents itself, it’s your brand they’ll be thinking about.

Great tool for training new staff

So far, we’ve only mentioned the benefits of video production for your company regarding marketing, publicity, and engagement. But there’s more to videos than just commercials. They’re incredibly useful tools that can help your company run smoother.

Corporate videos are quintessential resources for personnel training, yet another reason why videos cannot go missing as part of your internal communications. This is a card you can keep up your sleeve until you have more personnel. For a start-up, it would probably be best to invest in actual training.

People retain more the information they get from videos

Nothing beats practice when learning a new skill, but videos come pretty close. One of the reasons the number of tutorials saw a surge in video platforms in recent years is how quickly people can follow along as they practice the skill at the same time. Plus, they get to repeat the video as many times as necessary.


The benefits of video production for a company cannot be overstated. It’s a very useful medium that allows you to let viewers know what your business is all about. You can entertain your viewers as a way to make your company’s name memorable.

No, not all consumers may be familiar with marketing concepts and theories, so they may not be able to tell your brand’s archetype by name, but they’ll recognize an Everyman brand, or a Sage brand, etc. Most importantly, those who match the feel of your brand will be compelled to know more.

Even a modest budget can go a long way when video production is done right. Remember, it’s all about the message. Make it viral. Viewers will run the ad for you when they share it. Engage when they comment on your videos. Interactions are key. Even training will get easier. In the end, You can never go wrong investing in video production for marketing purposes.

About the Author!

Jonathan Roussel is a Full-Scale Digital Marketer for Ajax Creative, a Canadian-based video production company. He is passionate about the 7th art and literature.

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