8 Ways Citizen Developers Benefit IT Teams

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Modern technology is business-oriented and introduces user-friendly digital tools. The tech tools offer a complete solution without IT knowledge and skills. Today any individual can develop business applications using mobile or computer devices without IT certification.

The process involves simple digital systems, namely no-code software. This system eases the coding process giving companies chances to develop applications fast.

Organizations can utilize their in-house workforce to cover their IT requirements. The digital shift helps turn individuals without IT professionalism or programming knowledge into citizen developers.

This alleviates IT burdens which are facing many businesses due to the lack of trained developers. Traditional business setup required IT developers to create a business application for smooth running. It was challenging as it consumed time and resources to develop a single application.

No code development platforms allow companies to build apps through visual modeling features. The process eliminates any hand-coding and programming knowledge. Citizen developers quickly create and modify apps that align with business needs.

The process involves drag and drop features to build the desired application. It’s not time-consuming, saves time, and increases productivity with a short period.

Who or What is a citizen developer?

A citizen developer is anyone with little or no IT knowledge and training but can build a mobile app and web applications. The citizen developers develop apps using visual graphic features.

No hand coding training is required for citizen developers. Businesses implement suitable no-code systems that align with the existing business system for easy adaption.

Benefits Citizen Developer
Illustration by Евгений Щербаков via Dribbble

Benefits of citizens developers to IT team

The generation of no-code development systems didn’t eliminate the need for IT teams and developers. However, it eases their operations and overwhelming IT burdens. The introduction of the citizen developer role comes in handy for the IT team in various ways.

#1. Fast development time

Organizations can invest in multiple projects and increase agility through no-code software. The citizen developer role helps quicken the development time compared to the traditional coding system. Today businesses can create several apps within days or hours, unlike hand-coding apps, which take months.

No-code system has reusable preinstalled features that allow citizen developers to create different apps. This saves time and resources as businesses don’t require a new system to build each app. IT teams can guide the citizen developers and enhance the service by adding extra security features.

#2. Help reduce the burden in the IT department

The IT department is the pivotal system for all departments in man business. For example, the finance office requires IT to help produce invoices, disburse payments, and more.

The marketing team also needs IT to save client data and follow up on potential clients. All departments depend on the IT team; it is overwhelming to create applications that suit every team.

However, citizen developers can help create business applications with specific functionalities. This will help ease the IT department’s task and create a collaborative spirit among employees. Citizen developers tend to perform best since they have a vast knowledge of the department. This gives IT teams ample time to venture into other tasks.

#3. Better solutions

No code platforms provide the user with easy solutions to solve business issues. Citizen developers understand better customer requirements thus develop quality apps. This saves the IT department the hassle of developing apps to suit customers’ desires. With citizen developers, intervention businesses provide relevant solutions throughout.

#4. Reduce cost and increase sustainability

No-code platforms offer useful visual modeling features to help the user create a high-end application. The templates ease and hasten the development process, thus saving production time.

The system provides automated facilities that leave no room for errors. Businesses can immediately use the application to increase productivity and create better customer relationships. The IT department doesn’t require reviewing codes and testing the functionality.

#5. Eliminating shadow IT

The IT team can easily supervise activities conducted through business systems. Shadow IT is pretty expensive, leading to extra spending for businesses. The introduction of no-code platforms offers the IT department a chance to control any unnecessary IT activities.

#6. Building better relationships

No-code system has bridged the gap between departments through citizen development. In the past, the IT department has slight attachments with business users.

Their primary objective was to develop and install business apps without any involvement with business users. Today IT and business users can collaborate to produce substantial business apps.

IT department can help citizen developers learn more about app creation to enhance business growth. The system allows the use of a single application for multiple services. The link helps ease communication between departments and solidify business relationships.

#7. Enhance skills

Citizen developers are people with no IT training or any developer’s skills. However, they have skills in other business activities such as customer relations, sales and marketing, and more.

The no-code development platform gives the user chance to build functional business applications with coding. This improves their knowledge and skills making it possible to handle various tasks simultaneously.

The system allows users to learn and develop apps without much training. The skills help businesses get required apps within short durations compared to the traditional app development process.

The process is non-discriminatory as anyone can build business apps using drag-and-drop techniques. No-code platforms are designed with simple, functional features for quick learning.

#8. Good budget planning

Companies can stick to a particular budget considering the fast development process. The no-code system is fast and saves time and cost, keeping businesses within the planned budget.

In the past, organizations incurred more costs due to time estimation. The longer the production period, the more expensive it becomes. Today IT department can estimate the right amount of funds due to the help received from the business users.


Citizen developers play a significant role in the organization; they help cut production time and cost. This allows companies to produce more and improve in different areas.

The right no-code platform will help ease business operation and enhance productivity. This will also create better relationships with existing and new prospects due to quality services.

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