6 Web Design Tips That Drive Brand Engagement

The web trends constantly changes, and so does the ways that are followed to establish a brand online. Most significantly, the web design trends continually evolves. That’s because, a web design is the first point of contact between a site and web surfers. In essence, a good design acts as a key driver in drawing user’s attention towards a website.

Web design plays a major role in driving brand engagement. Wondering how? The answer is simple: your brand is a unique identity that sets you apart from your counterparts, similarly a design is a visual instantiation of your brand presented in a unique manner. However, when it comes to creating a website design, most of us (especially newbies) often fail to make successful design.

Below are some design tips that will most likely help you drive brand engagement:

Tip #1: Deliver Visually Appealing Content

When it comes to maximizing brand engagement, offering visually appealing content in the form of images and videos, will most likely encourage your site visitors to stay a little longer. In fact, according to some online reports, our brain process visuals a lot faster (i.e. 60,000X) compared to written text. Besides, it has been observed that people easily get attracted to data presented in terms of images than text. For instance, posting Photo albums on Facebook increases engagement to 180% in comparison to a normal post.

Web Design Tips for Branding

Tip #2: Embrace Material Design

There are tons of options available online that helps make a design look interactive and add effects that helps grab users’ attention. The problem is that many newbies become too overwhelmed with all these options, and end up stuffing their website with unnecessary elements like banners, pop-ups, icons, and so on. This eventually makes the website design more cluttered and difficult to understand. Embracing things like material design can not just keep everything simple but also highlight most important content, enhancing user experience. For example, Three Ventures website features a material design.

Web Design Tips for Branding

Tip #3: Follow the Mobile First Approach

Web access over mobile devices is outpacing desktop screens, as more and more users are relying on smartphones and tablets to browse the Internet. As a matter of fact, there are users who will prefer viewing your website mobile version. Therefore, a website that does not offer a rich mobile experience will certainly make you lose a lot of potential customers. In that case, following the mobile first approach could prove a viable solution for you. According to this approach, your is design is created to target mobile users, and can be later modified to meet the requirements of bigger devices. Since most of the users access Internet via mobile devices, having a design based on the mobile first approach will certainly help heighten your brand reach to a wider audience.

Web Design Tips for Branding

Tip #4: Easier to Navigate Design

Your website design ought to have a simple navigational structure. Doing so, enables users to find the information they have been searching for your in site easily. Whenever a user visits your site, it should be clear-cut what they need to do next – as most of the people don’t like wasting their time in figuring out how they can move from one section of your site to another. Remember that your web design must have a concise navigation menu that is visible on all pages.

It would be better if you’ll avoid using too many sub-menu categories on your website navigation bar. Offering a easier to navigate menu will most likely encourage users to visit your website time and again, which increases your brand engagement.

Web Design Tips for Branding

Tip #5: Good Typography

Typography has become an important part of the web design industry. Long gone are the days, when we used the most common fonts types like Helvetica, Comic Sans, Arial, and so on in our designs. Nowadays, you can find more refined font types that works well across a number of supported platforms. Additionally, make sure to use colors that makes your font easier to read and professional.

Here are a few other key points to consider to use good typography in your design:

  • Avoid using more than two different colors in your design.
  • Ensure your colors work together. For instance, don’t use a light colored text on a white background and/or a dark colored text on black colored background.

This is a poster design by Nauman Afzal that makes use of great font types and good color schemes.

Web Design Tips for Branding

Tip #6: Place a Strong Call-to-Action on Every Page

Call-to-action (also referred to as CTA) are effective tools that easily catches your site visitors’ attention. And so, make sure to place your CTAs on your website at the most on the most prominent point – that users can view without scrolling down the page.

For example, you can include your contact number or address in the website header or in the footer section of your website design.

Web Design Tips for Branding

Final Words

In case you’re reading this post, then you’ll definitely know about the tips using which you can create a successful design for maximizing your brand engagement. However, it would be better if you will research a bit further and search for websites of your competitors enjoying a good market standing. You can see what makes their site better and engaging to users, and you might come across some valuable tips that you can emulate on your website. For instance, whether they are driving users’ attention by adding scrolling effects or maybe you will admire the way they are displaying text on their site, and so on.

Image credits: Wishpond, Onextrapixel, Three Ventures, Good Things, and Virtual Speech Coach.

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