What Is a DBA Degree?

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Successfully graduating from a postgraduate programme can enable you to climb the career ladder more quickly than you ever imagined. Due to their enhanced skills and knowledge, potential employers actively seek out postgrads when hiring for a range of roles, including top managerial positions.

If you want to take on more responsibility and secure a leadership role in your chosen industry, completing a postgraduate qualification could be highly beneficial, enabling you to move up the ladder much quicker.

However, it’s important to ensure that your postgrad qualification will offer practical advantages. Not every course offers the same benefits, so it’s worth doing your due diligence to ensure you’ll gain value from your advanced qualification. After all, undertaking a postgraduate qualification can take a number of years to complete, which means you need to be 100% certain this step is the right one for you and your career.

For people working in a business environment, there are numerous options when it comes to postgraduate qualifications. A DBA, or Doctor of Business Administration, qualification is arguably one of the most respected degrees in the field, which means successful graduates tend to enjoy a high level of professional success.

If you want to secure a top role in business, it’s well worth learning more about what a DBA degree can offer you. Below we explore how such an option can benefit you and how to complete this qualification.

Studying for a Professional Doctorate

There are many variations when it comes postgrad qualifications. Some are more focused on academic and theoretical learning, for example, whereas others are more closely linked to practical application and have more relevance in today’s workplace. You could choose to study a Master of Arts postgraduate degree, for instance.

A DBA degree is recognised as a professional doctorate, which means it is closely linked to the current business landscape. The knowledge and skills gained via a DBA are undoubtedly transferable to real-world business environments. To understand more about the benefits, take a look at what a professional Doctorate in Business offers now.

While there is inevitably some academic learning required whilst studying for a DBA, the professional nature of the programme ensures it is highly regarded by potential employers. The enhanced skills gained whilst studying to become a Doctor of Business Administration are recognised across all industries, which means you can apply the knowledge and skills you’ve gained to enhance the performance of your team, department or business.

How to Complete a DBA

A DBA is an advanced degree and can take quite some time to complete. If you’re studying on a full-time basis, most DBA programmes run for three years. When studying part-time, you can typically complete a Doctor of Business Administration programme in four to six years.

While it does take longer to complete a part-time DBA, there are advantages to choosing this study option. As a part-time student, you can retain your current position and choose to continue working on a full-time basis while obtaining your advanced qualification.

Very few people are able to take three years off work in order to study for a DBA, which is why part-time Doctor of Business Administration courses are increasingly popular. In addition to retaining your position and earning power, you will be able to apply the skills and knowledge learned via your DBA with immediate effect.

Obtaining a DBA Online

Top-ranking universities now offer a range of qualifications online, including the DBA. Instead of having to attend face-to-face seminars, tutorials and meetings, you can take an active role via virtual learning platforms.

As online learning has soared in popularity in 2020, it looks set to become an even greater force in the future. By choosing to complete your DBA in this way, you can enjoy the numerous benefits associated with online learning, including:

Reduced Costs

Studying online can significantly reduce the cost of obtaining a postgraduate qualification. In addition to paying lower course fees, you won’t need to relocate or travel to campus in order to study. This minimises the financial commitment you need to make, without detracting from the professional and personal gains a DBA offers.

While moving to university as an undergrad can offer an incredible experience, allowing you to mix with a large group of new people and explore a new city, postgraduate students might have a full-time job and a family, meaning that moving to a new city or campus might not be possible.

More Flexibility

When you complete an online DBA, you have the option to direct your own learning and study at your own pace. If you’re combining postgrad study with work and family life, this increased flexibility soon becomes invaluable. You can continue to work 9-5 while studying in the evening or at the weekend.

With online study, you no longer need to attend physical classes and lectures, which gives you the option to study when you can and when is best for you. Often, people work better at different times. Perhaps you’re not a morning person and find you can concentrate better in the evening. Or maybe you find you work better at 6 am.

Remote Learning

A DBA programme that’s offered entirely online means you’re able to complete your qualification from any location. If your current role involves a significant amount of travel, for example, or if there is a chance you might relocate in the next few years, being able to continue studying from any region or country ensures you can complete your DBA without interruption. It enables you to work while you’re on vacation, or even work from a different place, such as a nearby café or library.

Learn More About Completing a DBA Today

If you think a DBA degree could be right for you, start learning more about available programmes now. By talking to alumni, liaising with university staff and familiarising yourself with course structures, you can find the right programme for you and begin your journey to becoming a Doctor of Business Administration sooner than you think.

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